PWA Arena

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PWA Arena
PWA Arena at night
General information
Location Downtown, near Paikiki
Type Multipurpose sports venue
Style Modern
Owner(s) Penguin Air, Inc.
Shopper Baseball Association
Started 2012
Completed April 1, 2013
Architect unknown
Status Active

PWA Arena (originally the Penguin Air arena) is a multipurpose arena located in Downtown Penguin City, nearby the interchange of the SI3 and Auakalak Avenue. Opened in 2013, the PWA Arena is home to the Penguin City Pelicans of the Shopper Baseball Association. The arena is mainly used for baseball games, though concerts and monster truck rallies do occur every once in a while.

The PWA is known for its retractable roof. This allows both outdoor and indoor events. There's also a small Walton resort chain in the arena. Some or the rooms have views of the arena. The naming rights for the stadium will expire in 2038.


Construction started soon after the Shopper Baseball Association was founded. Mayor Guo Paz Bird announced that they have partnered up with Walton Hotels and Resorts to construct the PWA Arena, which was being called the Walton Arena at the time. The city had to demolish a few houses and strip malls in order to build the stadium. It was to be completed on December 25, just in time for the holidays.

However, in October, Walton Resorts announced that they will be backing out of the project. They would still commit to operating the in-arena hotel, though. This was due to the fact that the Walton Shoppian Village was being built. Penguin City was unable to finish the arena on their own due to financial worries, so the project was under hiatus.

On January 16, 2013, new hope was found. Penguin Air purchased the naming rights and invested some money to complete the project. Walton Arena was renamed to Penguin Air Arena. The arena finished construction in March, and it opened to the public on April Fool's Day. It was renamed the PWA Arena in August 15, 2013.


During the baseball season, the PWA Arena houses a plethora of games. Although the Penguin City Pelicans are regarded as the "worst team in the SBA", games are still surprisingly entertaining. Though baseball games don't generate nearly as enough revenue as once expected, they are still profitable. The PWA Arena does not house professional hockey.

Outside of the baseball season, there are few events that occur at the arena. The unique climate of Penguin City often makes events quite uncomfortable, so other venues are used instead. However, there are occasional monster truck rallies, which somehow seems to draw more crowds than the baseball games. Concerts also occur every once in a while, though, again, other venues are preferred.


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