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New version with the new wireless hardware
Type Computer
Effects Computing
Source Made in Dorkugal
Location Antarctica
Cost to buy 700 coins
Cost to sell 700 coins

The Pad-Desk is a desktop computer line built by Pad Industries which is widely sold around Antarctica. It supports Doors 2008 software, and occasionally Penguin OS. Peach has a similar computer, dubbed the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro.

Products under this Line[edit]

  • Pad-Desk Original: It has a 2 GHZ processor, 1 GB RAM, and a 120GB hard drive.
  • Pad-Desk Pro: Upgraded to 2GB Ram and 160GB hard drive.
  • Pad-Desk Mini: Minature version of Pad-Desk Original, which is still a desktop. Downgraded to 1.8 GHZ.
  • Pad-Desk CEO: Special version for CEOs of Dorkugal. Includes 3GHZ processors, 240GB Hard Drive and 3GB Ram. graphic displays by nVidia.
  • Pad-Desk CO2: Like Pad-Desk Original, but having 100GB hard drive and 1.8 GHZ only.
  • Pad-Desk II Original: It has a 3 GHz Dual-Core Processor, 6 GB of RAM, and a 250 GB Hard Drive and 2 TB Hard Drive (2 Hard Drives), and Doors 7.
  • Pad-Desk II Pro: Upgraded to 12 GB of RAM and 3.2 GHZ Hex-core processor.
  • Pad-Desk II Mini: Smaller version of Pad-Desk Original, but with a 2.5 GHZ processor and 4 GB of RAM.
  • Pad-Desk II CEO: Modified version for CEOs of Dorkugal, Includes a 3.4 GHZ 8-core processor, 4.25 TB (2x2TB,250GB) of storage, and 16GB of RAM. Graphics by nVidia.
  • Pad-Desk II CO2: Similar to Pad-Desk original, having a 2.3 GHz Processor and 1TB secondary drive.


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