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Let's get boxy.
Title Official Deliver-er of Boxes
Gender Male
Race Kanta Penguin
Faction Good
Health Nothing to be concerned about
Level Box Deliver-er
Status BOXES! Boxes boxes.
Location The Box Dimension.

PabloDePablo is an Eastern Kanta Penguin, and he delivers boxes.


PabloDePablo was a relatively normal orange penguin, waddling around his hometown of New Club Penguin, when one day, he found a box. For some reason he was fascinated and chose to take the box home. He opened it up, and there lied a portal to the Box Dimension. He jumped in, and mistaking the boxes and boxes of paperwork for packages that needed delivering, he took a few and randomly began to deliver them. He went on to pick up any box he could find, Box Dimension or not, and the rest is box history.


He's mainly on the run from the Bureau of Fiction, delivering all the boxes he can. Along the way, he stole one of the older Bureau uniforms from the Floating Fish in a Window Over a River Zone, and now he is known as one of the few penguins to devote his life to boxes.


  • He enjoys watching LINK STOP LAUGHING MAH BOI over and over for hours in his free time.
  • He has learned to enjoy the taste of cardboard, meaning he rarely starves on his adventures to deliver packages.
  • He is a racer from the start of Razorbeak Racers.
  • Did we mention he likes boxes yet?
  • He once threw a chair (made out of cardboard) at Iron Walrus in frustration.


  • "Why's everyone leaving? Isn't my box home great?"

after trying to throw a party


whenever the April Fool's Party is in town

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