Papa Tremezzo

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Papa Tremezzo
Papa Tremezzo.png
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Title Lucho di Tremezzo, Papa Tremezzo
Gender Male
Race Yellow Puffle
Faction Gangster
Health Not as Good as it used to be...
Level Gangster Leader
Status Very Powerful
Location Tremezzo, Liguria
Birth date Tremezzo, Liguria
Occupation Gangster
Interests Money, "Buisness"
Friends Leonardo di Tremezzo, Piper J. Cub
Enemies Bugzy, UPM
Archetype Neutral

Papa Tremezzo, whose real name is Lucho di Tremezzo, is one of Antarctica's most infamous Puffle Gangsters. He is well known for being the leader of one of Antarctica's largest Puffle mafia and is the father of Leonardo di Tremezzo, who is a Hochstadt Gang member. Papa Tremezzo also founded his mafia, and wants his reluctant son to take over once he's dead.


Papa Tremezzo was born on August 19, 1973. His father was the mayor of the city of Tremezzo just like his ancestors were, and Papa would eventually become mayor as well. Dispite his father's aspirations to become mayor, Papa did not want to accept it at first. Papa Tremezzo was more interested in buisness and money making rather than being a mayor of a town, and soon ran away to Double Sicilia to learn the ways of the mafia. Papa soon found himself working for the local mafia that ran the island before Bugzy took over. Papa Tremezzo's job in those days was selling watches and clocks to penguins and puffles. Many of these clocks and watches were cheap but realistic replicas of more expensive luxury watches, and he tricked many penguins and puffles into giving him money. Papa Tremezzo also gambled quite a bit and loved to fight, which is why he earned many scars at Cream Soda bars.

Papa Tremezzo soon became the leader of his mafia. He declared it to become an all-puffle mafia group and made it a fake replica watch company. Papa Tremezzo soon became wealthy off of this, and gained supporters and minions from all over Antarctica and Liguria. Then, his father passed away, and Papa finally decided to become the mayor of the city of Tremezzo. The municipality had been entrenched in the mob for decades, but now that a full-blown mobster was the mayor, the merger of organized crime and state- at least on that level -was complete.

Origianally, the di Tremezzo family was never rich being mayors, but because of Papa's successful mafia buisness, the di Tremezzo as well as the city of Tremezzo became very wealthy. Papa Tremezzo, still being a mayor and a mafia leader, also travelled all of Antarctica, and during his vacations, he met a Castillan yellow puffle and fell in love with her. They soon got married, and moved back to Tremezzo. There, they had four children: Leonardo, Giovanni, Giorgio, and Eduardo. Papa Tremezzo continues to be successful with his "buisness", and hopes he will pass it down to his offspring.


Papa Tremezzo is the father of the most powerful Mafia in the Northern part of Liguria and the only Mafia in the Lago di Lario region. Papa Tremezzo is also the father of Leonardo di Tremezzo, both of whom contrast greatly since Lucho is a hard core gangster who seeks money and Leonardo is a pure hearted and selfless hero who seeks adventure.



  • Most of his scars from the past have been cleared out, except for one, which was made from a knicicle on his cheek, they had to do stitches on it and it's still there today.
  • Lucho di Tremezzo is the first puffle in the family now known to grow facial hair, probably because of his parents are of different colors.

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