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Party development center.png
A really cheap poster made by the new workers.
Type party planning
Foundation 2005
Location Club Penguin
Head "New Leader"
Businessmoose (formerly)
Ideology To let citizens have fun(?)
Members 69
Headquarters Club Penguin Island

The Party Development Center, or PDC for short, is a group that plans out the monthly parties that occur on Club Penguin. They are in charge of decorating the island, handing out free items, hiding pins and setting up events every month for the parties they create. Although originally praised, the organization has been losing popularity ever since the leave of Businessmoose and the entrance of a rather... creative new leader. Unfortunately due to Director Benny the PDC cannot be shut down and this "New Leader" cannot be dethroned.


Ever since Club Penguin got its name in 2005, Billybob hired 138 penguins to sort out the island's decorations. This idea eventually expanded into a group where they would gather every month or so and decorate the island for brand new parties.

Initially, they had some rather plain, classical parties, including a Halloween Party, Winter Luau, April Fools, Summer Party, Wild West Party and Sports Party. At the time, their budget was low, but they did what they could, and provided the best results possible and were very popular. Their pay rose gradually and they continued their hard work, with penguins coming and going.

Eventually, they received a massive pay boost in 2012, allowing them to easily bring back the Knight's Quest Trilogy during the attack of Scorn to aid knights in their training. The Music Jam received a humongous upgrade with giant DJ boards and a huge concert stadium (with neon lights everywhere), and The Fair could be funded enough to lift the members-only requirement of the Great Puffle Circus. As their best accomplishment, the team managed to introduce transformations with G's help during the year's Holiday Party, temporarily making penguins race cars, Reindeer Puffles and Frost Bites, rediscovered in Operation Blackout.

Unfortunately, this is where the so-called "golden-year" ended. In April 2013, PDC head Businessmoose resigned, and a new head was decided. However this new leader somehow managed to screw up everything, beginning with a party he called "Monsters University Takeover". It was mediocre at best, and he kept bringing up ideas that were unheard of, including something called "Star Wars" and something called "Teen Beach Movie". As the demand for another Medieval Party arrived, New Leader finally decided to create another classic- but with a twist. Rockhopper and G were researching magic potions, and New Leader decided to take this opportunity, as he claimed "witchery is related to medieval times".

The "Medieval '13", as some nickname it, was a disaster, with the beloved Knight's Quests being nowhere to be found. New Leader rigged the potion creation system to make sure only members could transform, with non-members not even being able to become puffle chickens. The atrocious Medieval '13 was to "never be spoken of again", and New Leader tried his hand at both the Halloween and Holiday Parties, which were CP's oldest parties. The Halloween Party had transformations with really obnoxious noises, and Coins for Change had a bunch of prizes that New Leader decided to add, which ruined the aspect of donation and just became purchasing items.

2014 didn't improve anything. The Fair was thoroughly butchered and turned into a theme park, and New Leader's "creative ideas" continued with a "Muppets World Tour". He also had an idea to take Puffles and genetically alter them, creating "Dog" and "Cat" puffles for the next Puffle Party after witnessing the Dino Puffles during G's trip to the past. By this point the PDC's reputation was so low that they had to be suspended from action to prevent them from turning the 2014 UGFA World Cup into a disaster. The latter party was the first successful party in a while.

Once the suspension was lifted, penguins expected them to do well... but they didn't. For the year's Music Jam, they literally pulled up a cruise ship and decorated it, and New Leader used four of his original characters as "celebrities" to be paired with Cadence and the Penguin Band.

Critics absolutely hated the Music Jam 2014. No party has surfaced yet that has been worse up to date. New Leader continued on with a chain of random stuff, including an inversion of the popular Icey movie Burned and... a party about going back to school. As you may expect, it didn't work out well. Luckily for everyone else, Skip York appeared when the Halloween Party usually occurred, using his illusions to create some spooky stuff. Unluckily, the 9th Anniversary Party still had to be done, and was done very sloppily. That December, New Leader made an original WALRUS CHARACTER TO DELIVER PRESENTS. It was absolutely awful.

2015 wasn't very good either. New Leader made a sequel to his old "Star Wars" idea, as well as a party based on a minigame that he installed during the MJ'14 (as people called the Music Jam 2014 as a spin-off of Medieval'13), not to mention he made a bunch of more generically altered puffles. He also recycled his old "Frozen" idea completely, and made a party about Rainbow Puffles... which was done previously.

At this point the New Leader was temporarily removed from service, locked in a closet and sent to sea. Somehow, he was recovered and came back in July. During this time, the PDC was without a head, so they recycled last year's Fair, only to find that the previous parties were so bad that critics would gladly take it. They also asked young penguins to create art, bringing back the Festival of Snow.

This brought a temporary recovery of the PDC, when New Leader returned, calling the new Festival of Snow "a pile of yellow snow". He then returned to his position and brought one of his "bright ideas", releasing a bunch of false information that Rockhopper's adventures were false while using a new machine to cause Rockhopper's mind to go haywire. He then installed his five characters, who represented five feelings as cover to say that Rockhopper's memory was messed up and penguins would have to recover it in an event he called the "Inside Out Party". Then the Fashion Festival followed, as well as the "Descendants" party, with New Leader claiming the original characters he added for it were the descendants of popular Icey characters... no more details beyond that.

At this point, many residents of Club Penguin had had it, and rioted in front of the PDC. The BoF had to intervene, and to get the citizens to be more... civilized, they decided to step in just once and create the ultimate 10th anniversary party, setting up rooms related to past parties of the island, resulting in critical acclaim. Unfortunately, New Leader still managed to get something in there, and added his own "MascBot" characters into the mix, which was one of the reasons why the party lost points. (The historical robots idea actually came from Gary, but New Leader was the one who designed them to be so blocky and weird.)

The weird robots didn't stop there. Because of the blocky and overly simple design of the MascBots (thanks, New Leader), they were easily hacked by Herbert (who had sent a question through the Penguin Times to look at their blueprints and was surprised to see they weren't that complex). They then went haywire and... tried to cause destruction, but they were so idiotic that they couldn't do anything remotely damaging despite their menacing looks (and yes, New Leader decided they should have teeth for whatever reason) and were shut down in an instant.


The original team had 138 members, including Businessmoose. Penguins came and left, but a large group of them were very dedicated to the job. However, once New Leader became the head, many of them finally dropped the job. None of the current members are from the original team and the member count has been halved to 69.


From the PDC's humble beginnings, critics complimented the workers' efforts despite not having much to work with, calling it well above average. Ratings caused a nuclear explosion when the PDC received a pay boost, allowing them to make amazing parties. However, they plummeted to the outer mantle when New Leader appeared. Their rating is currently an atrocious 0.6/10.

Events not done by the PDC

  • Save the Migrator Project - Conducted by G.
  • Underwater Expedition - Accidentally caused by Rookie altering the island's balance with anvils.
  • Rockhopper's Quest - Planned by Rockhopper.
  • Medieval Party 2012 - Caused by Scorn.
  • Super Hero Takeover 2012 - Caused by Protobot.
  • Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit - Caused by Rockhopper.
  • Operation Blackout - Caused by Herbert.
  • Prehistoric Party 2013 - Conducted by G.
  • Super Hero Takeover 2013 - Once again caused by Protobot.
  • Card-Jitsu Party 2013 - Caused by Tusk.
  • Operation: Puffle - Once again caused by Herbert.
  • Prehistoric Party 2014 - Once again conducted by G.
  • Future Party - Requested by Gary 3000 due to Protobot.
  • 2014 UGFA World Cup - PDC was suspended to prevent ruining this.
  • Halloween Party 2014 - Caused by Skip.
  • Pirate Party 2014 - Caused by Pirate Crabs.
  • 10th Annivesary Party - Conducted by the BoF.
  • Halloween Party 2015 - Caused by Herbert.

Cancelled Parties

2014 Penguin Surf Contest


  • The PDC is literally criticized for having 69 members.
  • Various points of view on the PDC are pulled from here.

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