Pellinorian Field

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Pellinorian Field
Country Nothing
Capital city None (anarchy)
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Leader Ben Hun/Flywish
Location Eastern Nothing Continent
Alliances The States of Nothing
Neighbours Literally nothing!

The Pellinorian Field was a field-state in Nothing (continent) where the Great Wishing Hun Conflict was fought. Ben HBen Hun wanted an epic battlefield, and reasearchers showed that this place, right outside of Something was a good place for a battlefield. There is a museum here, and it displays all the things found. There are two main landscape items. There is the Flywishian Hill, which is a big mound of earth with broken weapons scattered all over it, and there are the mountains "Ben" and "Hun".

Eventually, the field was eradicated during the Fire of Nothing, in accordiance with the South Pole Council's integration of Nothing society into that of the USA. Artefacts from the Pellinorian Field are still intact and brought to South Pole City, where a new museum will be built.


This is where Ben Hun and Flywish battled. They fought for 4 days and nights, and the war took a very long time. It left the plain smoking and gashed. It was also where the War of Vengeance was held


Ben Hun Mountains[edit]

Ben Hun Mountains.png

These are the mountains where Ben Hun stood and fought. Ben Hun stationed several commandos to the side of the mountain, and ambushed Flywish's ambushing forces. There is a sign on the two mountains that says "Ben Hun Pwns". Ben is the smaller mountain, and Hun is the larger mountain.

Flywishian Hill[edit]

Flywishian Hill.png

This is the hill where Flywish stationed his troops. He put 25 tents up, and most of them were destroyed. However, there are ruined ones in the museum.

Museum Exhibits[edit]

  • Tent that Xinston kicked.
  • Broken wooden sticks
  • Half a snowball gun.
  • A piece of the EXPECTSEALS Ditto Nuke.
  • More broken tents.
  • An Autographed fish.
  • A mighty plunger card jitsu card. Just kidding, that's there to clean up the museum.


At the time, there was an approximate seven million citizens living in the mountains.

On January the 27th, all states in Nothing received a notice declaring "the integration of community into society, mainstreaming border control and implementing universal laws". All citizens were to move out of their homes and leave for the State of Idoreconise, renamed the State of Nothinghill. All seven million citizens moved in by February 21st.

On March the 7th, all remaining infrastructure were loaded onto trucks and sent to State of Nothinghill.

March 11 marks the end of the Pellinorian Field. Pellinorian Field inexistent by 09:54 PM, Ternville Standard Time, March the 14th.

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