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Que vamos acer?
— Palais

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This is Placido
Title Crazy, Weird, Scissor-Boy
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Good.
Status Alive
Location Somewhere in Auzua Mostafique
Color Green
Interests cutting stuff, Drawing
Archetype Good Penguin

Placido Palais Homero Brucio, known by many as Placido, is a Caltexican-Nutzillian, who is weird, but smart, and likes to carry magical giant scissors he uses if someone is about to attack him. He knows a bit of Portuguese, but talks Spanish and speaks a bit English.


Placido was born on December 20th, 2002, to Omar and Cecilia Homero Brucio, and lived near a river. He was commonly known by his friends as school as "cerdo" since his dad owned some ScreenHogs. When he was seven, they moved to Caltexico, where they resided there for the rest of their lives. Placido bought and raised Screenhogs, and his favorite food to eat there were white cheese, and carne asada. Generally, during his youth back then, he would like to steal candy and snacks, but one day his dad found out and soon forced him to turn one of his screenhogs to bacon. Note that the screenhog was a dying adult. Palais did not care and soon chopped the screenhog to pork, since he likes pork anyway. Then, when he was 12, a mafia, only known by many as "La Mañana" was ravaging in which the town, in which Palais and his family were. His grandpa and grandma did not make it, and his brother, Ronaldo, Uncle, Eben mother and father, did survive, but during this, Palais was somehow in the way, of a moving group of the mafia, and soon disappeared. His parents were devastated, thinking that he died.


When Placido was 13, he sailed to the United States of Antarctica, where he found safety, in a local shelter, Located in South Pole City. He soon mailed his parents a letter.

He soon, said that he will be moving, in his letter, between different places, and had a bunch of money that he somehow found. He then moved to Freezeland, where he lived in a penguin's igloo, in which the penguin let him stay for only a week. He soon traveled to Club Penguin Island, on a moving ship, normally sailing from place, ocean, to destination. He soon, like many, waited to go their, until his destination, is waiting for him. But then, danger struck. The ship had an oil leak, and soon, he jumped on to a safe boat. When a drone flying over it saw Palais, it soon snapped a photo. That photo was published in the news.

Arriving at CPI[edit]

During his journey, he was attacked by a hungry shark. He soon got away, but soon fainted. He soon arrived at the Cove, in which many penguins thought he was dead. He soon awoke as he landed on the beach, and soon screamed, "Que esta pasando!, Estoy en Club Penguin??" Many penguins said yes since some of them understand Spanish. He soon, arrived at a place, called Club Penguin Island, and soon enrolled into it. He now lives a healthy life there, and will not quit his journey, that being, an engineer.


Placido his known to be a fan of PASCAR, having seen some of their races live. It is unknown as to who is his favorite racer and what his favorite race was. Those who see him in the stadiums for matches can notably see him wearing sunglasses, mostly to look cool and to avoid the glaring sun.

In Club Penguin, he can mostly be seen eating at the Pizza Parlour, enjoying a slice of anchovy pizza with extra peppers. When he's not pursuing his dream of being an engineer, he also goes about spending time in the Beach. He also has this tendency to slamming his head on a fish bucket while he's there.

Despite his age, he's also been identified by the intelligence community as an EQF agent. Little is known about his missions and work with the agency.


  • "Soy un pescado." (I'm a fish.)
  • "Mira, tengo unas tijeras muy gigantes!" (Look, I have giant scissors!)


  • He is a member of the EQF.
  • He speaks three languages: Spanish, Portugese, and English.