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The original PadTop, in silver white.
Type Laptop Computer
Source Made in Dorkugal
Location Club Penguin
Cost to buy 500 coins
Cost to sell 600 coins

The PadTop is an Antarctic-based computer built by Pad Industries, and it runs on Doors XP or Penguin OS. The successor would probably be PadTop Micro, which is microscopically sized.


The Padtop comes with Doors 7, and comes with 4 GB RAM,a 2.0 GHz Quad-core Pentel processor, or a 2.1 GHz Quad-core PAMD Processor , and contains a 500GB hard drive, optionally upgradable to 1.5 TB. This item helps penguins to interact with other penguins on the computer from all around Antarctica.

The newest PadTop available. Some penguins call it the "PadBook".

Previous Model[edit]

The Previous Model of the PadTop contained a 1.5 GHz Single-Core PAMD or 1.6 Ghz single-Core Pentel processor and had 2 GB of RAM. The hard disk drive was a 250 GB 5400RPM HDD and was upgradeable to 500GB 7200RPM.

A laggy camera messed up the ocean blue theme of the previous generation of the PadTop


  • Some OH NO YOU DIDN'T hacker made a pirated version of PadTop, known as PaadTop.
  • Ninjinian owns the latest PadTop.
  • Sk8rbluscat owns a PadTop and is sucessfully running Doors 7 and Penguin OS on it.

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