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The trailer teaser of the movie as shown on all Antarctican and Club Penguinian televisions, starring the main penguin.
Background information
Participants Most notably the beatboxer who anticipated in WHAT?!?
Date 2016
Location Club Penguin

Pardon? is a one-off of the very infamous movie WHAT?!?, and has almost no plot. It is based on a dancing penguin, who manages to make a mega dance event by broadcasting an advert made in his garage. Soon, the news of this disco spreads everywhere and then everybody participates in the large disco. It was originally advertised as a movie about the hardships of a penguin named William, and many movie-goers were disappointed finding out the truth, and demanded to every cinema that screened the movie a refund. In every cinema that had 50 seats, the owners lost a total of 1527,000 coins due to the payment of beverages, snacks, seats, tickets and extra merchandise (and grabbing machines which were stationed outside that couldn't even raise a single toy).


The movie begins by a bored penguin in a red cape and in fancy sunglasses, tapping and leaning on his table. A caption underneath the table says that his favourite event, named the "The Annual Dance-Dance Dance-Off" has been cancelled today, and that had ruined the penguin's day. Suddenly, the penguin's face lights up and a light bulb appears above his head. He then takes a film camera, rushes into his garage and records him dancing. He then, after uploading it onto his Micro Hard and Soft Doors computer, sent it to the nearby television HQ and requested it to be broadcast all over Club Penguin. Soon, the scene switches to a bored penguin watching the advert for his dance-a-thon, saying with a picture of the star penguin:

See you then!

Excited, the penguin switches off his television and runs upstairs. This is repeated with some other penguins, all wearing their different dance/fancy dress costumes. Soon, it skips to the scene of dark purple disco lights flashing on a disco-themed dance stage (complete with huge speakers from the 1970s), and penguins in their dance/fancy dress costumes arrive and see the empty stage. Suddenly, blue smoke suddenly appear from the edge of the stage and via a hole from the stage, the host penguin in his trademark red cape and fancy sunglasses is standing on a rising platform, microphone in his flipper. He shouts "LET'S GET DA DANCE-PARTIE STARTIN'!", and the snow underneath the guest's feet begin to melt, as a dance platform is revealed. Soon, smoke from the edges appear, and then everybody begins dancing.

For 30 minutes, the host and the guests have been dancing by themselves, teaching each other dance moves. However, a tour is taking place on the Lighthouse Beach, and 50 visitors to Club Penguin are being toured by a tour guide. Suddenly, a blue penguin notices the event, and tells his visiting companions, using sign language, that a large disco is probably going on in the next room. The visitors to the island stampede past the tour guide, leaving the poor penguin stunned. Soon, the penguins join in the disco by doing their national dance. Suddenly, the platform everybody is on begins to rise, and begins to stand higher than The Coffee Shop. Everybody becomes excited, and begins dancing their shoes off and sending the message to come and dance through the land.

After a further thirty-eight minutes of teaching each other dance moves, a large crowd of penguins are below the dance platform, wandering what is happening. Then, the host slides down a ladder and waddles up to them, saying "Why don't you come up and join the party, or dance below us?". Thirty dance-loving penguins begin to climb up the ladder, and whenever a Mwa Mwa Penguin appears on the ladder, a penguin punches the pookie off using one flipper. Soon, The Dock is crowded with dancing penguins (and excluded diva Mwa Mwa Penguins) and the movie then shows a 360° view of everything - the dancers, the stage, even the host! Then, after 30 more minutes of seeing penguins dancing and background jokes about the stupidity of pookies and Mwa Mwas, a penguin wearing golden-coloured clothes runs to one of the ladders, climbs down quickly and heads to The Cove. He then breaks the Fourth Wall by staring directly at the viewer, and begins waving while saying "Bye-bye!".

During the credits, there are many cameos from the participants of the large disco.


Many penguins were furious, upset and confused about why they said it would be a success story, but was instead a movie about a large disco. Journalists sent in by their bosses were especially furious, and many gave the movie a total of 1.2/5 stars stars. However, 2 out of 10 penguins actually enjoyed the movie, and some even went to make unsuccessful book adaptations of the movie, which were bestsellers by penguins too lazy to go to the cinema. On the first night of the airing in Club Penguin, the star penguin himself went and saw the movie with other viewers. Almost all movie-lovers were inspired to rant at the owners of the owners of the cinemas airing these, and asked for slightly more than their coins back. The ranters usually succeeded, and toy-grabber machines were replaced with Ping-Pong ball games and everybody was given a free food/drink of their choice to make up for it.

Notable Cast[edit]

Penguin Actor
Bored Penguin Watching Television Beatboxer from WHAT?!?
Penguin in Red Cape and Fancy Sunglasses Henry
Mwa Mwa Penguin Puncher Willian
Penguin in Golden Glitter Tuxedo Zxcvb-Nm's Father
Mwa Mwa Penguin Climbing Ladder 1# Pwookis-Meh
Mwa Mwa Penguin Climbing Ladder 2# Mwa-Pookis
Mwa Mwa Penguin Climbing Ladder 3# Loulsin Pookis
Penguin in Ladybird Costume #1 Katie
Penguin in Ladybird Costume #2 Johnny



  • The protagonist's name is confirmed in the credits as "Henry".
  • There is a wide-spread rumour that this was made in Henry's backyard.
  • The bored penguin watching television at 2.00 is the beatboxer from WHAT?!?.
  • It is believed that the idea of disguising this as another movie was copied from LINK STOP LAUGHING MAH BOI.
  • It is a wonder Henry didn't get sued for copying another penguin's idea.
  • Most of the film is based on dance moves, disco lights, a 360° view of the stage-platform and dancing penguins.
  • The ticket price in all cinemas was approximately 5.90 in Club Penguin Gold Coins.
  • However, the book adaptations (made by penguins inspired to write about the film) are usually priced 01.01 coins, making it a real bargain.
  • There was a huge DVD release, consisting of six billion copies of the film being produced (an error at the BoF), which, being so unsuccessful, ended up travelling to the second-hand stores/junk shops/antique shops/film aficionado stores, where they are currently being marketed for 00.75 coins - an absolute bargain.
  • Interestingly, the soundtrack release costed 00.50 coins!
  • There was an audiobook version in the pipeline, but because of the book and DVD release, nothing became of the project.

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