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Title The dumb yellow penguin
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Robert O'vian
Health Dumb!
Level Unknown!
Status Playing stupid games with Robert O'vian
Location Everywhere with Robert
Birth date February 27th
Online username Trickster456

Padraig Pentacle nicknamed Trickster is a yellow penguin who is best friends with Robert O'vian. He is very dumb. He doesn't know how stupid he is and does things which would require intelligence, because he thinks he's capable. This leads him to be horrible injured as well as those around him, but they all get better.


We don't know anything about Trickster's childhood because he is too dumb and stupid to remember it.

When he turned 18 his parents kicked him out of their house. He went and dug a hole. Then he lived there because he was too lazy and couldn't afford a house. He then met Robert O'vian. They became close friends. They blew bubbles together and did really really dumb stuff. Then he put a rock over his hole so people couldn't steal his stuff while he was sleeping, which he does a lot.


He is a yellow penguin who wears green shorts with purple flowers on them. He is also seen as a nobody unlike Robert who is seen as a Goody Two-Shoes. He wants to do great things, but doesn't have the competence or willpower to do so. However, Robert wants to keep Trickster happy, so he tells him that he is a somebody.


  • Mandy von Injoface is good friends with him but not so good because of his stupidity.
  • Abel von Injoface never hired him because he is so lazy.
  • Flywish Everyone thinks he is really stupid.
  • Flying Dutchopper tried to eat him along with Robert and Eduardo
  • He is a parody of Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • He once made a song. It failed horribly.
  • Like Robert he enjoys watching SnowBob CirclePants. However he's too dumb to realize it's based on their lives.
    • He guest starred in one episode, but he was too dumb to remember his lines, so he just had to improvise.

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