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PULSE Technology Inc.
Type Military Contractor
Industry Military Hardware, Arsenal, Warship building
Founded 1982
Headquarters Munijoch, Antarctica
Area served Militaries of Culldrome Isles, Shops Island, and Ed Island
Key people Joseph Yslenski Company President
Revenue N/A
Operating income N/A
Net income N/A
Employees 5,600
Website pulsetech.mj.co

Building a better tomorrow, today
— Company Slogan

The Polarized Ultra Latent Sensitivity Energy Technology Incorporated, or PULSE Technology Inc., is a Munijoch based Military contractor for it's military hardware needs. Originally a company that created reactors for energy usage, the company has since expanded into multiple facets of military hardware, such as PULSE Guns, PULSE Flak Cannons, PULSE Engines, as well as PULSE Airships/Warships, such as the MJ-680, the MJWideWing and NarrowWing, and recently unveiled fighter jets. It operates under the Pulse Holdings umbrella company.

Originally just for use on Munijoch, with the Axle Powers alliance in place, PULSE ships to Shops Island, Culldrome Isles, and Ed Island.

Company History[edit]

The original purpose for this technology is far from what it originally serves today. Crafted by a communist empire bent on destroying an engine, PULSE was conceived by the brightest minds of it's time.


In 1982, the leader of the WhiteBloods, Mark Yslenski, approved funding for a new endeavor to primarily produce weapons and energy sources. This project was called Project NEVOX, or New Energy Variating on X-Sources. While this was primarily research oriented, the main goal was to produce a working prototype of a futuristic energy cell that can be used to both power the country's military vehicles and be used as energy for new types of weaponry, such as guns or artillery cannons. Multiple types of minerals were tested, but in the end, none proved to be effective enough to be used for energy cell storage and accessing. In 1994, the project was effectively shelved due to a lack of breakthroughs, until 2001, when research was started again with fresh funding and ideas.


In 2004, the WhiteBlood government in Munijoch began work on one of the most revolutionary ideas of the time-- energy fusion taking place at room temperature via multiple sources of energy. The goal was to achieve a potential reactor capable of supplying the fledgling country with a seemingly fool-proof source of energy. They scoured the island for different types of energy-- hydro, carbolic, sulfuric, nuclear, even Porcyal was considered. However, all had one fatal flaw: they needed insane amounts of heat in order to operate.

Enter Dr. Ravi, an accomplished scientist from the island, with him the theory of pressurizing the contents just as Earth did with all of it's rock in order to create granite, diamonds, etc, to heat the Porcyal at a technical "room" temperature outside of the capsule, along with a nitrogen cooling system. The theory is that the heat generated would be able to work similarly to a nuclear reactor, all the while without triggering the Porcyal to react with undesired side effects. Testing began in late 2004 to early 2005, where several prototypes were developed and ultimately trashed, until version 7.00.4 came out, known as the Dark Heart, as it glowed with a dark hue, and pulsated at times. As expected, nitrogen successfully cooled it, which allowed it to be stable.

A cost-effective solution was needed, however, to make it effective, since Porcyal was in small amounts at the time and could only be smuggled. Verium was then introduced, and was shown to have similar properties to the Porcyal test bench, and produced energy at a more efficient and stable rate than the test bench. Following these trials, Verium was declared as the best option to power huge reactors for energy, and work soon begun on other properties of the new power source.

The project was deemed a huge success, as it was successfully shown to generate powers averaging at levels of burning natural gases or coal within a year's timespan, despite running off of a then-unknown energy, and to this day, one current NEVOX Reactor is in use to power the governmental buildings, overseen by the original scientists.

Democratic Take-Over[edit]

When Victor Malkov and Joseph Yslenski launched their democratic coup d'etat, the scientists initially were hostile to them. However, when more of the country began falling under the control of the Democrats, they joined immediately. Joseph instructed them that he were to take over the manufacturing company, naming it PULSE Technologies, INC. They were to make weapons, engines, reactors, and possibly ships using the cores, now named Pulse Reactors. In exchange, the scientists whom worked there successfully were excused from prison, and work there to this day.

Within 5 months, the scientists unveiled the PULSE Rifle, a rifle made from the Pule Reactor and isolating the bursts of Porcyal energy into short beams of the energy to the target at minimal levels. The intensity can be raised by a little dial on the side of the gun, from gunshot to ballistic explosion at the cost of the possible destabilization of the core. Dual-Core designs have been tested, but never perfected.

Satisfied, Joseph took the rifles and immediately armed his men with it, which eventually would win them the war and result in a Democratic Munijoch.


In 2010, Victor Malkov ordered that they begin work on 4 super-sized turbines, known as Project: Neuros. Under the Project name, engineers were to create a super sized version of the current PULSE Reactor Engine to be used on multiple kinds of vehicles. A small level prototype, known as the Nano-PULSE, was even fitted into a car and experimented on. Eventually, 4 super-sized engines were manufactured by the end of 2011, and thus, Victor then instructed them to construct a giant, menacing ship, known then as Project: Skyfall. Reaching 5 stories high, and about the size of 4 football fields, it was to be Munijoch's main military showpiece, housing over 50,000 troops at a time in long term deployment, and about 20 kinds of military vehicles (5 MJ-911'S, 5 MJ-REXXARS, 5 MJ-350 Juggernaut Battleships, and 5 MJ-RAPTOR heli-carriers). Capable of hovering for extended periods of time, it was the President's military office.

Astounded by such a large request, they were at a loss for words when Victor threw in a 50,000 sq ft. warehouse to build it, and a 10 stories high underground facility to house the pieces while being constructed and fitted together. In total, it took the engineers 2 years, working night and day at 90% working capacity to get it finished, shown when Victor declared war on Finipines when the WhiteBloods took over the government on there. Impressed with the work, Victor named them a National Military Contractor, and subsidized it into the government, calling the President of Munijoch the CEO of the company.

Frosian War era Manufacturing[edit]

As the Frosian War began to take place across the Axle Powers, Joseph, the acting President at the time, instructed the company to produce 40 Juggernaut-class warships to be distributed to the Axle Power members equally. In addition, he called for all PULSE Reactors to be retrofitted into guns, advanced armor, and other forms of weaponry. In total, they produced the 40 warships, 5,000 rifles, 500 pairs of Advanced Warfare armor, and about 300 PULSE Flak Cannon extensions for existing warships. Meanwhile, back home, the WhiteBloods began an insurgence under the command of the belligerents during the war. In defense, he left the command of PULSE to his council, whereas he also kept it under lock and key, only orders to be executed by Shops Island's president.

During this time, Military councilman Isaac Juggernaut took over Munijoch and declared it an Empire. Experienced in the military, he ordered iron and steel companies to begin manufacturing bullets, ballistic missiles, and scavenge leftover PULSE Engines and convert them into high range energy bombs. While Joseph was locked up, he was able to get away successfully, and joined his troops in the fight against the enemy forces. Wielding a proto-type PULSE Saber, he successfully cut down Victor during a fight, thus ending the WhiteBlood's side of the war. In total, PULSE produced over 6,000+ different military grade devices, their largest quantity yet.

Present Day[edit]

As of today, PULSE is currently experimenting with Star-fleet fighters, known as MJ-RAHs. Powered by two modified PULSE Megaturbine Engines, they produce thrust capable of lift off and flight for over 24 hours at a time before being replaced. Additionally, PULSE introduced to the Munijoch Galactic Association the MJ-LUNA and the MJ-SOL, motherships that have the capability of hyperspace travel if Munijoch chooses to get one in the future. Each ship is set for about 20 years before needing to be upgraded, and has a large capacity.


On July 15th, 2015, PULSE introduced to it's allies the PULSEBomb, a large range bomb that has the potential to shatter entire islands less than 100 sq. mi in size, causing fissures, ruptures, and large gaps in the outer area of the bomb, and total vaporization/cauterization of the inner area of ground zero. The bomb, lined with a volatile PULSECore and an ignition source around 1lb of explosives provides the combination for the bomb to destroy. The Core's purpose is to fuel the reaction with PULSE's high energy output to fuel the explosives. They purpose put more explosives on the bottom of the bomb in order to channel the energy waves through the ground at a greater rate than evenly distributing it, thus causing massive energy output toward the ground, achieving a same strength shockwave in the ground and in the air, even with resistances.

PULSE said that the Foreign Vanguard Force will receive 5 bombs as a gift for their hardwork and determination. Each bomb costs about 1 million Grams to manufacture, the majority of which is the casing.


On July 27th, 2015, PULSE announced that to replace the aging MJ-911's, PULSE would be giving the Munijoch Vanguard Force brand new PULSE WideWings and PULSE NarrowWings within 10 years to replace their fleet. The new jets could carry PULSEBombs, nuclear payloads, ballistic missiles, and flares for aerial combat, as well as a Gatling gun and anti-radar charcoal paint.


On October 4th, on the anniversary of the Military's founding, PULSE announced an upgrade to the suits of the military with PULSE TACTOS, or Tactical Active Computer Tuned Operating Suits. They are hydraulic suits with built in computers within the armor to calculate positions and enemy sightings in an integrated network known as Nightnet. Capable of filtering out toxic gases, assisted swimming, and short flight (up to 2 minutes of active pressure jet deployment until it's on a 2 hour recharge), they are expected to be fully rolled out by 2018 to all active soldiers.

Three model types will be produced, classified as S-Type, G-Type, and P-Type, signifying soldier, general, and president. PULSE disclosed private 4 other suits being made privately for an unknown branch of the military to the public.

Improved Jets[edit]

On September 15th, PULSE unveiled 5 new jets, 2 families total. The first was a stealth bomber code named the PULSE B-G9 with the ability to carry large payloads. The other 4 are the PULSE F-G10 stealth fighters, in variations corresponding to it's design. PULSE is expected to produce a large number of these jets over 4 years, amounting to 1,000 jets total after the fact.

Anti-Gravitational Repulsion Systems[edit]

In July of 2017, PULSE unveiled an anti-gravitational levitation system using recently acquired Verium with a construction similar to that of their PULSENoir and Dusk bombs, but with a more steady release and in an incredibly large quantity. By fitting two devices between any two surfaces, levitation can be achieved through constant repulsion between the two by using similar polarities and frequencies of Verium ions, canceling out in an area known as the "Null Zone" where gravity is effectively null in comparison to the surrounding area. Artificial gravity can then be achieved on a hypothetical platform through another device that simply outputs a light attraction equal to that of Earth's gravitational field if necessitated. It is between these two zones that levitation is achieved.

Alternatively, a single, large Verium-based device can be fitted along with hundreds of electromagnets to generate a stronger field of current for a platform to float over through the means of simple repulsion. The capacity is, theoretically, enough to support several large buildings, however as more weight is applied, the energy output of the device and electromagnets will have to be increased, limiting weight-load.

Seeking a larger audience and test site, PULSE and Munijoch as a whole inquired to the Finipines in regards to potentially building a new capital city in exchange for an area to test their technologies in an effort to see which is best. Construction is set to commence in late 2017 on the actual city, with the devices set to test and potentially install by late 2018 to mid-2019.

Sister Companies[edit]

  • DRONE: DRONE specializes in unmanned combat systems using PULSE Technology.
  • Gallium: Gallium supplies metal to PULSE and DRONE. PULSE has a stake in the company.
  • Tuering: Tuering makes classic weapons systems and high tech weaponry. PULSE bought them out in 2013.
  • PULSE TACTOS: Standing for Tactical Active Computer Tuned Operating Suits, they produce military suits for the Military.

Protection Clause[edit]

If PULSE is to have any of it's products stolen, designed off of, or used in any wrongdoing from it's intended purpose (i.e: reverse engineering), PULSE wired in an EMP to deploy if and when such is to occur, nulling the product(s) and anything within a 10 sq. mi radius of the tampering sight. This is addressed as PROJECT: Cataclysm and if this is issued with any country, trade of military weaponry is to be seized immediately. Such a protection unfortunately warrants a flaw in most weaponry, as a sufficiently powerful EMP can render most PULSE weaponry useless.



  • MJ-680: A super large air-fortress, complete with Flak Cannons, different military vehicles, and can house 50,000 troops on long term deployment.
  • MJ-JUGGERNAUT Class Ships: Battleships/Aircraft Carriers on the water, powered by a single PULSE Megaturbine.
  • MJ-REXXAR P: An experimental PULSE version of the REXXAR tank.
  • MJ-RAPTOR P: An experimental PULSE version of the RAPTOR Heli-carrier.
  • MJ-911: Highly powerful jets capable of breaking the sound-barrier.
  • MJ-RAH: Star-class spaceship in testing.
  • MJ-SOL & LUNA: Star-class mother fleets.
  • MJ-Dark Angel: Ship produced in collaboration with other arms agencies.
  • PULSE WideWing: A bomber airship with PULSE Reactor engines.
  • PULSE NarrowWing: A fighter airship with PULSE Reactor engines.
  • PULSE B-G9: A stealth bomber with PULSE Reactor engines.
  • PULSE F-G10: A stealth fighter with a PULSE Reactor engine


  • PULSE Flak Cannons: A flak cannon using the same mechanism found inside the PULSE Gun.
  • PULSE Gun: A gun with a PULSE firing mechanism inside it.
  • PULSE Saber: A sword meant to replicate the look and feel of a lightsaber.
  • PULSEBomb: A bomb that breaks past the ground's natural wave resistance via increased explosive power being channeled to the ground.
  • PROJECT: Dreamweaver: A robot which can explore deep space using PULSE power and a theoretical PULSEStar Energy Orb.
  • PULSEMegaton: A more powerful version of a PULSE Bomb, roughly 10x as powerful.
  • PULSEGigaton: A more powerful version of a PULSEMegaton, roughly 10x as powerful.
  • PULSENoir: A powerful bomb that compresses PULSE Material down to such an immense scale that it produces a singularity field that leads to nowhere, effectively a black hole.
  • PULSEDusk: A less powerful version of a PULSENoir that creates an immense gravitational field that attracts objects near to it, usually paired with a bomb strike of PULSEBombs.


  • PULSE Engine: An engine powered by PULSE reactions with Porcyal.
  • PULSE Reactor: A simple pulse reactor capable of producing energy and, if retrofitted correctly, expending it.
  • PULSE Boots: Experimental hydraulic boots with a PULSE Reactor inside.
  • The Presidential Car: The Presidential Car is powered by a Nano-PULSE Megaturbine Engine.

Non-Lethal Weapons[edit]

  • PULSEWave: A bomb that when deployed, sends an EMP wave across a 25 sq. mi stretch, using other electronics as a channel to extend it's range to up to 30 sq. mi.
  • PULSEShock: A gun that shoots a blast of electricity at the target, causing their muscles to tense and be paralyzed on the spot.
  • PULSESound: A cannon that fires a soundwave at the target, causing them to be drowned of hearing and is strong enough to break buildings.
  • PULSECup: A cup with a covered PULSE reactor on the bottom, making a very, very, very hot drink. Can also be used as a makeshift crucible and furnace in a pinch.

Work Orders[edit]


  • PULSEBombs: 6k
  • MJ-680: 12
  • MJ-Juggernaut: 35
  • Other (flak cannons, etc): 2,300,451

Shops Island*[edit]

  • PULSEBombs: 1.8k
  • MJ-680: 4
  • MJ-Juggernaut: 10

Ed Island*[edit]

  • PULSEBombs: 1.7k
  • MJ-680: 2
  • MJ-Juggernaut: 6

Culldrome Isles* (**)[edit]

  • PULSEBombs: 1.6k
  • MJ-680: 2
  • MJ-Juggernaut: 5

Margate** (***)[edit]

  • PULSEBombs: 2.4k
  • MJ-680: 2
  • MJ-Juggernaut 6


  • PULSEBombs: 1.6k
  • MJ-680: 5
  • MJ-Juggernaut: 7


  • PULSEBombs: 1.3k
  • MJ-680: 1
  • MJ-Juggernaut: 5

*Part of Axle Powers, PULSEBombs were distributed to allies automatically, can claim up to 5 MJ-680s.

**Part of Zeta Connections, given to oomph military and promote trade.

***Ordered 75bil. worth of products



A robot powered by PULSE and equipped with a PULSEStar Energy Orb capable of producing energy waves and channeled beams, in theory, Dreamweaver would be used for deep space exploration and extremely long term usage of the MGA program for intergalactic travel. It's scheduled to be made in approximately 2020.


The aforementioned PULSEStar is an orb of PULSE in which the energy is produced solely by the burning material, the coldness of space acting as the Nitrogen coolant. Having an incredible mass, it is able to be compressed into a natural sphere similar to a planet or star. Gravity acting upon it cannot push it down due to the energy being exerted out from it. Each PULSE core is expected to last an average of 15 years.


PULSE has drawn a lot of ire throughout its history in regards to claims that they meddle in technology that is both dangerous and extremely catastrophic in the event of a failure. While failures are only common in tests, where safeguards against the volatile compounds are not implemented in an effort to gauge the maximum power output, the claims suggest that PULSE should do more to safeguard users from such dangers. PULSE refutes the claims, arguing that pure responsibility and not tampering the product without prior knowledge on how the device works is the best preventative measure to potential catastrophe.



  • It's based off of Stark Technologies from the Marvel series.
  • Generating energy from a nuclear-like reactor at room temperature is based off of the theory of cold fusion.

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