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Pallinn skyline.
Country Freezestonia (The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops)
Neighbourhoods Downtown, Oilhill, Pettlehill, Blackhill, Porthia, Christine, Northern Pallinn, Meadowy
Mayor Eddy de Clayland
Population 515,271
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles
General information
Founded 2011
– Founder Snowstormer

Pallinn is a large city and capital of Freezestonia. It was founded in 2011 by Snowstormer. Most of the major buildings and shopping centres are located in Downtown, the main district of Pallinn, although Pallinn has other districts as well, including Oilhill, Pettlehill, Blackhill, Porthia, Christine, Northern Pallinn and Meadowy. Each of them (except for Northern Pallinn) was a city by itself once, but was later merged with Pallinn. The last to merge was Meadowy. There is currently a debate whether Vimsey, a near-by parish with a city on it that is separated from Pallinn only by a kilometre of pine forest and Moordu, a small city that stands out of the borders of Pallinn but is still connected should merge with Pallinn, although mayors of both cities have stated that they would not want to merge with Pallinn, due to higher tax rates and lower quality of life in the city.


Pallinn is the capital of Freezestonia and contains most of the government buildings of Freezestonia. It has been the capital ever since it's founding, although it has grown a lot with the past 2 years.

The current mayor of the city is Eddy de Clayland.



Downtown is the main district of Pallinn. It includes all the government buildings for both Freezestonia and Pallinn. It also includes 9 different major shopping locations, most popular of which are the Pallinn Shopping Center, Stockmall, Sunset Centre, Solars and Wylem Centre. All 59 inter-city bus lines connect to the Downtown, and the Freezestonian bus lines connect to the Pallinn Bus Station at Lartu Road. The Boltic Station, offering railway lines over Freezestonia is also located here. Downtown is the most populated district and largest district of Pallinn, due to the fact that it contains the largest lake in Pallinn, the Wylem Lake. Downtown is the most culturally diverse district. It also features a baseball stadium called, Calev Stadium, named for the Pallinn Mermen's founder, Pavlov Calev.


Oilhill is a district located southeast of Downtown. It is the most naturally interesting district, because it includes roads going through steep cliffs. Some of the cliffs have been carved a bit so the roads fit better, but most are completely natural. Bridges connect one side of the road with the other, sidewalks are up on the cliff, bus stops are the only places where stairs bring the sidewalk down to the ground. Under the cliffs, a new shopping center is being built. It will be the first of it's kind in Antarctica. The houses in Oilhill are all built out of red brick, which makes it another incredible sight. However, 96% of the population of Oilhill is Ruscan or of Ruscan origin, this also contributes a lot to the percent of Ruscans in Pallinn. It is the 2nd most populated district of Pallinn.

Northern Pallinn[edit]

Northern Pallinn is the industrial district of Pallinn. It features the Pallinn Ship Terminals are located. There are 3 terminals for ships, A-, B-, and D-Terminal. The C-Terminal is abandoned, due to a plane crash. It is currently being rebuilt to be a theater though. Northern Pallinn is the only district that was not started as a different city, but rather overtime grew on the side of the Downtown. The houses in this district are made out of wood, usually. This district is looked down upon people from other districts, because it's the most dirty and unsafe district of Pallinn, especially the very tip of the district. Tram lines are the main connection to the district. It is the 3rd most populated district of Pallinn.


Pettlehill is a rather small-in-size district, located northwest of Christine. It is a rather domestic district, featuring both many tall apartment buildings and small houses. This is the district that's expanding the most. The district is cut in half by the Paldiscy Road, one half features small streets with tiny houses, the other half either features tall apartment buildings or the sea. Pallinn's second largest shopping centre is located here, the "Rocks in the Sea" Center. It is the 4th most populated district of Pallinn.


Blackhill is the smallest district in Pallinn, located south of Christine, southeast of Downtown and north of Meadowy. It is also the most compact one, because it features only apartment buildings. Typically 9-floored panel houses. This district is widely known as the cheapest district of Pallinn, due to the fact that the panel houses are almost as they were built out of building blocks and are very sensitive. The elevators in the houses are small and slow and break easily, which is why a big part of the population refuses to use them, and rather uses staircases. It is still the 5th most populated district of Pallinn, and also the most densely populated one.


Christine is a rather small district, located east of Downtown. It features almost only a few tall apartment buildings and a lot of green parks. Christine is the most loved district in Pallinn, according to a 2012 poll. It features only 1 shopping centre, the Slendermary Office & Business Centre, it has over 150 free office spaces to rent, but only 22 are claimed. It is the 6th most populated district of Pallinn.


Meadowy is a purely small-house district. It features lots of pine forests and parks. Most houses in the district are located inside the pine forests, which makes Meadowy a unique district. In Meadowy there are no large shopping centers, but the Pallinn Ski Resort is located here. It is the most quiet district in Pallinn. The only downside of living here is the bad connection with the city centre, since Meadowy is expanding. The only good connection is by train to the Boltic Station.

Demographics and culture[edit]

Ethnic composition (2013)
Ethnic group Percentage
Antarcticans 57%
Ruscans 23%
Caladians 8%
Moon Islanders 4%
Freezestonians (born in Freezestonia) 3%
Others 5%

The culture of Pallinn differs from district to district. Some districts have large immigrants from one nation, so their culture is different. For example, Christine has a large Moon Islander population, which causes to culture to be influenced a lot by the culture on Moon Island. 96% of Oilhill's population is of Ruscan origin. In fact, since Oilhill is the second most populated district in Pallinn, it adds a striking percent of Ruscans to the full population of Pallinn.


City transport[edit]

The city has a system of bus (64 lines), tram (4 lines) and trolley-bus (7 lines) lines with routes to all districts. Transport for citizens is free of charge, while non-citizens must buy tickets. There are single-use tickets, timed tickets and ID tickets.


The Pallinn International "Pengurt Seaside" Airport is an airport at the edge of the city. It provides air connection domestically and internationally, although the international flights only go to places near the Asiapelago. There is also a helicopter service offering short flights to the mainland, but it costs a lot. The company has filed for bankruptcy once, but started again later.

Rail and road[edit]

The rail services are operated by two companies, Southwest Railways which offers railway services to many major cities around Freezestonia, and Electro-Railways which offers electric railway services to places around Cherryland.

The Shops Island Subway also connects to Pallinn through an underground tunnel. Despite the subway rails going on as far as ShepherdVille, a blockade wall has been built to prevent access in the tunnels to ShepherdVille, due to the fact that the ShepherdVille station was shut down because of lack of use. Ever since then ShepherdVille has been losing population and the Shepherd Mall originating chain was shut down to be continued on Shepherd Island.

Bus lines also operate between the many cities of Freezestonia.


  • The city originated as a small town named "Greenage City", other towns were built around it and when they got big enough, they were merged together into "Pallinn" with the Greenage City part changing into Downtown.
  • There is a baseball team here, the Pallinn Mermen, that is the reigning champions of the Shops Series. This is the first time that they have won it.
  • The city mascot is a moose.
  • The previous mayor before Eddy de Clayland was Sarah, whose term was from 2012 to 2014. Sarah never released her surname, so she was nicknamed "Sarah van Pallinn", or just simply "Sarah Pallinn".