Pen Chi's Almost Comeback

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Hey just saying, anyone can help.

Chapter 1: Ninja plans[edit]

Pen Chi sat in his chamber, fiddling with his flippers. Standing up, he raised a flipper and shouted "I have it! Get me Rentu! As Rentu arrived, he bowed and said "Master, you called?" Pen Chi replied "Our Ninja level has grown to three thousand! We should begin planning our rise to the surface of the planet!" "Master, our Ninjas are fully armed with their ninja skills and loads of pies." Rentu replied, relieved to hear that the master wasn't insane as some of the PenFu's had been saying. Pen Chi stood up from the chair he had been recilining in and shouted "Scramble the ninjas!". Rentu scurried out out of Pen Chi's room and then reported to another Ninja. "Scramble the ninjas" The other ninjas ran off, and Pen Chi's voice was heard on the intercom. "All NINJAS REPORT TO THE TUNNEL ENTRANCE. BRING YOUR NINJA BELTS AND MASKS, AND THE PIES. THE PENFU'S WILL RETURN TO THE SURFACE TONIGHT!" A roaring cheer was heard from the common roooms, and the ninjas flooded towards the tunnnel entrance.

To be Continued....