Pablo Lagois

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Pablo Lagois

Pablo with his sombrero, poncho and maracas.
Born Pablo Pengio Lagois
December 2, 1993 (1993-12-02) (age 25)
New Sandboro
Gender Male
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Other names Pablo
Occupation Restaurant Owner
Years active 2013-present
Notable works Unknown
Home town New Sandboro
Known for Wearing his well-known Sombrero

Pablo Lagois is a Tropicalian restaurant owner and the younger brother of Cheddarbox and Kenny Lagois. Pablo's restaurant, Pablo's Snack Shack, is a very famous restaurant in New Sandboro and is known throughout the province for it's tacos and nachos, it's parties and for having a wide selection of both Castillian and Caltexican style and food and cuisine. Pablo is also known for his sombrero and poncho, as well as for sometimes carrying two maracas with him.


Pablo was hatched about a year after his older brother, Cheddar. Pablo at first was a much lighter and paler shade of green, but his feathers gradually darkened. Pablo enjoyed watching his parents cook, as well as learning how to cook, and could almost do it properly after a few months of learning. Pablo was one of the more friendlier chicks in his class mates, trying to make friends with most of them, while Kenny spent more time reading books, and Cheddar entertaining the class. Pablo also joined his two brothers for a memorable vacation to Gernomia, where they beat a neighbourhood bully in a snowball fight.

Pablo was the best during classes where learning how to cook was required, and was graded the best. He stood up to bullies as a chick, helping to defend his brothers and others from bullies, and even started his own small group of anti-bullies, who followed each other around to protect each other, and befriended others to help expand the group. After completing his education, Pablo went to work at a restaurant, where he experimented with his already great cooking skills, making many delicious dishes for the restaurant, which he was thanked for and got promotions. After a while, he sadly said goodbye to his colleagues, and went on to start his own restaurant. He found an apartment to move into which was closer to where he was going to start his restaurant.

Pablo called it Pablo's Snack Shack, where it started off as a small restaurant with very few workers who were mostly his friends near to his neighbourhood. Pablo taught his workers how to use the ingredients in a similar style to like he did, but just told them to use their imagination and try create their own dishes as well as follow the recipes. Pablo's restaurant started attracting the attention of the penguins in the area, who found it both convenient as it was so close to their homes, and the food was enjoyed by many due to it's taste. Pablo managed to hire many more penguins and after saving up money from the customers, managed to relocate the restaurant to a much bigger restaurant a few blocks up, which was closer to the neighbourhood and across the street from his apartment.

Pablo's restaurant earned it's fame for it's tacos which started to attract penguins from all across Tropicalis to taste his restaurant's food. Pablo started having parties in his restaurant, which added to the rising fame of the restaurant allowing penguins to dance there after a certain period of time and hired DJs for the parties (even Wikipenguino's maternal cousin, Jawa Snowski came to be the disc-jockey there when he visited Tropicalis). To this day, Pablo still runs the exact same restaurant and has expanded his menu to a greater size, adding more dishes and items such as soup and other kinds of food.


Pablo is probably the second-most mature penguin in his family, the first one being Kenny. He's not as willing to go on adventures as his cousins and siblings, and prefers cooking over infiltrating enemy bases or going after a legendary treasure. He has a very calm and friendly attitude, inviting other penguins to his parties and tries to cheer everyone up. Pablo is also a pacifist, only fighting if he really has to but would never go for the kill.


  • He gets motion sickness if he's in a car or boat when he reads books.
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