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Penguin Shops Air
Penguin Shops Air's Logo
We Love Shops Island
Native name Penguin Air
Callsign PSA
Founded October 23, 2011
Commenced operations October 23, 2011
Hubs Penguin City Airport
Secondary hubs None
Focus cities Shops City
Frequent flyer program Penguin Miles
Airline lounge PenLounge
Subsidiaries Shop Jet (10%), Frosian Airwaves (25%)
Fleet 139
Destinations 34
Company slogan We Love Shops Island
Parent company Penguin Air, Inc.
Headquarters 100 Wright Lane, Penguin City, Eastern Shops

If you are looking for Penguin World Air, click the link. Sorry about any confusion.

Penguin Shops Air, also known as Penguin Air or PSA, is an airline based in Penguin City, Shops Island. The airline is currently the largest in Shops Island based on fleet size and passengers carried. PSA operates flights to destinations in Shops Island and the Asiapelago, and it is widely regarded as the region's most prominent air carrier.


Penguin Air's old logo

Founding (2011)[edit]

On October 21, 2011, Penguin Air was founded by Freeman Martel of Penguin City. The founding was controversial, due to the fact that Shops Island already has an airline, Shop Jet. Initially, Penguin Air operated Airhail A320-200 aircraft. These were old aircraft that were leased from SkyJet Airways. The airline was proven to be quite successful. The airline's initial routes were from Penguin City to Shops City and Penguin City to Vonkouver. Shops Island's government finally decided that the airline would cause no harm. They gave Penguin Air 1 billion WB$ for further expansion.

Rapid Expansion (2012-present)[edit]

Thanks to the government loan, Penguin Air expanded rapidly. The airline started service to many cities and towns around Shops, including Dancing Penguin City and Chill Island. The airline decided that it was time to renew their fleet. Penguin Air purchased many aircraft, including the 737-700, newer 737-800, and some old 757-200 aircraft that were in storage. They also bought some regional jets from Pontrier of Calada. In 2013, Penguin Air gave their A320 aircraft back to SkyJet Airways.

On August 2013, Freeman Martel announced the founding of Penguin World Air and Penguin Air, Inc.. Penguin World Air was the new international division, while Penguin Air, Inc. was the official corporation running the airlines. Along with the announcement came the unofficial renaming of Penguin Air to Penguin Shops Air.

The Middle Era (Early 2014)[edit]

In February 2014, the CEO of Penguin Air, Inc. announced that the operating certificate for Penguin Air and Penguin World Air has been split. This means that both airlines can no longer trade planes. Along with the announcement came the official renaming of Penguin Air to Penguin Shops Air. Penguin World Air was no longer listed as a subsidiary.

On March 7, 2014, Penguin Shops Air Flight 45 made an emergency landing at Pallinn after a window broke in-flight, presumably by terrorists. This accident lead to the death of the penguin. because of the incident, passenger levels for all Shops Island-based airlines dropped, with many being concerned about the safety of their skies. However, after it was determined that it wasn't the airlines' fault, load numbers were returned back to normal.

On November 15, 2014, Freeman Martel announced a new look for the airline, after just over a year with the "globe" logo. He dubbed this the "brushstroke" design, which signifies that Penguin Air airlines are swift and efficient. Although the livery remains mostly the same, a new logo is applied to the tail and the "Marker Felt" typeface is now being used. PSA's logo represents a bird flying to a destination.


A PSA 737-700 in new livery
Aircraft In Service Order/Option Passengers Notes
Snowing 737-700 50 0 137
Snowing 737-800 10 0 162
Snowing 757-200 19 0 210 1 aircraft written off
Pontrier PRJ700 5 0 66 only used on Shops City-Penguin City shuttles
Pontrier PRJ900 20 0 75
Total 104 20

Former Fleet[edit]

  • Airhail A320-200 - 10
    Retired 2013
  • Snowing 747-400 - 5
    Transferred to PWA 2013
  • Snowing 767-300ER - 10
    Transferred to PWA 2013


Penguin Air's livery is simple. Most aircraft have a white fuselage with a green tail, along with green engines. "Penguin Shops Air" is painted above the windows. A white PSA logo in on the tail. This livery has been in use since 2013, and the new logo was used since 2014. On aircraft with the new logo, the bottom half of the PSA "bird" is colored a darker shade of green.

On aircraft operated by shopJet, the livery was different. The Shops Island Coat of Arms is painted on the front of the plane. "Penguin Shops Air" covers up the windows. There's green in the back of the aircraft, along with "Never Never Never Give Up!" below the PSA logo. These aircraft are now in the standard shopJet livery.

Special Livery[edit]

The short lived Spirit of Lavender jet.
  • On January 1st, 2014, Penguin Air and Shop Jet unveiled two aircraft wearing Spirit of Lavender liveries. The Penguin Air and Shop Jet aircraft painted were a Snowing 757 and McDannel-Douzas MD-90 aircraft, respectively. Penguin Air's plane is similar to the standard jets. However, the plane has a lavender coat instead of white. Lavender's head was placed at the back of the fuselage.

This livery was short lived, however. After an incident involving Penguin Air's jet, Shop Jet repainted their jet back to their standard livery.


The domestic division of Penguin Air, Inc. provides several flights within Shops Island, as well as some destinations in the Asiapelago. The majority of their flights depart from the Penguin City Airport, PSA's only hub. 55 of their flights per day depart from Penguin City. PSA also has a focus city in Shops City, and 25 of their flights per day depart from the Chill57181 International Airport.



Shops Island[edit]

  • ShepherdVille
  • Pallinn
  • Stocktown
  • Lartu
Moon Island[edit]


  • Kuala LOLPOUR
  • Tringapore


South Joseon[edit]

  • Soul
  • Blusan
  • Hyeongpang


  • Jakaarta


  • Maybila


  • Jokio

Seal Islands[edit]

Codeshare Agreements[edit]

Penguin Shops Air is not a part of any major airline alliance. However, the domestic branch of Penguin Air codeshares with several airlines.

On-board Amenities[edit]

In-Flight Entertainment[edit]

PSA's main entertainment system is called Penguin 10K, and all aircraft incorporate this system with the exception of the Pontrier Regional Jets and select Snowing 737 aircraft. Each seat has its own personal television. Passengers can have access to movies, TV shows, audio, games, and even live TV if the flight is within Shops Island. There's even a moving map that can be accessed within the system. On Snowing 737 aircraft without Penguin 10K, passengers have access to Penguin's Pick. This is an audio entertainment system that incorporates some audio channels, as well as a live cockpit feed on some flights. Pontrier Regional Jets have no entertainment whatsoever.


On some aircraft, namely the Snowing 757, Airwave in-flight Wi-Fi is provided. Passengers can connect to the internet at anytime during the flight, as long as the "electronic devices" sign is on. Wi-Fi speeds are generally modest, with speeds ranging from 3G to 4G LTE speeds. Airwave in-flight Wi-Fi is only enabled on international flights, and most flights within Shops Island don't provide Wi-Fi.

Travel Classes[edit]


BusinessPLUS is available on some 757. The BusinessPLUS seats on the 757s were recently upgraded to lie-flat seats, with some storage areas and ample legroom. Each seat contains two USB ports, along with an AC adapter. Every passenger gets a complete menu of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, cooked by experts at Penguin City. They also get a complimentary amenity kit, which contains items that a passenger might need for the flight. All passengers can have a pre-departure beverage, free snacks and beverages in a glass, free alcoholic beverages, and free access to Penguin 10K entertainment, with access to every single movie, TV episodes, games, and audio channels. At Penguin City and Shops City, passengers can enjoy special check-in areas and free access to the PenLounge.

First Class[edit]

First Class is available on all other aircraft. These seats are 19 inches wide, with 38.5 inches of pitch. Passengers enjoy snacks, beverages, and free meal services. For comfort, passengers get a free pillow and blanket set. Along with this, access to Penguin 10K is free, and first class passengers get the same options as BusinessPLUS passengers. First class passengers can access the PenLounge; however, a discounted fee must be paid. On overseas flights served by a domestic-configured class, First Class is called Business Class.

Economy Elite[edit]

Economy Elite is available on all aircraft. Seats have 38 inches of pitch. There's also a retractable leg rest for comfort, and even a movable headrest. On aircraft with BusinessPLUS, there's 50% more recline than normal economy seats. To add to the comfort, a free pillow and blanket set is provided on longer flights. Passengers enjoy early boarding, dedicated overhead bins, and free usage of Penguin 10K, though passengers have less options than first class passengers. There is a buy-on-board program for domestic travelers, but snacks, drinks, and alcoholic beverages are free. On international, meals are free of charge.


Economy Class is available on all aircraft, of course. Seats are 17.5 inches wide and have 31.5 inches of pitch, along with a movable headrest on some newer aircraft. Passengers enjoy a buy-on-board program, along with free drinks. A pillow and blanket set is only provided on international flights, but passengers can purchase a set on some domestic flights. A fee must be paid in order to use Penguin 10K, and economy passengers have the least amount of options. On International flights, there is free meal service, along with free access to Penguin 10K.


Penguin Air operated a PenLounge at all hubs and focus cities. Entrance to the lounge requires either money or miles. BusinessPLUS passengers can enter for free, while First Class passengers can get an entrance discount.

PenLounges generally have a buffet table, a snack bar, and drink machines. There's also a bar that serves alcoholic beverages. All of the lounges have plenty of seating, charging stations, and free internet access, along with local and national newspapers. On some lounges, there are showers and beds, for those who need a little bit more comfort.

Incidents and Accidents[edit]

  • On June 6, 2013, Penguin Air flight 546, a Snowing 737, overran runway 07 at Penguin City Airport. The aircraft has sustained significant damage. 3 people were injured in this incident. Heavy rains hay have taken the blame for the incident.
  • On March 7th, 2014, PSA flight 45, the Spirit of Lavender, was approaching Penguin City from Peeking when the aft section of the fuselage was struck by multiple bullets. One penguin was killed in this incident. The plane made a safe emergency landing at Pallinn, but the aircraft was badly damaged. The SIA had to complete a major investigation into the accident.

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