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Pengolia is one of the oldest existing regions on the Antarctic mainland and was already fully established by 1805 BC.

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The Khan Split[edit]

However, instablility recenty arose in Pengolia.

A Khanz Penguin, Bolsheevic Penguinsky, along with Bambadoo of the shoe incident and several others, saw this as a chance to free themselves from Penghis and his annoying third person speech. They donned magenta coats and set off to split the state in two. Secession was their goal, PWNage their purpose.

After a detailed war, Penguinsky and Bambadoo revolted and formed East Pengolia. Penghis Khan was outraged! So had the bitter rivalry of East and West begun! Penghis Khan immediantly ordered the worlds largest curtain rod to be constructed, and he had blood-red colored, weatherproof drapes hand over it. So had the Freezing Hatred begun.