Palace of the Workers

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The Palace of the Workers refers to two communist buildings built in East Pengolia and the future communist version of Nexon (known as Soviet Nexon) respectively.

East Pengolian Palace[edit]

The East Pengolian one is the official residence and office of Your Ownage Master-the head of state and government of East Pengolia. This wonderful palace is 1,200 meters tall. This gigantic tower is built under the order of Bolsheevic Penguinsky in 13th April 2013 and completed in 13th October 2013. Currently, it is one of the tallest buildings and skyscraper in Antarctica.


On top of the palace is a large statue of Penguinsky holding the national flag. There are 3 military helicopters parked at the foot.

The highest floor served as the office while the 2nd and the 3rd floor is Penguinsky's residence. A secretary, some maids and some soldiers served as Penguinsky's staff.

The rest of the building is used by the government.

Nexonan Palace[edit]

The Nexonan Palace is built in 2050 by Imran Zackman during the Romance of the Three Nexons. Like its Pengolian counterpart, there is a statue of Imran holding the flag of Nexon on top of it. However, this one is 2,000 meters tall and the entire building is reserved for Imran. The Nexonan Palace of the Workers is the tallest building in Antarctica in the future.


After Emperor Octavian won the civil war and executed Imran for treason, he converted the Palace into a museum, since demolishing it would be too expensive. The Palace became one of Nexon's most popular tourist attraction. However, the statue is destroyed and replaced with a statue of Octavian holding his scepter.

Presidential Palace[edit]

Almost 3 centuries later in 2300, as part of his plan to expand the Empire of Nexon, Emperor Octavian allowed the Doge of the Ducal States-George Shockings to secede from Nexon and became an independent country. The Palace of the Workers became the new President's official residence. However, Octavian was forced to invade and conquer the Republic of Nexon after it got threatened by Castilla, Snowzerland, Grand Permatan and Liguria.

Private house[edit]

However, Emperor Octavian allowed George to keep the Presidential Palace as a private house. He lived there until the end of the Multiverse.