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Type Subsidiary
Industry Games, Gaming Consoles
Founded 1995
Headquarters ,
Area served USA,

PlaySystem is a series of home video game consoles that are developed and produced by Snony Computer Fun. Today, the console series consist of one of the best selling game platforms on the current gaming console market.




The PengStation is the first video game console made by Snony and also the first in the PengStation series. At the time it was released, the console was competing against the Snowtendo 64 and iCEGA Saturn. PengStation games were released on CD-ROMs. The controllers that were originally released with the console had no analog joysticks on them, but these, along with a vibration feature, were added to later controllers. A slimmer version of the console called the PSOne was released in 2000. This was white, not grey, in colour. The gaming console also revolutionized and modernized the gaming industry.

PlaySystem 2[edit]

The PengStation 2 is Snony's second video game console, succeeding the successful PengStation One. The console differed from the PS1 in several ways. It utilized DVD drives, allowing larger and more high definition games. The PS2 also had improved hardware, allowing it to perform and play games better than other rival consoles. The PengStation Two was released in October of 2000. Some of the new games are online and a few connect with the PengStation Portable, a new gaming device, which is portable (as the name suggests) . The PS2 was very successful and games are still being made for it. The PengStation 2 is Antartica's best-selling console. It has sold around 140 million units since its launch in October 2000, and is fully compatible with older PengStation games.

PlaySystem 3[edit]

PengStation 3 is Snony's third video game console. It was released in the USA on November 11, 2006. The PS3 is a direct competitor to other consoles from other electronic giants. It is going against the Micro Hard and Soft's PBOX 360 and Snowtendo's Vii. The console featured vastly improved hardware and software compared to the previous two consoles in the PengStation lineup. At the console's launch, it sold in two models. One has a 40 gigabyte hard drive. This model cannot play PengStation 2 games. The other has an 80 gigabyte hard drive, but can play PS2 games. As time went on, Sony Entertainment released newer, 40 gigabyte, 60 gigabyte and 80 gigabyte versions. It also released a brand new model in 2010. This new model had either a 120, 250, 300 or 500 gigabyte hard drive, a massive step up from before. It was also smaller, slimmer and lighter than the older models, as it featured newer hardware. The company also discontinued the 20 gigabyte version, after the 60 gigabyte version "sold ten times as more". Currently the PS3 sells in 40, 60, 80, 120, 250, 300 and 500 gigabyte models.

The PS3 uses the brand new Blu-Ray disc, which can store more information on it. However, it can also use CDs and DVDs. The console can connect to the internet, allowing global multiplayer play on some games. This feature has caused it to sell slightly more than the PBOX 360, as that requires a paid subscription to access multiplayer capabilities.

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