Penguin Fortress 2

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Penguin Fortress 2
Developer Time Agency
Publisher Micro Hard and Soft
Release dates
Additional info
Genre FPS
Platform Doors, Penguin OS

Penguin Fortress 2 is a team-based first-person shooter multiplayer game for the PC made and programmed by the Time Agency who are surprisingly good at programming. he story of the game was originally the Time Agency's real plan to overthrow the world but was turned into a game instead when they realized that they were not THAT cruel.

The game tells about the world in a bad, fictional future, almost devoid of life until a huge group of penguins is found (the players). The game gets frequent updates but also has lots of complaints. Despite only getting a fairly good reception, many copies were sold. It received critical acclaim for its art style, gameplay, and use of humor in a mostly multiplayer game.

In PF2, players join a team and fight against the opposing one after choosing one of nine classes each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Penguin Fortress 2 is now free because 1 million copies have been sold.


There are two modes in the game. Multiplayer and campaign. The player is not accompanied by other players, but instead by the leaders of each class. By the time the player gets to campaign mode, they have already met at least one leader because playing at least one round of multiplayer is required to start the campaign. More information in the gameplay section.

The story goes like this: Everybody's living a normal life like usual when the Time Agency finally puts their "perfect" plan into motion: Trap and kill any important penguins. After most of them were dead they decided, "Why should we stop there?" and decided to drive puffles and penguins into extinction. Millions died, but a tiny amount escaped and survived, and an even tinier amount decided to stay in the CPFW universe.

After years of staying out of the Time Agency's radar, the T.A. eventually proclaimed the survivors all dead. They had a huge party afterward to celebrate their takeover and never looked back. The survivors finally decided to leave their underground base, not knowing that the overworld had been invaded by robots. But since they had years of training they were ready and eventually found something they least expected.

What seemed to be an entire league of penguins.

After a lot of digging, they connected their bases and decided to team up and get rid of the robot plague.

They also have wars against each other just for fun. (Multiplayer Mode)

Special Holiday Parties[edit]

Even penguins in a post-apocalyptic world need to have fun too!

mr skeltals Festival of Spook[edit]

Every map is set up to be more spooky, and players can receive the great pumpkin head (goes away after the party ends) if they complete a mini-quest for mr skeltal. Once a day, players can speak to mr skeltal in the bunker, and if they say "Thank mr skeltal" They get awarded calcium, a chemical that boosts melee attacks. (October 20- Oct 31)

Eggnog Day[edit]

3 of the maps are set up to look more festive, decorated with Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. In the center of each map contains a giant Jack-in-the-Box which will open every 5 game rounds. When the box opens, a boss named "The Ghost of the Christmas Presents" emerges. It can only be defeated by the Heavy, Soldier, Engineer, and Sniper classes at first. If the player's team collectively does more damage to the boss, the whole team will be awarded a star hat which enables all classes to damage and kill the ghost. Also, the hat goes away when the event ends. (December 15-29)

Another year[edit]

Every gamemodes is changed to "Fireworks Frenzy" where teams must find fireworks all over the map and set the, off before the other teams do. At exactly 12:00 A.M on New Years Day, players can see all the cumulative fireworks they've set off all go bang at once, creating a huge glorious display. Every player that set off at least one firework gets a rocket hat that they get to keep forever. (December 31- Jan 2) (Never changes)

Misc Updates[edit]

Psycho Pyro Update[edit]

The Pyro class received range buffs due to many complaints, and a special distribution of an item called the "Ninja Goggles" was held, exclusive to Pyros. These goggles "showed the player the world from Fire Ninja's eyes" which turns all effects and items ,but not the background, into cutesy stuff. Despite the game being rated mature, many players liked these goggles. Players who missed the distribution can receive the goggles by Wrecking (Killing somebody else four times without them getting revenge) a player that's wearing the goggles.


In multiplayer mode, players fight against each other after choosing 1 from nine classes. When choosing a new class, a leader for story mode will teach you how to play as it. The game is mostly comprised from shooting, strategy, and teamwork (mostly teamwork). Friends can be made and with each battle you get some money (more if you win). This money can be used to buy explosives unless you're playing as a Spy, a Demoman, or an Engineer.


The classes will now be described below:


The Scout is an important job. The Scout is the fastest out of all the classes and who better to lead it than the cutest lightweight alive, Snow? The Scout's job is to tell the rest of his/her team what's waiting for them in the other base. The Scout may be the fastest, but it's also the weakest, but really, who needs powerful weapons when you can run past everybody?


The Solider always comes equipped with a Rocket Launcher and at least two grenades. The Solider is pretty sluggish due to his artillery. The Solider is mostly immune to head shots because of the helmet. The leader of the Soldiers is Fooly who has become more serious since Fuzzle died (again, for the entirety of this game), but still breaks the fourth wall and cracks one or two jokes during battle. The Soldiers' biggest enemy is the slow reload time.


The Pyro is easily spotted because all pyros are forced to wear gas masks to protect their eyes from the flames, except for the leader, the last fire ninja alive (simply known as Fire Ninja) who is feared among his comrades and known as an unstable, violent, abomination of a man... if he even is a man. Pyros can actually use the arena(s) to their advantage by setting flammable things on fire. Pyros are usually best at close combat, but experienced players have found a way to make a "ring of fire" to trap opponents.


The Demoman is an expert at explosives as demonstrated by the facts that it starts off with 10 bombs of choice, more than any other character, and a grenade launcher as its primary weapon. The official Demoman drink is Cream Soda. The leader of this group is the master of explosives himself, Explorer 767 who has lost an eye in battle which has earned him the nickname "cyclops". Statistics show that when facing off against the enemy team as the last man alive, the demoman class has the most wins.


The Heavy is the class for players who want to see their enemies fall to their knees. A Heavy is the most powerful class in the game and it earns its title with each player receiving a Minigun upon choosing the class. All this comes at a price though, because The Heavy is the slowest class in the game and starts out with absolutely no explosives AND has to reload constantly. The leader is Mr Cow2 who still refuses to wear a shirt.


The Engineer is a whole different class because the Engineer does not rely heavily on weapons, but instead builds different types of turrets. The Engineer is also the only class that can craft his own explosives. Usually, the turrets fire on their own, but The Engineer's secondary weapon, The Wrangler, can actually control the selected turret. The leader of the Engineer squad is also the most famous one, Amigopen.


The Medic, despite not doing much damage, is actually one of the most important classes of the game. Very few things in the game can heal players, so having a whole class dedicated to healing is very useful. Theare are two medic leaders. The leader is Hat Pop who has taken up the medical field. After healing enough people, the Medic gains a unique ability: Subercharging his teammates, essentially making them bulletproof.


The Sniper is one of the more popular classes in the game mostly due to being able to instantly kill anybody usually without being seen. However, a Sniper is an easy target for a scout with a good eye and when in close combat, death is almost certain. A major game mechanic contributing to the Sniper's popularity are the sniper towers and every minute that snipers (no other classes) spend in there, a jar of his/her own urine appears likely stating that he/she had to urinate but didn't want to leave his/her post. These jars can then be thrown around and actually gave birth to many memes. Oh, and by the way, the leader is Swiss Ninja.


The Spy is arguably the most unique class in the game. The Spy can sneak across enemy bases, first invisible, and then disguised as anybody he kills. When a Spy kills somebody from the opposing team he "turns into them" also receiving their weapons and the only signs the other teammates get is suspicious acting and the Spy's melee weapon that never changes: the Butterfly Knife. The player gets extra points for killing an enemy by literally stabbing it in the back with the knife. Dot the Disguise Gal leads the spies.

Game modes[edit]


In Multiplayer, a player chooses from 1 of 9 classes in a team of 12 players (meaning that one of each class is possible). The three original gamemodes were: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Total Destruction with one more coming soon.

In Deathmatch, teams have to work together to collectively kill more players from the other team. In Capture the Flag, the usual two teams is split up into four teams of 6, but 12 are still on the same side. Half of a team is sent to go forward and abduct the briefcase from the other team's base, and the other half defends. In Total Destruction, the teams have to destroy more of the map than their enemies.

On December 9th, 2015, a new mode was added titled Penn vs Machine, otherwise known as Co-op. In this mode, the two teams must work together to fight off a horde of robots designed by Penn Co; a division of the Time Agency. If the mode is completed, the team that destroyed more robots won. However, if the robots are successful on nuking the players' base, neither team will win, regardless of how many robots were killed.

Story Mode[edit]

In story mode, there are quests in which you prefect your skill in each class, essentially to help you out in Multiplayer mode. However, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Sniper, and Spy must all be unlocked after their respective quests in story mode before they can be used in Multiplayer. After the earlier mentioned classes' quests, there will be a boss battle which is actually the leader of the class under the influence of E.V.I.L gas, excluding Dot.

After all the quests are completed, the final quest will unlock: The "Ultimate Glory" quest. The Ultimate Glory quest has missions for each class and the final stage requires you to switch between classes. At the end of the final stage, awaits Weresnus (Where-ES-nuss), the Time Agency's ultimate assassin warlock, the penguin responsible for 50% of the deaths leading up to the events of this game, and the only Time Agency affiliated penguin left behind. Weresnus's first phase is using magic attacks to manipulate the land and summon objects. You must use normal means to break the magic barrier surrounded the powerful sorcerer. However, after Weresnus loses his more advanced magic, he use attacks from every class using his staff. The game throws a twist, and you must master QTEs (Quick Time Events) to grab Weresnus's staff and slice him with his own weapon a surprising amount of times. Kill Weresnus, and Story Mode ends. A reward is currently being worked on.

In the New Year's update, the first reward was adde for defeating Weresnus; a cutscene showing that Weresnus has some connection to Fooly and eventually was the one who killed Fuzzle, the infamous puffle that started HER killing streak.


The game is selling fairly good, with it still being paid and all. Most reviews of the game are at least fairly good, but there are also complaints. Some of the biggest complaints are "You can't buy new clothes", "This game doesn't work on my computer", and, the Developers' favorite: "There is no Penguin Fortress 1".


  • This game is based on Team Fortress 2.
  • The Heavy appearing as a playable character in Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N has a dark green skin/feather coloration and is on the red team.
    • Oddly, the Medic appearing as an assist trophy in the same game has a peach skin/feather color and is on the BLUE team.
  • Nat was originally supposed to be the head of the Soldier class with Fooly being the engineer leader. At the last moment, the series positions were switched and Nat was replaced with Amigopen for obvious reasons.
  • During Early 2016, the creators gave hints in a regular bug-squashing update about implementing hats as a regular thing into the game, seeing as how the few that have already surfaced have been a huge hit.
  • Once you've found Swiss Ninja during the Sniper boss battle with him, he has a 40% chance of drinking his own jarate when you hit him as a Scout while he's wielding it. He will the proceed to vomit, which doesn't do any damage to him, but still leaves plenty of room for the player to hit him with a melee weapon. This was probably just added in for a few laughs.