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His Telephonavin, the Patriarch of Phone-based Expansion
Patriarch of Phone-based Expansion image.png
His Telephonavin, P. Benzin, the current P.O.P.E. in semi-formal Popol regalia.
Title His Telephonavin, P.O.P.E., Overseer of the Hallowed Governance of Electrical Infrastructure.
Gender Male
Race Emperer Penguin
Faction Absolute Leader of the Governance
Health Fair


Status Reigning
Location The Centriepistula

The Patriarch of Phone-based Expansion of the Governance is the absolute leader of the Hallowed Governance of Electrical Infrastructure. He pretty much controls your phone, your electricity, your internet connection providers, your IP Address, everything that brings information and utilities to you. The P.O.P.E. can not view any information sent, howvever, he and the Governance only control the grid.


The first P.O.P.E. was P. Ben Paul Edict, who created the position and the modern Governance with his Juvoinopiapluspopuliutlaborcummea Edict (Latin, literally meaning "Help, I need more people to work with me!"), in 1902. P. Ben Edict was the second leader of the Governance.


The P.O.P.E. makes speeches every now and then on TV, announcing major projects (he announced the construction of the PASA site because of its importance for example). Sometimes, he will praise a local or foreign inventor on his brilliance in communications (like Brendan Stars), or even speak out against someone (P. Benzin despises Bill Gate$ for example). He also attends various telenacles at random and gives a special Tech-Time segment there.


Over the years, the P.O.P.E.'s influence has been very powerful. Things that the PWNtiff (pronounced pone-tiff) declared "heresy" were tossed out for ages. For instance, in 1920, P. Adrian Ivin condemned the television, having its creator (named Gallileo Galley) locked in a tower because of his "repulsive motion-picture contraption", citing that "it rots brains and soils the imagination". The television was banned for the next forty years, finally becoming legal in 1962, having been unknown to the public until then. In 2009, P. Benzin apologized on behalf of the Governance's error to every television viewer in Antarctica.

List of P.O.P.E.s[edit]

Name Year Picture Notable Actions Trivia
Ben Paul Edict 1902 - 1903 Created the modern Governance.
Pieus I 1903 - 1910 Bought what became the Centriepistula.
Imma Boredd 1910 - 1919 Only female P.O.P.E., first female Governance leader since Saint Alexia Graham Cracker Belle. Elected by the OH-NOES method, see below for more info.
Adrian Ivin 1919 - 1924 Hersinated the television
Fredward Ben 1924 - 1939 Invented Tech-Time, originally called Tech-Time with Freddie.
Innocent Bob March 17, 1939 - March 30, 1939 Abolished Tech-Time on the claims that the Governance is Superior to the Commoners. Let's just say no one, not even fellow Governance Staff, liked that.
Hampedan Lawyers March 30, 1939 - 1942 Revived Tech-Time, but abolished it again.
Many unnamed P.O.P.E.s 1942 - 1996
Pieus II 1996 - 1999 Revived Tech-Time.
Benzin 1999 - present Patriarch of Phone-based Expansion image.png
Nevel Paperguy (Anti-P.O.P.E.) 1997 - 2009 Nevel Shay image.jpg Benzin's rival, not considered true P.O.P.E. by most.

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Some penguins felt that copper wires didn't work as well as fiber optics. With Swiss Ninja as their leader, they caused a schism in the Governance and set up their own fiber optics line.

July 2009 - August 2009 Swiss Ninja - the POPE of Fiber Optics and Solar Energy


However, this schism didn't last long.

Director Benny soon found out, and he got REAL MAD. His wrath was terrible to behold; it was worse than angering Darktan, or listening to Mabel's punctuated rants!

For ONCE, Mayor McFlapp and Director Benny agreed on something, and together did a little research on Swiss Ninja's fiber optics system.

The next day, chaos reigned in Swiss Ninja's new Governance. Telephones refused to work, the Internet wouldn't load, and practically every single utility supplied by the Governance just shut down.

Mayor McFlapp had negated the reflective properties of glass! It was now fully transparent, screwing up optical fibers across the globe.

Swiss Ninja lost thousands of coins as penguins demanded refunds, and he lost all of his customers, too. Copper fibers were now the ONLY way to supply Governance utilities.

Other effects of McFlapp's radical edit to glass:

  1. Window glare was eradicated.
  2. Skuas all across Trans-Antarctica smacked into windows, thinking they were open.
  3. Austin8310 smashed his mirror. Several other smashed mirrors were reported.
  4. Thousands of teleporters, light systems, power transmitters, and laser systems all over Antarctica remained inoperable until the invention of plastic fiber optics.
  5. Fudd Lapooh managed to make Nightmare run into a electrified glass window without seeing it.
  6. The Anti-Maniac OOC Extremists squad couldn't find their glass trophies from Ben Hun and accidentally wrecked them, much to Ben's displeasure (before he broke one too)
  7. Add more!

Papal Symbols[edit]

  • Coat of arms. Coming soon.
  • Add more...

PWNtiff Dress[edit]

That will come eventually.

P.O.P.E. Elections[edit]

When a P.O.P.E. dies, the existing Cardinals go out and find the brightest technology penguin around, scowering the ends of the continent for a genius who doesn't work in any sort of politics. When they find canidates, they'll bring them to the Centriepistula and vote on the one who seems to be the smartest and best leader. The voting body of Cardinals is called the Uber Board of P.O.P.E. Electors.

There are two ways to get the position.

1. Vote by ballot (like any normal election)

2. The OH-NOES Method. Apparently, Alexia Graham Cracker Belle had a sense of dark humor. When she died and chose Ben Edict, she mentioned this in case a position ever be established.

The OH-NOES method of choosing a P.O.P.E. is when every Cardinal screams a random penguin's name all at once. No matter who it is, unless it's a government official or a villain, the bearer of the name that got screamed instantly becomes P.O.P.E. . That was how the only female P.O.P.E came to office. According to historians, Imma Boredd walked into the voting Uber Board, asking "Where's the gift shop?". The Cardinals, having known her for years (she met with them a lot to play Parcheesi) all screamed "IMMA BOREDD, GET OUT OF- ...OH NOES!". A Cardinal ran and placed the P.O.P.E. Crown on Imma's head that very instant, the coronation happened the next week. Shockingly, she served as a great P.O.P.E. .


This is what happens when you take the P.O.P.E.'s hat.
  • The P.O.P.E.'s speeches get an average of thirty million television viewers per speech.
  • P. Benzin loves to play pranks on people, though he makes sure they are dignified before doing them.

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