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Penblooe Ringalow, also known as PenblooeR or simply Penblooe, it is security leader in the National Library Club Penguin Wiki; the most important library and visited the Club Penguin. PenblooeR is known to all library visitors, and for his efforts to defend the vandals space and displaying the all new writers what should be done and what should not.


PenblooeR was born in a small town in rural Club Penguin. He became interested in being police he saw his life if his father was saved by a guard after a lightning assault. When he was 19, he bought an apartment in the Town and settled, working as ice cream vendor. He managed to earn a little bit of money and resolve to do an English course because he always wondered about the English Servers. Upon arriving on the American servers, PenblooeR met a group of penguins and soon made friends with them. When he had to return to the Portuguese server, PenblooeR kept in touch with them over the Internet. Two years later, the group of penguins made a trip to the Portuguese server to visit his friend and also to do business. The group had a project in English server named Club Penguin Wiki , and thought it a good idea to bring it to the penguins who spoke Portuguese.

They bought an empty lot just in front of PenblooeR's house and created the structure. As they could not stay long, they passed the project to PenblooeR who accepted without question. He began writing pages and pages of everything he knew about the history of Club Penguin, but since it was not enough, he opened the library to the public and allowed anyone to write and edit books. It was a success. Several penguins came to help PenblooeR in their task to bring knowledge to all penguins. PenblooeR appointed other leaders and gave them tools which are necessary to protect any threat library, and even today they are writing books.



The precious cap of PenblooeR.

PenblooeR is not the strongest of all penguin Antarctica, but gives to the expense. He can well protect the library without even possessing extreme strength. He was born with the dark blue, but their feathers became clearer and lighter as he grew. When he's on duty, he's always wearing his cap and his shirt buttons, and is the only keeper of the library that uses this uniform. The other guards have different uniforms. He considers his cap as his most precious possession, since it was a gift from his father when he was 12.


PenblooeR can sometimes be confused, and considered "crazy" by some. But he does it just for fun. Whenever there is a conflict, he can solve without losing his temper. He has good management as a guardian wiki tools, but do not know how to use the weapons of a joint care. His calm and inability to hate someone can hurt him at times, but he does not care.


  • There are rumors that PenblooeR doesn't take his cap off. Even at bedtime.
  • Nobody knows how does his hair look like. Or if he even has hair.
  • PenblooeR almost caused the destruction of National Library Club Penguin Wiki when he accidentally destroyed half the books using their tools. But thanks to the contribution of multiple users, all work was restored.
  • In his spare time, PenblooeR enjoys taking pictures. Some of them are usually in articles in the library.

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