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"Must. Vaporize." -PengijoXer's robot
Title X-Antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Antibodies
Faction ???
Health Slightly invincible.
Level Robotic Mass of Terror
Status Turning some places into acid.
Location Random Places
Occupation ???
Interests ???
Friends ???
Enemies Pengijoker
Archetype ???

Speaker.png Click here to listen to PengijoXer's theme!

PengijoXer is the X-Antibody of Pengijoker. He is a titanic robot that looks like Pengijoker himself except that he is gargantuan, waterproof, fireproof, nearly invincible and is completely a mixture of Pengijoker's most recent transformations.


Pengijoker was just on a walk until what he caught attention was a weird blob that looks alot like one of his transformations, a bomb except that it is a murky bluish-purple and looks unstable. Pengijoker absorbed the bomb so nobody can activate it. After a while, a mob of Jerks came to do another attempt of beating him up for no reason.

"Hey Pengijoker!", one of the Jerks called another one in an attempt to throw him into the garbage truck.

Suddenly, Pengijoker started feeling strange and lost his control of his abilities, thus inverting his color and having a red X appear on his forehead. Infuriated, he punched the ground and made a huge wave of energy that teleported all the Jerks into the garbage truck and teleported the garbage truck to the dump. Two more mobs of Jerks came to beat him up as revenge but Pengijoker became back to who he was. He transformed into his Ultimate Form to destroy the extra Jerks but doing so inverted him once more and as he shot the energy ball, the energy ball came out as a massive ball of bluish goop.

The huge ball transformed into a robotic copy with the X-antibody inside the head, controlling it. The two robots fought until Pengijoker was down back to his normal form but KO'd "Well who lost the game this time?"

"G-get the h-hell a-away from m-me y-you f-f-f-faker!"

As Pengijoker said that a familiar X appeared on the forehead on the robot and the antibody.

"Familiar right? But since this world sucks in my life. I am gonna vaporize the world and replace it with an X-antibodies paradise. I might side with Nightmare but until I am finished with my huge reconstruction of the world."

"No! You can't do it! I'll stop you. An X-antibodies world still sucks without me." But even before Pengijoker said that. His antibody and robot were gone.



"Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag."

"Must. Vaporize. *thing*."


"Man this place sucks."

"Hey Pengijoker! Stay the hell away from me!*throws a hugew boulder filled with random stuff*"

"I know someones following me, I just know it."

"Trapped now Pengijoker?"


He is in places unknown. Ask other penguins to know where he is currently attacking.

During the Nightmare Epic, PengijoXer was taken by KwikXilver and controlled by Nightmare, but wasn't released from control due to him being a robot, and he was destroyed by the Gigant Explosion.


  • He has 100% complete opposite of Pengijoker
  • The robot is actually Pengijoker's Ultimate Form. But the X one is same but controllable and ridable and only PengijoXer can ride in it. PengijoXer can still transform but with a little mistake in every form.
  • He can teleport and can fly.
  • PengijoXer (not the robot) can split himself into 3 with only a fraction of his personality. But the real one waddles faster than the other two.
  • If someone other than PengijoXer manages to enter the robot without him noticing it. There is a weapon room filled with the strongest weapons ever.

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