The Happyface State Academy of All Things Cool

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The Happyface State Academy of All Things Cool
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Key details
Established 2004
Type K-12 school
Charter school
Boarding school
Notable figures
Other figures Happyface141 (Patron) (Co-Founder)
Misc. details / Figures
Specialism None
Location Happyface Mountains
LEA None
Staff 150
Students Approximately 2,000
Gender Mixed
Ages K-12
Houses None
Colours None

The Happyface State Academy of All Things Cool, also called The Happyface State Academy is a Charter boarding school built under the order of Happyface. It aims to offer learning and qualifications of creatures of different schools. Anyone who lives in the catchment area of the school may legally attend. Those outside must attend the boarding facilities. Boarder applications are selective and creatures will have to pass English and Mathematics tests or pass a subject scholarship.

The HF State Academy is part of National Schools of Antarctica, consisting of other schools such as Club Penguin Academy, Antarctic Academy and Antarctica University Preparatory School, which are the 'top schools of Antarctica', consisting of state-funded, charter or independent alike. Penguin Academy is ranked third with Antarctic Academy first and Antarctica University Preparatory School second.

The school is controversial. Some consider the subjects to 'not useful for the big world'. Penguin Academy and supporters claim 'it lets students find their true talent'. Results of students going there have been positive; over 95% of students move onto an institution of further education, mainly Penguin State University, with 80% of that 95% going there. The two institutions of educations have a close link with priorities for Penguin Academy students. Many scholarships go to Penguin Academy students.


The HF State Academy has its origin in 2004, when Happyface141, then-governor of The Happyface State, signed a bill advocating for state-sponsored education. The funding would come partially from HF's own personal wealth, as well as generous donations from wealthy citizens around Antarctica, such as Mathster and Fred 676. The overhead fees and year-to-year maintenance of the academy is funded by the HF State itself. The initial name of the HF State Academy was the Penguin Academy.

For the first year of operations, HF acted as incumbent president while the administration worked on finding a long-term president. In 2005, Davies Lotan was elected president of the academy by the board. Lotan's time as president has been characterized by his support of liberal arts and criticized for his apparent neglect of maths and sciences. Shortly after been appointed president, Lotan employed 75 more staff members, bring the total number of staff to 150.

Facilities at the time of opening only supported the attendance of 500 out-of-state students and 500 in-state students. In 2007, the HF State Academy doubled its capacity and opened four new buildings that held new classrooms and dorm rooms. These buildings were secured through a donation by Preston Greaves, whose son attends the academy.

In 2016, the board of the academy voted to change the name of the school from the Penguin Academy to The Happyface State Academy of All Things Cool, to better reflect the location and philosophy of the academy. The same year, Lotan announced that the academy would expand into a community college that students of the academy could attend after graduating secondary school. The new campus is expected to be completed by 2018. Lotan also revealed that after the first year of running the community college, he would be leaving the HF State Academy to become the Superintendent of Public Education for the Happyface State.


The K-8 curriculum focuses on teaching basic skills to young students, such as basic mathematics and grammar. However, the academy stands out for its youth program due to its emphasis on literature. Students are required to read four books a month, selected from a pre-determined list that changes with each grade. Students are then required to analyze the text to determine the larger message of the book, as well as relating that message to their life.

The secondary school curriculum requires coursework in literature, history, mathematics, sciences and fine arts. Students are requires to take six courses a semester over the course of four years. Classes unique to The HF State Academy include "Salsa Dancing", "Advanced Baking", and "Parkour".

The academy has been praised for their wide variety of courses, which pushes students towards different career paths. This effect has been deemed the "All Things Cool Effect" by sociologists, which has resulted in university programs being less impacted.


The HF State Academy participates in the Antarctic Academic League, which consists of all secondary schools in the USA. Each state has their own conference for the competition. The academy's conference is the North Strip Conference, where it competes with other secondary schools in the state. The HF State Academy fields teams in soccer, baseball, basketball, skiing and sledding. Since its inception, the academy has won 14 national league titles across various sports.

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