Pen Chi Island

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A map of Pen Chi Island.

Pen Chi Island is where the National Jail of Snowzerland is. It is a gruesome place, home to criminals, prisoners of war, and penguins that oppose Swiss Ninja.


Pen Chi island is a very warm island that isn't very suitable for penguins to live. Mountains surround much of it's coast and there are two natural harbors that are capable of docking ships. Military Bases were placed on key parts of the island for several reasons: to make sure prisoners do not escape, and to pick up incoming prisoners from the ships. The Jail is Underground, and it is dimly lighted. Several Chambers consist of the Jail.

Pen Chi Plain[edit]

The Pen Chi Plain....

The Area in the Middle of the island that does not have any mountains is called the Pen Chi Plain. The Prison Chambers is located right below it.

The Plain is desertlike and very hot, but very cold at night.

Prison Chambers[edit]

The Prison Chambers are all underground and have their entrances located within the military bases. However, there are a few air vents and emergency escapes that lead to the center of the island. The Prison hallways are made of a titanium steel alloy. Prison cells and types of prison cells can vary in their composition. The whole underground complex is very dimly lighted due to its low budget construction as well as a means for making it difficult for inmates to escape. All power produced in the prison chambers are done with solar panels and electrical windmills on the surface of the island, but the facility is equipped with backup electrical generators, a coal based electrical generator, and a manual labor based electrical generator all underground to ensure that the island can be fully functional if the island's main power supply of solar panels and electrical windmills were to be destroyed.


Ha! Not in your life! If you did, you would first have to endure the treacherous heat. Also, you have to make sure that the War Bots on patrol do not see you. Your Best bet is to go into the Mountains, but the trip is very tiring and hard. Many Prisoners have died by this route because of lack of food and/or water and of the intense heat, but it is the only way to escape. The mountans have no foliage, so sheltering is hard as well. However, if somehow you did make it, the beach does have some foliage, but mostly just brush. From the Brush, you can construct a small boat and sail away.....


Pen Chi Island is run under a Military Junta, with a military General as its head. The Junta helps to run the three military batallions that are stationed on the island as well as the subsudiary of the SSS that serve as the Jail Warden force. The Military Junta also elects three high ranked loyal soldiers to be representatives for Pen Chi Island in Snowzerland's Federal Legislature. The Jail Warden force receives their orders from both the Military Junta as well as from higher ranked SSS officials from the mainland, the latter of which has the final say. The Jail Warden force also has an appointed Commander who oversees the jail maintenance.

Known Prisoners[edit]

  • (formerly) Fisch Hochstadt - was prisoner of war from the Great Snowzerland War.
  • (formerly) Clovis Hochstadt - was arrested during the war because he talked smack about Swiss Ninja.
  • (formerly) Fred 676 - another prisoner of war from the Great Snowzerland war. He was tortured during most of his stay on the island, though extensive therapy has helped him recover, mostly.
  • (formerly) Billybob - Was arrested during the Great Snowzerland War, when Swiss Ninja conquered South Pole City. He was quickly teleported out by unknown forces.
  • (formerly) Feey1 Pie - Captured by the Snoss and Shoppers during The Great Yowien War, he spent time there before escaping when left alone in a prison cell on the mainland, where he switched himself and Kaylin with cyborgs.
  • (formerly) Kaylin - Same as above.
  • Brook Edward LasVegas - Currently serving a life sentence for fraud and kidnapping on Shops Island. The Snoss took him in as a token of appreciation to the Shoppers helping them during the Great Yowien War.

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