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Flywish when not ruling Liguria
Born Blake C. Wish
October 17, 1976 (1976-10-17) (age 43)
Brawltimore, Garyland, Puffica, UK
Residence Liguria
Gender Male
Nationality Ligurian
Other names Wish, Fwywish (by Mwa Mwa Penguins), Papa Flywish, Flyboy7 (Online)
Alma mater N/A
Occupation Lot's of them
Years active 2004-Present
Notable works Defeating Ben Hun, becoming ruler of Liguria
Home town Dellaroma, Liguria
Height 4 ft
Weight 80kg
Known for Being Supreme Ruler of Liguria
He has fought in lot's of wars
Papa Flywish
Reign 2011-present
Coronation Snoss-Castillan War
Full name Blake Christian Wish
Titles none
Born October 17, 1976
Birthplace Snowville
Died has not deceased
Place of death most likely will be Liguria
Buried Dellaroma
Predecessor Bruce Collini
Conquered by none
Successor Figlio Flywish II
Consort Valeria Di Luca (deceased)
Offspring Figlio Flywish II, Metalmanager
Royal House Liguria Capitol
Dynasty Wish
Royal anthem [1]
Royal motto Long live Papa Flywish
Father Raywish (deceased)
Mother Justine Wish

Flywish (real name Blake Christian Wish) is a High Penguin who once was president of the country he founded Flywish Island, but is now Papa of Liguria. He leads an army of not only Ligurian soldiers, but his original army that he constructed so that he could avenge the death of his wife and later his father.


Childhood and death of Rose[edit]

Flywish was hatched on October 17, 1974 to Ray and Justine Wish in Brawltimore, Garyland, Puffica. He grew up like any regular penguin around that area, however he found at an early age that his family didn't have as much money as the others. He shrugged it off when he could, but when it affected his social life, it would send him into an uncontrollable fit of rage. He was insecure due to his older brother, Crunch's reputation around Brawltimore as one of the local thugs. He looked up to his brother, though his parents often advised him not to follow in his footsteps. He naively dismissed their advice as "typical parent sayings". Flywish would often tag along with Crunch after a while as he started expressing his interests in following his brother into the lifestyle. Together they would get into lots of mischief, robbing pedestrians blind, starting massive snowball fights, even brawling with some local police officers on occasion. Flywish and Crunch forged a strong brotherly bond, which was made stronger when Kyle grew old enough to join them in their daily shenanigans. What Flywish would do on the street would also start seeping into his school life. Most of the snootier kids would avoid him, which started bothering him when he became fixated on getting with a new girl in his class whom the other guys wanted as well. to be expanded


Flywish later found out that it was Darktan's Army who killed Rose. Flywish then started rounding up weapons, got members, and made his own army. The army started out not so good. It only contained of weaklings and penguins who didn't do much. Eventually, he started recruiting penguins who did have powers. He also coughed out WishFlyX, his X-Antibody. On January 8, 2009, Flywish's brother Kyle was assassinated by Ivan Williams. Flywish for 1 year was tracking Ivan down and it eventually was responsible for Ivan's death. Unfortunately, Darktan was defeated so Flywish was unable to kill him for poisoning Rose.

Various wars and Xaldi[edit]

Eventually, Flywish had finally discovered his other son Metalmanager. They at first went to war but later learned that they were actually father and son. He also went to war with Ben Hun. In 2010, Raywish, Flywish's father, was invited to a lunch with someone named Falcon Xaldi. He was driven to the private restaurant by Dennie. After they chatted up, Xaldi pulled out a knife and stabbed Raywish to death. Dennie watched in shock as Raywish fell to the ground holding his stomach. He quickly drove back to Flywish's Mansion and told Flywish the horrible news. He melted down and vowed revenge, and this time, he would do whatever he could to get it.

Papa Flywish[edit]

In 2011, Snowzerland went to war with Castilla. Flywish and his army decided to take part in it. However, he eventually felt that he had nothing in his life. His beautiful wife was gone, his army was very small, he was in a rut and felt like he needed a great push in life. He had heard about Liguria's problems with their new government and Flywish decided to take Liguria for himself. So he went with his army, Leonardo di Tremezzo, Piper J. Cub, and Papa Tremezzo to take out the president. He succeeded after kicking Bruce Collini off the Ligurian Capitol. Leonardo and all of the other Ligurians picked his royal title "Papa" making him now known as Papa Flywish.

Although Swiss Ninja overthrew Flywish during the Great Snowzerland War VI, Flywish later returned to his position.

Chuck's Confrontation[edit]

It was a regular summer day in Dellaroma, Liguria, on July 15, 2018. Flywish was talking with his cabinet members when a servant came to the room.

Servant:"Papa Flywish, sorry to interrupt your meeting, but you have a guest."

Flywish:"Can't it wait until later? We're having an important talk about those who are in debt to us."

Servant:"This puffle said it was urgent you meet him right now."

Flywish:"What is this puffle's name?"

Servant:"He's a white puffle, he said his name is... Chip I think."

Flywish had scratched his head for a moment, he never knew any white puffles named Chip. Suddenly, it hit him.

Flywish:"Oh, you meant Chuck... OH CRAP!"

He had forgotten about Chuck and his imprisonment, he had never visited him or tried to get him pardoned under diplomatic immunity while he was in prison, wanting to apologize, he dashed out of the room, knocking over a nearby vase. It was an aqua vase that had a portrait of Flywish on it. He ran down the stairs into the lobby. There, he saw Chuck waiting with his wooden bat that now had the words "Hit All Betrayers" carved on the barrel. Chuck had a stone cold look in his eyes, it was a look Flywish had never seen him give before.

Flywish:"Chuck, I..."

Chuck:"Shut up!"

He slapped Flywish with the bat.

Flywish:"Chuck, you don't understand, running Liguria has become a very busy job for me."

Chuck:"It wasn't busy before? When you went surfing with your grandfather?"

Flywish:"Things were easier back then."

Chuck:"Explain what keeps you busy now that didn't keep you busy back then."

Flywish thought for a moment, however, he drew a blank.

Chuck:"Exactly, you've been consumed by your power! Your head was too high in the clouds to visit me! You couldn't even get me out of prison!"

Flywish:"What was I gonna do Chuck? I wasn't gonna lead Liguria into a pointless war."

Chuck:"You did that as soon as you claimed power!"

Flywish:"You know what? I'm done! Get out of here, you've been nothing but trouble to me anyway!"

As Flywish turned to walk away Chuck jumped and attacked Flywish, taking him to the ground immediately. He repeatedly smacked Flywish with his bat, until Flywish began to fight back. At this point, Xinston came in and pinned Chuck to the ground. Flywish groggily sat up, slapped Chuck as hard as he could, and pointed his flipper to the exit door.

Flywish:"Get that little von Injoface scumbag out of my building!"

Xinston picked up Chuck, holding him has hard as he could, and punted him into some nearby woods. Chuck would go on to make shelter there until his death in 2020.



  • Xorai- this goes without explaining
  • Nightmare- same as Xorai
  • Darktan II- obvious
  • Manny Peng- Not really much of an enemy, but Flywish disapproves of his behavior
  • WishFlyX- obvious
  • Jenni- obvious
  • Falcon Xaldi - Murdered Flywish's father
  • Scottish One- were once friends, but around July 2010, after Scottish One was fired from CPWE, Flywish soon found that he was not the right penguin for him to support.
  • Chuck von Injoface- Was one Flywish's puffle, but Flywish disowned him after he went to jail.
  • Raven- Once considered a "third son" by Flywish, Raven resigned hastily and fled Liguria, never to return.




  • Maddieworld- She is with Swiss Ninja but if Swiss Ninja dies Flywish will take Maddieworld next.

Crushes on Flywish[edit]

  • Maddieworld (Well she doesn't really have a crush on Flywish but she does claim that Flywish is her potential husband if Swiss dies)
  • Willie Xatt- She thinks he's the cutest that ever lived.

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Dislike of Manny Peng[edit]

Flywish is a good penguin at heart, but he hates Mwa Mwa Penguins with a burning passion. When ever he sees one, he will blindly attack it. One of his biggest problems is Manny Peng. Flywish has his weapons in his mansion where his Henchmen are watching for Manny Peng.

Flywish said this on another interview on Pengtube

"Manny you're the worst thing to ever happen! If I ever see you on my property, I will torture you to the point where you cry for your mommy! The same goes for Chubbs and Joey and I hope Joey is deleted in Freezeland, I really do."
  • Flywish is against Darktan and wants to put an end to him.


  • Knicicle Slash: He sticks a Knicicle in the ground and it goes out with a big boom that blows everyone around him away.
  • Ninja Kick: He turns bright gold and dash kicks into his enemy.
  • Fly up : He glows green and then starts flying

Weapons Equiped[edit]



He may own CPWE, but Flywish has wrestled on many occasions. He has won a Monarch Mayhem match once, entering at #1. He just hid under the ring, otherwise he would've had no chance, and he even managed to get the win with interference from Flywish II. He would go on to win the CPWE Championship, taking it from Shawn Jena.


You may think Flywish only uses a hockey stick to assault his enemies, but he does play hockey. He claims that he is so good, he wants to challenge Zack Khoury. He did, and the game would have taken place on November 10, 2010, but before that, Khoury was injured and the game had to be postponed "for a later date".

Death-Kind of.[edit]

On December 22, 2009 Flywish sadly almost died of food poisoning. It happened when he ticked off The Treacherous Trio he haunted The treacherous trio then they decided to give him his body back. for more details see:

Murphy: Flywish dies... sort of


  • Leading an Army
  • Acting in a show
  • CPWE owner
  • Supreme Ruler of Liguria


See Papa Flywish/Quotes


  • He once was allied with Xorai's Army.
  • He is an inherited Ninja.
  • There was once a rumor that Willy the Penguin And Flywish hated each other but Flywish stated that it was not true.
  • His hair is real.
  • Flywish is very against Neo-Naughtzee being a High Penguin himself.
  • His major weakness is bronze. Digesting this metal can kill him.
  • Flywish likes to play poker
  • Any time Flywish intends to kill somebody by shooting them, him or someone he orders to shoot will miss.


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