Pancakes Incorporated

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Pancakes Incorporated
Type Private
Industry Computer software
Consumer electronics
Video game consoles
Founded 2001
Headquarters Southern Ocean City, United States of Antarctica
Area served Southern Hemisphere
Key people Icmer (Chief Executive Officer)
Revenue USP; 56 million (2010)
Operating income USP; 18.5 billion (2010)
Net income USP; 143.91 million (2010)
Employees 124,000

Pancakes Incorporated is the second largest electronics corporation in the USA. It is behind only Micro Hard and Soft. It was founded and chaired by Icmer. Subsidiaries include Snowtendo and SUPA-COOL Gadgets & Weapons. Pancakes Incorporated is well-known for its popular Snowtendo Vii and Snowtendo DS.


Car Company[edit]

Pancakes Incorporated was originally founded sometime in the 1990s as a car company. It only produced one model, the P-1a, which sold poorly and there are no existing examples today. It was unknown who founded the company. Not much else is known about it except it was struggling and looking to merge with a bigger company to increase profits when it was still a car company.

Computers and Icmer[edit]

Icmer, who was working in the Coffee Shop at the time, found the ad posted by Pancakes asking for a merger. Thinking this was a great opportunity for him, Icmer then flew to Pancakes and told them that if they let him take over the business, he would give them all his savings and insurance money. His sacrifice paid off, because he then became CEO and turned around the business to instead manufacture computer software and hardware. The company was hugely successful and manufactured computers, software, and hardware for computers.