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The last known portrait ever taken of Pearface.
Title Our Founder
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction PSA
Health 234
Level 112
Status Elsewhere
Location Unknown
Friends Puffly,
Enemies Explorer, Happyface, Professor Shroomsky, Melvin Turtleheimer, TurtleShroom (penguin), and everyone listed here.
Archetype Good

Our Founder, the Blessed Pearface Mariothemovie Johnson, normally called Our Founder, Mariothemovie, Pearface, and formerly A Lazy Critic, was a prominent figure of the BOF and former president of the USA until he later impeached for not doing his job. This penguin, who gave us the world, went down in history as the one who ignored it most.

An investigation has been conducted into the matter and Pearface was cleared of all charges. He currently works as a superhero to make up for his bad deeds.


Peaface Johnson hatched a few years after the end of Colonial Antarctica.

He was reknowned for introducing the Bureau of Fiction to the MediaWiki console, a software suite that streamlined their universe and allowed for a massive expansion of the known world.

Sadly he didn't do much to help expand it, and criticized other employees' works.

He claimed the South Pole Council was uneeded, and that the USA was a bad name for his country.

He attacked the introduction of new characters and openly called for bringing pain on Professor Shroomsky, because he didn't "fit in".

He also developed the audacity to criticize the BOF's power extending to the Antarctic mainland, angrily stating that nothing outside of Club Penguin should ever be documented or worked on.

This eventually led to Happyface starting The Impeachment of Mariothemovie (his other name). After not being able to stand it anymore, Pearface resigned, with little fanfare and no sendoff.

Bitter and alone, Our Founder retreated back to the mansion awarded to him for helping so much in the universe.

For a long time he refused to come out, and refused to see any visitors.

Never answering any calls, he seemed to have become self-sufficient, growing his own food on his luxurious estate, his only company being his servants and house employees, and Puffly.

He eventually became appreciated and stepped out once again to become a superhero to make up for his neglect of the wiki. The BoF doesn't seem to have much control of him, but anyway, who cares? He's been treated that badly anyway.

Our founder's only memorial WAS a piece of paper, but an actual memorial has been erected.


Pearface lives in the USA, where he lives happily among the normal penguins. He currently works as a superhero.

Super Pearface

Super Pearface.

Super Pearface is a superhero of Pearface.

He appears to be a black Penguin with a flame on his arm, a cape, and a mask.

He has a pet Puffle named Puffly.

He is a superhero too.

Our Super Founder has never been known to actually use his abilities. It seems that he is lazy in that field previously, but since then came to embrace his powers and runs alongside other superheroes.


  • Our Founder partly works for the PSA now, but isn't very respected there, either.
  • Pearface was not happy that the Coronation of Explorer took place.
  • He quickly formed a bitter dislike of most every ruling successor after him, from Dan Beronews to Shroomsky to TSP, and, of course, Happyface.