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Party Hat Museum
General information
Location Chill Island
Type Museum
Owner(s) Chill57181
Started 2012
Completed 2013

The International Party Hat Museum, also commonly known as just the Party Hat Museum, is a museum located on Chill Island. It has the largest known collection of party hats in Antarctica, with hundreds of party hats from many different countries.


Chill57181 was fascinated with party hats ever since his 1st birthday and collected party hats for many years, from anywhere he went. In 2012, he decided to share his love of party hats with the world. In mid-2012, a construction team started building the 2-story museum, which was built around the statue of a giant (5th year) party hat (from Club Penguin). In January 2013, construction was complete and some of Chill's extra party hats were moved into the museum to be displayed to the public 24/7. The museum opened on April 9th, 2013.

Displaying the Hats[edit]

A large chunk of the museum's original inventory were extra party hats that curator Chill donated or loaned to the museum when he founded it. Before the museum became popular, they would seek out rare party hat owners to ask if they could purchase the hats or display them on loan. After they became popular, individuals and companies around the continent began donating party hats to the museum, which is where a majority of the present inventory comes from. The museum uses most of their monetary donations to purchase new rare party hats for the collection, or special cases to contain them. If the museum doesn't have a certain party hat in their collection already, penguins are always welcome to donate theirs to the museum and have their name on display. Party hat donations and loans are always welcome as long as the museum doesn't already have a good quality specimen of the hat.

Due to the large amount of party hats in the museum's inventory, a lot of party hats are in the museum storage. 2-4 times a year party hats from storage are switched with party hats on display to give viewers variety. However, the "gems" of the collection and other favorite or well known hats stay out permanently, such as the hats from Club Penguin and the oldest modern party hat in existence, the Khanzem Celebration Hat.

All of the hats on display are contained in temperature-controlled glass cases, to make sure that they never wear out. Many of the more popular party hats and areas also have recorded descriptions delivered by Chill.

Museum Layout[edit]

The museum has a few organized "areas" for guests to visit, in addition to the portion of the museum that is just set up for various random party hats to be changed multiple times a year.

  • Entrance- In addition to standard entrance commodities like maps and signs, visitors walking into the museum are welcomed by a statue of Chill standing next to a case with the latest Club Penguin Anniversary Hat and the latest Museum Anniversary Hat.
  • Club Penguin: Party Central- The Club Penguin section of the museum has been upgraded over the years. While originally it only housed Club Penguin's party hats, it now houses other anniversary related items as well such as anniversary party pins and backgrounds. It is the star exhibit of the museum.
  • Creativity Corner- An area dedicated to letting the museum's guests express themselves. Guests can color and make their own paper party hats. It is mostly designed for chicks, but anyone can get in on the fun.
  • Gift Shop and Cafe- The Gift Shop is where visitors can buy various Museum and party hat related merchandise. Some items include Party Hat shirts, erasers, candy, and an official Museum Party Hat for 15 coins. Both the Gift Shop and Cafe walls are lined with some of the best party hats that were made by visitors.
  • Kermit: Life of the Party- The latest permanent exhibit at the museum, established in 2018. It contains all of the Party Hats made to celebrate Kermit, and other Kermit-related memorabilia. It has quickly become the museum's most popular area outside of the Club Penguin section.

Membership and Funding[edit]

In mid-2013, the museum signed a deal to be partners with and receive annual grants from the Antarctic Preservation Society, an internationally recognized group who supports the preservation of Antarctic history, from historic sites, to specific documents, to the arts (the museum fell under this category), and more. According to this deal, the museum will receive a grant of 50,000 Club Penguin Coins every year until 2028, when the contract is due for renewal. After the museum was completed, it received a lot of attention, and grew more popular with people vacationing in Shops, and the art community. As such, the government agreed to give the museum a grant of 500,000 WB$ to help it grow. The museum is glad to receive so many donations and have good partners, so that they can afford to buy more of the expensive cases to hold new party hats.

Admission to the museum is free, but you can choose to become a museum member for a year for 500 coins or its equivalent. Being a member gives you access to a section of the storage with the museum's new acquisition (a chance to see them before non-members), credits to use in the gift shop and monthly coupons to use to shop at the museum's various partners' businesses.


Here are a few official partners of the museum, as well as notable donors.

  • Antarctic Preservation Society
  • Coffee Shop
  • Donal Tenorio- Has given "a small donation of a million coins" to the museum, in addition to the first "Make Antarctica Great Again" Party Hat during his Presidential campaign.
  • FreezeShop
  • Katherine Chandos - Katherine, like her husband, donates 100,000 CPC per annum to the museum, along with a Coronation of Empress Katherine Party Hat. She had also donated her father’s lavish Edward V Golden Jubilee Party Hat to the museum, which was laden with so much jewels that it is more of a decorative item than intended to be worn.
  • Kermit- Kermit is happy to support something that brings joy to so many creatures, and he's a fan of party hats himself.
  • Penquino & Penquino Entertainment- The Southern Shops governor makes common donations to the museum, and has also given and/or loaned many party hats to the museum. His company, Penquino Entertainment, is also a museum partner and has made donations to the museum.
  • Slender - Slender donates 100,000 CPC per annum to the museum, along with a Coronation of Emperor Slender Party Hat.
  • Snowbucks Coffee


The museum has the biggest known collection of party hats in all of Antarctica. The party hats come from many countries, but many come from Club Penguin and Shops Island (Chill's residences). The oldest "modern" piece in the museum is the famed "Khanzem Celebration Hat", which was given to penguins after the Khanzem war ended; the only older hat is the Prehistoric Beta Hat that was discovered in 2014. The museum also displays a few party hats that are loaned to them by penguins because the museum doesn't have one. Here are some of the known party hats that are owned and/or displayed by the museum:

Notes: The museum owns every hat that doesn't mention being loaned to the museum. Years indicate when a hat was made.

Club Penguin
Shops Island & Territories
  • Billybob's Inauguration Party Hat (2008)
  • "Make Antarctica Great Again" Party Hat (2016; Made for Donal Tenorio's Presidential Campaign and donated by Tenorio himself)
  • Megg Presidential Inauguration Party Hat
  • Club Penguin Weekee
    • 5 Year Party Hat (2012)
    • 10 Year Party Hat (2017)
    • Kermit Celebration Party Hat (2018; Donated by Kermit)
    • Hat Pop 10 Year Party Hat (2018)
Ninja Archipelago
  • Castilla
  • Frankterre
    • Establishment of the First Frankterran Republic Celebration Hat (2001)
    • Liberation from Snoss Control Celebration Hat (2010)
  • Snowzerland
    • Ten Year Anniversary of Snowzerland's Discovery Hat (2010)
    • First Swissmass Party Hat
  • Khanzem Celebration Hat (1918; Oldest "modern" party hat)
  • Dew's Point, Inc. Party Hat (1964)
  • HunEmpire Fredric von Hun Coronation Party Hat (2009)
  • Yow 20th Anniversary Hat (2010; Donated by an anonymous penguin)
  • Victory in Yow Party Hat (2013)
  • Nightmare Epic Win Party Hat (2014)
  • Coronation of Slender Party Hat (2018; Donated by Slender)
  • Kermit Sainthood Party Hat (2018; Donated by P.O.P.E. Benzin)
  • Chill's 1st Birthday Hat
  • Penstubal's 1st-15th Birthday Hats (Spares that were all donated by Penstubal's mom; only the most embarrassing few are on display)
  • Every Party Hat Museum Anniversary Party Hat
  • Acadia Gun Party Hat


  • The Museum rarely rejects party hat donations. They only reject donations if it's a party hat they already have. They once refused any hats from Duck Island or involving ducks, but after reconsideration they started accepting them, to cut apart and use as decoration on trash cans. Penstubal also has made many propaganda party hats and donated them to the museum, such as the "Ed is a Neo-Naughtzee Party Hat" or the "Chill is a Dictator Party Hat". All of these "propaganda hats" were used to decorate the museum's dumpsters.
  • The government of Duck Island has banned giving party hats to the museum, so the museum has instead purchased them from tourists to decorate all of their trash cans.