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The Pectosphere is a corona of energy that surrounds the Earth's inner atmosphere with a particularly noteworthy presence across all of Antarctica. While it is widely believed it was perhaps created or discovered by the Three Masters, ancient scrolls contradict this which seem to imply the Pectosphere's existence was known prior to the invention of Card-Jitsu. Most research regarding the Pectosphere was conducted by MyphCo.


The Floating Islands, one of many locations where the Pectosphere is concentrated. The Pectosphere's influence over the region is strong enough that it alters the colour of the local atmosphere, giving it a rainbow-like glow.

The power of the Pectosphere encircles the globe and as a result its properties are harnessed across different cultures of Antarctica. Despite this, the concentration of the Pectosphere's energy varies from location to location. This is often credited to centuries of use in places with higher degrees of Pectospheric energy. Areas with high levels of Pectospheric energy can have that energy directed to a specific task for a determined outcome. This can lead to areas that generate certain simple tangible magical objects, such as cards in the case of Nightlife City's Mystical Cave.

Pectospheric energy in its purest form is often theorized to be Wutt Energy. This is idea is reinforced by its faint blue glow, highly reminiscent of that illuminated by Wutt Energy. In order for power to be harnessed from the Pectosphere, it must first be compressed into a more tangible less efficient energy source that can be more easily manipulated. Despite its total energy being too high to be properly measured, the Pectosphere is not omnipotent and is subject to being destabilized when its own power is efficiently used against it. Such a situation occurred early October 2018 when Crimson attempted to use the combined abilities of the Pectosphere-powered Zephyr Blade and Amulet of Absorption, creating multicolored cracks in the skies around Mount Propeller.

The Pectosphere is known to have meteorological effects, being able to influence atmospheric phenomena, including the local weather. This is most obvious when groups of Water, Fire or Snow ninjas perform their respective elemental dances in close proximity, or when the elements are out of balance. How Pectospheric energy is able to interact with the atmosphere in this way is unknown, and is another field of study that MyphCo employees examine.

The Pectosphere has a connection to a pocket dimension surging with the energies that make magic possible. Because of this trait, it is often referred to as the bridge between reality and the supernatural. Time inside the dimension is thought to be non-linear or even omnipresent, with some going as far to suggest that time does not flow at all. It was assumed that no being can enter into the Pectosphere and escape due to its intense properties. This was proven false when Aquaticus escaped from the Pectosphere, having claimed to have been trapped in the dimension by a historic Sensei.

Pure Pectospheric energy has no negative impacts on penguin health and biology whatsoever.


A level 12 Earth card, glowing thanks to the presence of Pectospheric energy.

The Pectosphere is most well-known for its ties to the ninjas and Card-Jitsu, however it is unknowingly used in other situations involving magic. The rituals other penguin cultures use for their magic is also closely connected to the Pectosphere, though is manifested through an alternative method due to a different upbringing. The more a certain method of accessing Pectospheric energy is used, the more concise and accessible the method becomes over time. In the case of Card-Jitsu, other elements have been proven to exist outside of the traditional trio, though they will never become as potent since the classics have been in consistent use dating back to Kuruk the Navigator's reign of the High Penguin Confederacy.

Pectospheric energy is imbued into tools or other specialized equipment typically in thanks to Pectospheric dust. Pectospheric dust is literal dust or soil exported from areas with a high level of Pectosperhic concentration that carries magical properties. This dust then must interact with an elemental sigil to awaken its dormant potential for its desired purpose.

A relatively small amount of Pectospheric dust can blended with metals or other miscellaneous materials, enchanting the desired tool or gear at the expense of the base material's overall quality and integrity. The object would then be engrained with the elemental sigil of choice. A similar process is done for the creation of Card-Jitsu cards, in which the dust is used to enchant the stamp that powers the cards. The stamp then works in conjunction with the elemental sigil embedded into the card itself, giving the card the ability to expel energy of its intended element. In areas with highly concentrated Pectospheric energy, it is usually unnecessary to add Pectospheric dust since the amount required would already exist in the local atmosphere. Ores native to areas of high Pectospheric activity are also frequently used to negate the additional blending process with the added benefit of full integrity. Due to how severe the consequences could be of this information leaking out, it is highly protected and guarded by a select few in the ninja hierarchy.

Pectospheric dust does not glow, however objects with high levels of Pectospheric energy can begin emit light and glow if it is built to do so. For instance, Card-Jitsu cards with a power level of 9 or above will emit a smoke-like light around them since they were designed to do so, however Pectospheric dust on the ground of a highly concentrated area will not due to a lack of intended function. Objects imbued with excess Pectospheric energy can glow uncontrollably, which can lead to exploding or an upgrade if it manages to withhold itself. Such is the case of the incredibly rare level 13 power cards, which are capable of mass destruction.


  • Certain High Penguin cultures believe that the abilities of Pectosphere will weaken without constant simulation every decade, and thus a ritual to revitalize it is held each year in their communities.
  • It is rumored that humans outside of Antarctica utilize the Pectosphere's power at a faraway neon desert city in their for-profit dojos that share more similarities to Bugzy's Casino than a penguin dojo. This is yet to be confirmed.

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