Paradise Island

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Paradise Island
Country USA
Mayor Aerospace1
General information
Demonym Paradisian
– Founder Aerospace1
Area codes 750

Paradise Island is an overseas territory of the USA.

Paradise Island also has a good space administration program, introduced by Aerospace1. One such example is the P.I.T.S. (Paradise Island Test Shuttle). The 'Paradise Island Destroy Antarctica Plan of 1999' was the most ridiculous among all the projects launched, and failed epicly. That is one of the leading factors to why Paradise Island is NEVER a free republic of the USA.


Paradise Island was founded by Aerospace1, who was roaming around the east of Colonial Antarctica. The result was the discovery of an unused island that became Aerospace Island, and was later renamed 'Paradise Island' due to having no idea what it also could be named. Aerospace1 served for three years as the mayor.


Paradise Island's statistic position in the east of Antarctica almost affected its economy, as it is not close to the mainland, thus, going there would be costly. This problem was solved thanks to Aerospace-Paradise Airport, located near the capital, with more than 30 flights a day.

Paradise Island is considered not to have any cities or towns. The island itself is considered a city, thus, it is of no use and regard to have administration over a certain place. The parliament is small due to this.







Space Administration Program

The Paradise Island Space Administration Program, or PISA, is a leading space administraton program.


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