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Yorkay Porkay, a typical PWNguin.
Title The PWN-ing penguins.
Race PWNguin
Faction Good
Health Good
Level 30
Status PWN-ing a n00b.
Location Anywhere there's a game to be played.

In demographics, a PWNguin is a penguin unbeatable at any game there is to be played. Once they learn the rules, they'll never lose. Any penguin species can be a PWNguin, but the skill seems to be most common with Adelie penguins.


The distribution of PWNguins, by species.

They usually PWN many penguins at many games, ranging from Mancala to Guitar Penguin. They can usually be found having marathon gaming sessions with other PWNguins or PWN-ing unsuspecting n00bs.

While, most PWNguins master in all games, but there are some that can only rule in one genre. Jake Lovesfish, for example, is awful at video games. The most common genre missing from a PWNguin's dominance and PWNage in gaming is sports.

Some known PWNguins[edit]


  • Alex12345a believed that, these PWNing penguins could not beat the masters at Chess.
    • This was proven wrong when Veranda took him to the cleaners at chess.
  • Flywish enjoys them and recruits them to join his army.
  • Jake Lovesfish is a PWNguin, but he is terrible at video games.
  • Obviously, PWNguins are forbidden from most tournaments and formal, professional contests because they always win.

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