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Penguin's Socialist State of Peachia
Flag of
MottoPeaches and Peach
Location of
The state of Peachia, located on the bottom of Puffica Island.
(and )
Official languages English (Drawl)
Recognised regional languages Spanish
Species  Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Peachian
Government Single-party totalitarian socialist state
 -  Supreme Peachian Johnathan Peel
 -  Secretary of the Peach Party Erica Canton
Legislature State Council
 -  Upper House Penguin's Delegates House
 -  Lower House House of the Workers
Peachian Revolution
 -  Union Day June 14, 2008 
 -  Peach Worker's Revolution July 17, 2008 
 -  2009 estimate 687,600 
 -  2010 census 697,521 
Currency Dollaz ($$$)
Observes DST
Drives on the Right
Calling code 293,992

Peachia is a communist controlled territory of the United States of Antarctica. It is hardly known by anyone, and the territory practically governs itself. Although it's a territory of the USA, it often claims to be a "State".


Peachia was founded for Puffle'and in 1654 by Jimmy Oregonthornrope as intended to be a safe haven for debtors and nerds. He founded Plains, which was the temporary capital of the island during the HPC Era for his homeland, Puffle'and. During this time, the first wave of colonists were debtors, nerds, and misfits, and they became the yeoman farmers of the coastal regions. Then, a second wave of rich individuals arrived and bought large sums of land on the island, creating large plantations that produced indigo and peaches, hence rivaling the yeoman farmers. However, things got worse as the plantation owners overran and purchased yeoman farmers' lands to expand their plantations, sending many yeoman farmers westward into Native Islanders' territory. Henceforth, armed conflicts were aroused between the yeomen fighters and natives, eventually expelling the latter from the island. The plantation owners then monopolized the newly gained western lands, though the majority of the population were yeoman farmers. Centuries later, during the Colonial Antarctica War, the Peachians were stark loyalists to Puffle'and and refused to leave, though Revolutionaries from the mainland invaded and made Peachia join the USA. Many of the citizens were loyal to Puffle'and because it was the homeland of their ancestors and believed that they would be the source of their eventual wealth. Peachia, as a new state of the USA, was established as a corrupt society where the plantation aristocracy, barely 25% of the island, was its complete master. The appointed governor, Demfoes, was so bad and unpopular the citizens wanted to revolt. The USA said they could have another governor but it was too late. Demfoes got overthrown and imprisoned. The USA allowed a communist government instead (Peachia had influence from East Pengolia.)


The main language spoken in Peachia is a very unusual English dialect called English Peachian Drawl, or just called Drawl for short. Many penguins outside of Peachia consider Drawl to be a very, very, imformal and improper way to talk and has been declared to be very gramatically incorrect. Some penguins are working to change this. Spanish is also an alternative language learned because of the Castillan minority. Peachians also must take Spanish for their foreign language classes in High School and in College.


Like any other typical communist government, the economy is controlled by the state's government entirely. In Peachia, there is no such thing as Private Property or family owned buisnesses. In fact, the government even owns all of everyone's homes as well.

Basically, the main focus of Peachia's economy is agriculture, so the state's namesake suggests. Peaches are bountiful here, and take up 75% of all agricultural farms and plantations.


  • This is a parody of the U.S. state of Georgia. The communist twist comes when the country of Georgia was Soviet.