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Pal's notable underbite.
Title KKF Head Assassin
Gender Male
Faction The Bad Guys
Occupation Sniper
Nationality Terranian
Weapon of choice Veronica the M98B

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Mitty Occid, renamed Pal by his peers, is a Kim Karkrashian follower from Satellite City who specializes in ranged weapons, such as rifles and guns. He's a skilled sniper and can normally take out an enemy in one headshot. He prefers to work alone and hates getting help, which normally hinders his progress. Eloise likes to help him anyway, to his dismay. He doesn't like much of anyone, but can tolerate Charlotte and respects her sword-fighting skills.


Early Life[edit]

Pal was hatched in the dark slums of Satellite City as Mitty Occid to a hateful mother. His father left soon after he hatched, and he was left to fend off for himself with the help of his mom and siblings. His mother truly loved her son to pieces and fought for food for him and wanted the best for him. At age 5, he was introduced into the family gang who battled non-stop against rival gangs to take over parts of the city. Before his mom's death in a gang battle, she entrusted her arsenal of firearms to him. He dedicated his childhood to avenging her death as he and his siblings pursued the gang who took her life.

As he grew up with the tragic end of his mother stained in his mind forever, he became more cold and dark. He used the weapons his mom gave to him to become a feared yet commendable enemy. His mother's M98B, which he promptly named Veronica after his mother, was one of the main reasons many were afraid of him and knew not to mess with the Occid family. At only 7 years old, his body count was up and over the thousands. He would let nothing stand in his way of murdering all the members and allies of the gang that killed his mother.

He truly enjoyed his roguish lifestyle until one day, a beautiful penguin with voluminous dark hair came up to him. She proposed a trade: she could help his family avenge their mom for a bit of help on her end. Alas, Pal didn't realize that it was all a lie and succumbed to her carefully arranged deal.

Before he knew it, Pal was in a candy-colored room with a delusional, two-faced, starry-eyed girl and a ranty, bipolar troublemaker. Even worse... They were both Mwa Mwas.

Battles Against the Anti-KKF[edit]

Current Life[edit]

Pal calmly spends most of his days napping on his couch, playing video games that chicks really shouldn't be playing and fighting against the Anti-KKF with his sisters.


  • "Would you twos shut the diss up?!"
  • "My mom was my inspiration and my role model."
  • "Food was scarce back in Satellite... Only thing we's usually had was bones."
  • "She gave me her prized possession and now my one true love: her precious M98B .338 Caliber with a 27-inch fluted barrel, a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T Riflescope and a 4.5-14x50mm non-illuminated base, mounted with Barrett Ultra High 1.4-inch rings with 10 rounds! Makes a little sniper wanna swoon, doncha think?"


  • Mitty Occid is short for mittentes occidere which is Latin for shoot to kill.
  • Pal is not a Mwa Mwa Penguin and hates when people confuse him for one.
  • He never smiles, except when gushing about guns.
  • He has a speech impediment that causes him to hiss S sounds because of his large tooth. Ex. Tha'z hiz toy. Hiz couzin bought it.
  • He has a fair Boston Accent that does quite a number on his grammar.
  • Ever since he began working for Kim, his pupils became red pluses.

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