Penguifornia Sea Monster

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Penguifornia Sea Monster
Florida Sea Monster.png
Conservation Status
Not evaluated
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryote
Kingdom: Cryptid Kingdom
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Even-toed ungulate
Family: †Basilosauridae
Genus: †Basilosaurus
Species: Prehistoric Whale
Subspecies: Basilosaurus, Zeuglodon

Zeuglodon, Basilosaurus

The Penguifornia Sea Monster allegedly swims in the waters of Penguifornia. it is reportedly fourtynine to fiftynine feet long. Some experts think they might be round-bodied, prehistoric whales Zeuglodon and Basilosaurus. These two giant prehistoric whales lived everywhere in different oceans. But how did everywhere ocean-dwelling whales wind up in a single specific location? Some theorize that they followed tasty mullet up straight and adapted to the single waters of Penguifornia-as deep as 36,070 meters in areas around the area of Penguifornia.


Waters of Penguifornia.


15–18 m (49–59 ft).




Coastal Waters.


Isle of Penguifornia


Fluffy, Mullet,

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Long, round-bodied, slender snout, large tailfin, Long teeth, Scaly, yet smooth blue scales, and a scary grin.