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Peach Inc.
Type Public
Industry Computer hardware & software, electronics
Founded 1979
Headquarters Hashville, USA
Area served Worldwide
Key people Rex Goodwin, Co-founder
Stevenson Wotnik, Semi-founder
Roy-Wayne Iggstic, Designer & manager
Revenue USP; 134.508 billion (2012)
Operating income USP; 42.241 billion (2012)
Net income USP; 37.733 billion (2012)
Employees 34,300

Peach Inc. is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures technology products, which includes, but is not limited to, computers, laptops, and phones. The well-known products of Peach are Adventure, which is the search engine used by all Peach products, the icePhone, which is one of the most, if not, the most popular phone in Antarctica, and dozens more. The name comes for the fruit "peach", and nobody knows why, though some believe it's named after one of the founder's love of peaches, but this has never been confirmed.

The company was founded by Rex Goodwin and Stevenson Wotnik, who worked together and created ideas, and made Peach to what it's standards are today, in April 1976, but officially started in August 1980, and at the time weren't as known as they are now. They have over 250 locations, such as offices and stores all around Antarctica and are highly used due to the technological advancement, with the icePhone being an extremely popular and commonly used device by most of the Antarctic population. Other common Peach products include the icePad and PeachBook as well.


Peach was founded by two people from Colonial Antarctica and PreTerra, respectively, who shared ideas with each other to one day started a major successful company together. The two had an idea to create a company that produced computers and created software, and they thought of a name for it as well, the Peach Computer Company, since it only produced computers at the time. The founding members of the company spent the next few years brainstorming ideas on how to run their company, before the company finally went public in 1980.

The company's stocks grew extremely fast, creating hundreds of new millionaires almost overnight, becoming one of the fastest growing companies at the time. Peach continued to release new products, creating their first laptop in the 1990's and attempted to create their first tablet computer as well, but the idea failed. In 2007, the company released a new idea that would exponentially grow the company, releasing the first icePhone at a convention, which quickly became popular. The icePhone remains the most popular Peach product today, being used by millions of people across Antarctica.

Produced by Peach[edit]

Current products[edit]


These are softwares developed by Peach Inc.:


Peach produces its own software, using iceOS for its phones and macOS for its computers, and introduced two new systems recently as well, watchOS, for its new Peach Watch, and tvOS for its new TV system, with OS meaning "operating system". Since the icePhone is the most common Peach product, iceOS continues to be the most common operating system, and iceOS and macOS both use the same browser, called Adventure. Peach also operates exclusive apps that are limited to their products, including, but not limited to, iceMovie, iceCloud, and Peach Music.


Firi is the virtual assistance for the icePhone, and it is built into every single icePhone, helping with changing certain settings through voice, answering questions, making recommendations for certain things, and doing many other actions. The software was first introduced with the icePhone 4 in 2011 and became popular due to its helpfulness, being able to do actions without the user having to click any buttons. Firi is activated by holding down on the home button of your icePhone, or saying "hey firi", and can also be disabled through settings.


Several headquarters were been built in many places around Antarctica, with many in USA, where the "main" headquarters in Hashville was located, in major cities like South Pole City, and in several other places in the United States of Antarctica such as Snow Jose, where the second largest headquarters were. In UnitedTerra there are also many headquarters, in the capital New Club Penguin, Neo Domino City and several other states as well, and in Tel Ah Phon there were only four headquarters, two in Scooplefarrogh and one in New Snoop.

In the winter of 2011, the HQs were turned into regular offices, and the permanent headquarters was built in Hashville, the rival city of Dorkugal. Peach has also maintained an office and research campus in Snow José since 2015, which is one of the largest offices of Peach, with the research campus employing around 15,000 people. Some people, especially those in Snow Jose, want to turn the Peach office in Snow Jose into a headquarters due to its size and the number of people it employs in comparison to the other smaller offices, but there have been no plans to do so.


Worldwide selling and advertising[edit]

Peach has created several advertisements and commercials on television, the internet, and popular culture to promote their products, with one of them being called "Future Peach" due to the technological advancement of some of their products, such as the icePhone, icePod, and icePad. The company also receives free advertising from many TV shows and movies where Peach products are often used. Peach also runs several stores in major malls across the United States of Antarctica and other countries solely to promote their new and current products and for people to see what Peach products are like.


There are more than 400 penguins that make up the "creation group" at Peach Inc, and these penguins spend time thinking up new ideas and improvements for future Peach products. However, Peach has over 120,000 employees across Antarctica, who make products, run the stores, serve as customer service, help repair Peach products, and many other positions as well. More than 10% of Peach employees live and work in Germanium Valley, specifically Snow Jose and the surrounding towns and cities, and Snow Jose has more Peach employees living and working in it than any other city, including Hashville.

Corporate identity[edit]


Peach Inc. has had several logos since its founding, all being peach related to represent the company, and has changed in color and design over the years. The original logo from the company's founding, which depicted a peach tree, was replaced in 1977 to a peach with a bite taken out of it, which is the current logo used today but with a different color. The Peach logo underwent several changes over the years, mostly involving the changing of color, and recently changed to a black colored Peach, the current logo that is used today.



  • Technology + a Peach = LOTS O' FUN!
  • A Peach can change your life...
  • A Peach changes penguins' lifes, don't wait to get changed by it.
  • icePod + HawtPawkit = Good Times


  • Meaghan likes Peach Inc. products so much, that she is featured in some pictures for the icePhone.
  • PASCAR driver Matthew White sponsors it, and his number is 00.
  • Strangely, Peach Inc. actually sponsored PASCAR by having some pictures of it and a phone-case theme of it.

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