Peng Guin

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Peng Guin
He's the guy.
Background information
Born September 14, 1998 (1998-09-14) (age 21)
Club Penguin, USA
Origin United States of Antarctica
Occupations Actor, songwriter, singer
Years active 2011–present
Labels Penguin Network, Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts David Tennyson, Fluffy the Puffle, Gloria Walker, Cadence, Cadenzo, DJ Crow, Angie Hills

Peng Guin Williams, or Peng Guin, otherwise known as Peng, is an Antarctican actor, who is known for his main role as himself in Penguin Network's Club Penguin: The TV Series. A little bit before that, he was a singer who won Antarctican Idol in late 2011 and signed a recording contract to become a star. He wasn't much of a well known singer, however, only producing one album, and then quitting musical fame soon after. He is Cadence's youngest brother after Metronome.


Peng was hatched on September 14, 1998. When he was very young, he was caught up in the middle of his sister's fights. To get away from it all, he would tag along with Metronome to the field to pick flowers. This calmed him a bit. A few years later, Cadence has grown to him a bit, and he claimed that she was hius favorite sibling. This made Tapestrea, and caused the sister's sibling rivalry to grow bigger. Tapestrea forced Peng to go on Antarctican Idol to spite him, but won. Peng went to producing only one album, Penguin Boogie, when he was eleven. Cadence said to him the Tapestrea was wrong, and he could do anything he wanted.

Peng was very mad with Tapestrea, which he then claimed that she was her least favorite sibling. Cadence tried to be very nice to Peng, and took him to the movies and to the beach every day. This made Peng very happy. At his talent show at school one day, however, he met Gloria Walker, the love of his life. He went up to her and asked her out. Gloria said yes, and they became a couple. Peng began to hang with Gloria more then his sister. Peng told Cadence not to take it personally, so she didn't. Around that same time, Peng adopted Fluffy the Puffle, and became amazed with his ability to talk.

His real stardom began when his favorite TV channel, Penguin Network was holding auditions for a new series, Club Penguin: The TV Series. He told Gloria and his puffle Fluffy that they should try it out, and they won! Cadence helped out with this by writing the opening theme for the show, and becoming a producer. When not on set, he and Cadence hang out most of the time, as well as with his co-stars. The show helped him gain stardom, and Peng Guin became an icon all across Antarctica.


  • He was forced to go on Antarctican Idol by Tapestrea, though he may have not been introduced to stardom if it weren't for his sister, even though he hates her. Cadence can also be blamed for helping Peng reach stardom, as she was a judge at the time Peng was on the show, and she let her own brother win over the other contestants.
  • He loves his older sister Cadence very much, and has even said that if she wasn't his sister, he would date her. Ironically, Cadence makes a guest appearance in the episode Dance Master of Club Penguin: The TV Series, where Peng is seen flirting with her. Cadence said that it was the most awkward and hilarious thing she had ever done.
  • He became Fat for a short time due to McDoodle's fast food, but excercised and recovered quickly.
  • He and Gloria Walker are currently dating.
  • He was infected by the X-Virus due to abduction from the Voltix, vicious bat penguins who have the X-Virus in their blood. Peng's X-Antibody is Xeng Guin. He was cured soon after.
  • Despite hanging out with Cadence, he thinks Angie Hills is really cool and pretty.
  • He usually acts like Angie's boyfriend during her music videos and performances.
  • After the music video of Feline was released, many fans thought Peng Guin was in a relationship with Angie but it was proven false because they are just friends and they both already have a partner.