Pengu Town

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Not to be confused with Penguville

Pengu Town
Pengu city.PNG
A view of Pengu Town International Airport.
Country USA
Population 3,000,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Founded 2000

Pengu Town is the state capital of Trans-Antarctica, the most known and the second largest city there too. It is situated next to the sea. Currently, the penguins are trying to rename it as Pengu City to represent a better, Trans-Antarctica culture.


In 2008, 24Keyser founded Pengu Town, representive for Trans-Antarctica in the South Pole Council. He was elected mayor due to that very reason. When he retired, Bob McGoo took over.


  • Pengu Broadwalk-Obviously a boardwalk. Located near the harbor.
  • Skyline Terminal-Um, do I need to talk about this?
  • Pengu Town Dock-The port. Pengu Town's main trade partner is Dorkugal, from which they import computers.
  • The Pengu Lighthouse-A lighthouse, duh!
  • Pengu Town International Airport-The airport.
  • Trans-Antarctica Correctional Facility-A large jail.
  • TJ&K Correctional Facility-The local jail.
  • Ping-Peng Skyscraper-A large skyscraper. It's 1,630 feet tall, and on the roof there's an observation deck.
  • Pizza 7
  • Taco Ball
  • Gugu's Coffee-A popular coffee shop.
  • Vick-Starnherd Station-A station in the Antarctic Express, connects to the main station.
  • Pengu Central Station-Serves the main line Antarctic railways
  • Dashindi Mall-Many great stores
  • Pengu Krak-Bonzul Apartments-An apartment building downtown.
  • Keyser Fishing Shop-Located South east of the port, this is a bait shop. You can also buy fishing poles.
  • Seafood and Fruits Market-The grocery store.
  • Darktonian Pie War Memorial-Located in Store Square Park, it's got a statue of a Good Guy fighter and below him is a plaque saying, this commemorates those who gave up their cleanliness for our protection.
  • McGoo Cinema (formerly Keyser Cinema)
  • The Pengu Mine-A mine.
  • Pengu Town Bus Terminal
  • Pengu Town (William Fate Memorial) Musuem-Showcases the area's science and history, you can see prehistoric fossils, Artifacts from the original settlers led by 24Keyser, and more.
  • Pengu Music Hall - It's a large music hall, where obviously the setting in Pardon? is.


Most of Pengu Town's transportation relies on buses. Other than that, the Antarctic Express and Pengu Town International Airport serves as major industries that shape Pengu Town's transportation.


Pengu Town has a total of three highways: Keyser Highway, McGoo Highway and Pengu Highway. Keyser Highway is the largest, a stretch of an approximate 30 miles/19 km. The Trans-Antarctic Expressway passes through Pengu Town, with three exits: Business District, North Suburbs and South Suburbs. Pengu Town has no tolls, thus, it is a popular spot with penguins who travel by car.

Public Transit[edit]

There are no trains to transport penguins around Pengu Town, only buses. The Pengu Town Bus Service, or PTBS, has a wide network stretching from the office district to the heartlands. The Pengu Town Bus Service has many routes: a total of 67 as of May 2010. Charges for bus trips depends entirely on the amount of fuel used, ranging from 50 coins to a whooping 1000 coins. There is a bus terminal located in the heart of Pengu Town, which is usually the symbol of public transportation in Pengu Town.

Taxis are also common in Pengu Town. A variety of companies operate taxis. This includes the CabPengu, PPTS and Yellow Cab Service (YCS). Taxis usually charge MUCH higher than buses, the lowest charge being only 150 coins. A fee of 100 coins is charged upon booking a taxi ride, and will increase by 10 coins with each 1.8km/1 mile passed. A penguin could find a taxi in public places and when a taxi passes by on a road.

Air and Rail[edit]

The Antarctic Express passes through Pengu Town and stops at Vicks Station, situated at the eastern far-end of the town. Trainlady also passes through this train terminal, headed towards the northeast. Vicks Station is three-storeys high and is situated at Vicks Road. Mainline services, meanwhile stop at Pengu Town station.

On the other hand, Pengu Town International Airport is the hub for air transportation in and out of Pengu Town.


  • The DMMP has offices here.

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