Palm Island

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Palm Island
Palm island map.png
Map of Palm Island
Palm Island Flag.png
Flag of Palm Island
Country United States of Antarctica Sub-Antarctic Islands, United States of Antarctica
Mayor United States of Antarctica Spider880
Population 112 (2015)
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles, crabs
General information
Demonym Palm Islandian
Founded 2010 (officially)
– Founder Spider880
Time zone Penguin Standard Time (PST)

Palm Island is a small island located South East of Club Penguin. Spider880 was hatched here and abandoned by his father. Despite that, he stayed here, and once grown, Spider got 100 penguins to move to Palm Island in 2010, surpassing the Sub-Antarctic Islands' citizen requirement to become an official city.


Spider880 and an Orange Puffle at Palm Cove
  • Palm Forest
    • Palm Island Village - A group of mostly sand and mud igloos within the Palm Forest.
  • Beaches
  • Palm Cove
    • Palm Cove Pier
  • Cactus Beach


  • 100 penguins and counting
  • Numerous puffles of different colors, mostly Red and Orange
  • Crabs, the island nuisance


  • Coconuts
  • Palm Trees
  • Cacti
  • Flowers
  • 'O'Berry bushes


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