Penguin Kart 2

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Penguin Kart 2
The logo.
Inspiration(s) Everyone in the game
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
August 15, 2010
Release in the UTR
September 2, 2010 (Nationwide)
Release in Dorkugal
August 18, 2010
Additional info
Genre Kart Racing
Units sold 19 million
Platform Snowtendo Vii
Rating ESRB for Everyone
Penguin Kart Penguin Kart 3: Race Through Time

Penguin Kart 2 is a racing game for the Snowtendo Vii and a sequel to Penguin Kart. The game uses many elements from the original game, but with newer features, better graphics, and better AI.


Once upon a time, it was a nice day at noon, and Explorer was watching TV, when he saw a commercial advertising kart-racing, stating whoever wins the grand-prix gets a trophy, a prize, and a million coins. Explorer then tells his friends (and foes) to join the race. Meanwhile, Darktan II is shown floating above the Club Penguin Island, claiming that he is the fastest racer in all of Antarctica and that he is the true ultimate racer. He then challenges everyone in Antarctica to a racing competition which he calls "the Ultimate Racer's challenge". He then explains the rules. If he wins, he will become the next ruler of all of Antarctica and will turn everyone into a baddie. If he loses, he is then defeated and "promises" to leave Antarctica alone.

Meanwhile, in a subplot, the Maniac OOC Extremists squad chases Ben Hun, who is being mind controlled by Serious Cat (again) and is trying to wreck the racing championship!


When the Antarctican Driver has defeated Darktan II, he jumps out of his kart and screaming at the winner, he throws a tire at the player, who thankfully dodges it.

But suddenly Ben Hun shows up and declaring that he will become the Darktan III knocks out Darktan II and laughs evilly.

However he gets hit in the face by a plunger and it removes Serious Cat's control over him, so he begs for mercy.

You forgive him, and he runs off before the Maniac OOC Extremists catches him.


The game uses pretty much all of the prequel's gameplay, but Snowtendo has added a couple of new features in the game.

The new features include:

  • New (and old) racers
  • Missions
  • All new tracks
  • New items to turn the tables
  • New Special Items to really get revenge
  • Different music for each Special Item


  • Story Speedway Mode has the player race against others in hopes of getting the title of "Ultimate Racer", and the player has to defeat Darktan II as well.
  • Free Fast Mode has the player race on any unlocked race track.
  • Grand Prix Mode lets the player race on a race cup.
  • Time Trial is a mode where the player can race against the clock to get the best time.
  • Battlerina Mode has the player use items to pop the CPU player's balloons, collect coins, get the most amount of stunts, etc.
  • Multiplayer Mode has up to 4 players play Battlerina Mode, Free Fast Mode, Time Trial Mode, or Grand Prix Mode.
  • Mission Mode is a brand new mode where the player can participate in racing events.
  • Options Mode lets the player toggle stuff on and off, and change the settings.
  • Records Mode show the player records on the CD.
  • Vi-Fi Mode lets the player play with 4 people around the USA, Dorkugal, and Freezeland.
  • Extra Mode shows the player a couple of extra features for the game, such as the Track Creator, My Music, Emblem Maker, etc.


This is a chart of how many spaces are left: Sorry, all spaces are full. Please add your character in the next game.

  • Starter: Full (30/30)
  • Unlockable: Full (30/30)
  • Hidden: Full (5/5)
Character Vehicle Special Item Special Item Music Home Track Availability
Explorer 767 Frozen Fastness (a frozen, but otherwise basic, kart) Shovel Attack (he pulls out his shovel and whacks it around him. Those who are hit get stunned for 3 seconds.) Link Furry Flats Concert Starter
Fred 676 Shapes Japes (a kart with various shapes for parts) Triangle Confusion (he launches his precious triangle at a racer, and confuses that racer with the power of math, making them unable to drive their own kart for 15 seconds.) Link Fred's Chateau Starter
Mabel Injoface Rider (a purple kart with pictures of herself and other Injoface members on it. There are more of herself than her family) Injoface Yell (she yells uni-code and spins out any racer near her, leaving them stuck until the item runs out.) Link (it blocks the yelling noises unless you turn the music off) Injoface Inlet Starter
Barkjon Road Surfer (a kart that looks like a surfboard) Prankster Slingshot (he fires 3 whoopee cushions in front of him and 3 to the back, which turn the wheels of those who touch it into whoopee cushions and leaves their handling drastically low for 10 seconds.) T.B.D. Water Way Starter
Happyface141 Happy Buggy (a buggy with happyfaces on it) Happyface Shield (Happyfaces surround him and attack any and all racers nearby, leaving them dazed for 3 seconds and swirling their screen when they recover for 5 seconds.) T.B.D. Happyface Coliseum Starter
Penghis Khan The PWNing kart of PWNing PWNage (a kart with the word "PWN" and "PENGHIS KHAN PWNS" everywhere on it) Mullet (he smacks that thing around, dazing those affected for 6 seconds.) T.B.D. West Pengolia Starter
Mayor McFlapp Cloud Cart (a kart made out of clouds) Air Amulet (he summons 5 clouds to fly over 5 racers and zap them after 10 seconds, unless they touch someone else with the cloud, transferring the cloud to them. Zapped racers' attributes fall to 1, the minimum, for 3 seconds.) T.B.D. Foggy Drift Run Starter
Rockhopper Wheelgrator (a mini-ship with wheels and a small mast) Cannon (he fires large snowballs out of the cannonball at the nearest racer, stunning them for 10 seconds.) T.B.D. Rockhopper Island Starter
Gary Kart 3000 (a futuristic and mechanical-looking kart) Laser 3000 (he fires a laser that spreads from racer to racer, stunning the victims for 6 seconds. When it returns to G, he absorbs it in a capsule.) T.B.D. Gadget Room Starter
Tails6000 The Speedster (a kart that looks like this, but yellow and with "SPEED" on the front) Super Tails (he uses the Destruction Gems to turn into Super Tails, and then dashes off, stunning all in his way for 6 seconds.) Link Lava Reef Starter
Slendar Paddle Plane (a large paddle-ball that looks like a biplane, barely floating above the ground.) Paddle Avalanche (an avalanche of paddles fall onto every other racer, slowing them down for 20 seconds.) Link Snowville Shore Starter
Max 1537 Green Racer (a green kart with "spikes" on the back, like his hair) Super Max (Max turns Super and creates a tornado, which sucks all racers up and then makes them fall down in a lower place.) T.B.D. Rooftop Road Starter
Xlendar Hero-Mobile (a green and black-colored T-Bucket hot rod, with an extra cape for decorations.) Chaotic Speedup (he fires a large laser towards his opponent in the front side, demolishing their vehicles for 30 seconds. Miraculously, his vehicle eventually speeds up 25% for a limited of time.) T.B.D. AiringJet Ride Starter
Dan Beronews Teh Nukez Mobile (his classic CNIC Nuke Mobile on wheels) Teh Nukez Time (he fires a nuke deleting the player it hits for 10 seconds) T.B.D. Under the Sea Road Starter
Cadence Disco Presto (a maximized disco ball on wheels) Guitar Beat (she plays an electric guitar, which spreads soundwaves. The more the soundwaves spread, the more racers get distracted. This lasts for 15 seconds.) T.B.D. Dancing Dorm Starter
Tapestrea Classical Car (a kart themed with various "classical" instruments on it) Piano Composion (she plays a piano, which makes all racers get bored and stop focusing on their driving for 30 seconds.) T.B.D. The Stage Starter
Ninjinian Cookie Car (a kart that has the texture of a chocolate-chip cookie) Cookie Time (cookies begin raining from the sky and distract all racers for 30 seconds.) T.B.D. Cookie Tower Starter
Roger Lopez Dragon Kart (although its not even a kart, it a REAL dragon) Wand Attack (he grabs his wand and attacks all racers for 30 seconds, slowing them down.) T.B.D. Forest Starter
X-Treme Penguin X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz (a mine cart mounted on a sled with two jetpacks, one on each side) X-Treme Boost (the jetpack on the side of his vehicle give him an extra boost, making him faster and run over everyone in his way) T.B.D. X-Treme Sled Run Starter
Dark Lorgas Phazon Chopper(A Hoverbike that looks like this,except red and with Phazon-colored glowing lines on it) Phazon Madness(He Goes Final Form and teleports all of the racers to last place) Link Castle Phazon Starter
Amigopen Mechagopen Tank Form (Mechagopen in the form of a tank) Rocket Power (Mechagopen transforms into his normal self, jumps high and fires a deletion rocket at 2 random racers which makes them have a breakdown for 20 seconds.) T.B.D Amataria Starter
Annoying Old Party Penguin Party Hatter (a kart that looks like a pink party hat on its side) Rant (he rants, making all racers fall asleep, stunned, for 10 seconds.) T.B.D. AOPP'S Lawn Unlockable (unlocked by winning the Nitrate Grand Prix, Epic Grand Prix, Final Grand Prix, and Classic Grand Prix in 1st place in any difficulty.)
Auld Lang Syne Party Looper (a kart with various party decorations on it) Party Whistle (he blows an extremely sharp whistle, spinning out all but one racer and FLIPPING out that one racer.) T.B.D. Party Hotel Unlockable (unlocked by winning the Nitrate Grand Prix, Epic Grand Prix, Final Grand Prix, and Classic Grand Prix in 1st place in medium difficulty.)
Dancing Penguin Xsplosion Groove (a neat-looking, dancing-themed kart) Jukebox (he throws a jukebox up in the air, and it spreads its music to every racer, making them dance for 5 seconds.) T.B.D. Club Penguin Streets Unlockable (unlocked by winning 15 battles in Battle mode.)
Aunt Arctic Paper Crafter (a kart that looks like it was made out of paper) Eraser (she gets an eraser and erases herself, and then a pencil someone was using redraws her in first place.) T.B.D. Printing Press Unlockable (unlocked by winning the Nitrate Grand Prix, Epic Grand Prix, Final Grand Prix, and Classic Grand Prix in 1st place in easy difficulty.)
Sensei Card Jitsu Car (a kart divided into 3 sections, each resembling a Card-Jitsu element, and a green pillow on top that somehow always stays on, despite it briefly jumping up and falling back down when the kart is flipped over) Ninja Summon (he summons 3 ninjas to surprise and daze 3 racers for 6 seconds.) T.B.D. Tri-Element Road Unlockable (unlocked by completing the Epic Grand Prix in any place.)
Fredsworth Mechanical Wyvern (it looks this) The Look (Fredsworth does "The Look"; the vehicle engine, feeling pity, speeds off by 50 miles, thus, making the vehicle extra fast.) T.B.D. PWNTiff Power Plant Unlockable (unlocked by winning the Classic Grand Prix and the Final Grand Prix.)
Link Wheels O' Fire (a steel kart with fireballs as the wheels) Fire (he sends 5 balls of fire ahead of him and 5 back. Anyone who touches a fireball has to dive out of their kart and Stop, Drop and Roll, and then get back in, which takes 30 seconds.) T.B.D. Hiding Cave Unlockable (unlocked by completing the Classic Grand Prix in any place.)
Metalmanager Sorrow's Mercy Cloak (Metalmanager completely cloaks and appears invisible to everyone else and speeds him up double his original speed without being noticed) T.B.D. Delta Function Unlockable (unlocked by winning the Nitrate Grand Prix, Epic Grand Prix, Final Grand Prix, and Classic Grand Prix in 1st place in hard difficulty.)
Beetle Fancy Dancy (a fancy, purple-and-green kart with fuzzy dice on its windshield and music notes all over it) Mix Mania (he "mixes" the other racers and then "remixes" them into a lower place.) T.B.D. Beetle's Tune Stream Unlockable (unlocked by winning the Nitrate Grand Prix, Epic Grand Prix, Final Grand Prix, and Classic Grand Prix in 1st place in turbo difficulty.)
Warper Warpin' Weirdness (a metallic kart with various odd bits on it) Warp (he warps one racer to last place and then warps himself to first place.) T.B.D. Clockwork Lane Unlockable (unlocked by winning 100 battles in Battlerina Mode.)
Speeddasher Black Cycle (a black motorcycle with even-darker-black decals on it, as well as a small red "S" on the right-and-left-handside corners on both sides) Super Speedasher (he turns Super with the Destruction Gems and flies off, like Tails' Special Item. However, anyone caught in his way faces Destruction Control, and is warped to the last place possible.) T.B.D. Mines Blitz Unlockable (unlocked by winning 100 races with Tails.)
Doctor Aye-Que Mega-Mech (a modified invention of Aye-Que's with LARGE wheels) Epic Mechination (his vehicle turns into a a large, floating pod with rockets on the side, which, when shot at, flip over all victims for 15 seconds.) T.B.D. Aye-Que's Factory Unlockable (unlocked by getting in first place 100 times and then losing 3 races straight.)
Pablodepablo Ultra-Bike (a turbo bike with rocket boosters on the back) Ultra Pablodepablo (Pablo turns into Ultra form and uses his laser on all racers, PWNing them and freezing them for 40 seconds.) T.B.D. Neo Domino City Unlockable (unlocked by winning 25 races with Tails.)
The Leader Speed Shadow (a shadowy kart with a black aura surrounding it) Dark Penguin Raid (he summons Dark Penguin racers to come onto the track and attempt to destroy other racer's karts by ramming them and using items. The victims get slowed down for 45 seconds.) T.B.D. New Forest Unlockable (unlocked by using 5,000 items total and beating all missions)
Herbert P. Bear Woody Woodchipper (a woodchipper with more extensions) Quake Chaos (a small crack appears in the middle of the road, but later, it grows bigger and it starts following the other racers. If someone is on the crack, that person falls down there and they are automatically respawned after that. This lasts for 30 seconds.) T.B.D. Sunny Spring Beach Unlockable (unlocked by losing 3 missions in a row.)
Klutzy Crab Cycle (a motorcycle that looks like a crab) Ice-inate (the entire track becomes a large frozen lake, every single racer's wheels, except for Klutzy and his', becomes slippery because of the frozen lake terrain. This lasts for 10 seconds.) T.B.D. Black Jungle Unlockable (unlocked by winning 50 races as Herbert.)
Willy the Penguin Plunger Racer (a kart that looks like a toilet plunger) Oceanrock (Willy turns into Oceanrock and goes crazy, stunning all racers for 10 seconds.) T.B.D. Slippery Iceberg Unlockable (unlocked by winning a race with every starter.)
Billybob The Moderator Mobile (a kart with the moderator badge on the back of it) Ultimate Deletion (five Deletion Missiles are given to the player and shot at five racers in front. When the missiles explode, the racers are slowed down for 15 seconds after being un-deleted, and the deletion lasts for 45 seconds.) T.B.D. Bureau of Fiction Unlockable (unlocked by winning 30 races on Vi-Fi Mode.)
PogoPunk Pogo-Paintster (a kart that is rainbow-colored and has a pogo-stick on the back) Paint (he jumps on his pogo stick and jumps on the track, much speedier now, and paints everyone he gets near. The paint blocks view for 20 seconds.) T.B.D. Colorful Realm Unlockable (unlocked by winning 3 missions in a row.)
EDFan12345 True Blue (a hover-bike that looks like this) LAZOR (he shoots a laser from his kart that stuns whoever is in within range in front of him for 20 seconds.) Link Palmtree Panic Unlockable (unlocked by winning 30 battles in Battlerina Mode.)
Freecie1 Land Van (a van with "earthy" textures on it) Land-Disruptor (he uses a machine that creates mountains, impeding the other racers' progress.) Link Freecie1 Island Unlockable (unlocked by winning 20 races with G, F, and Doctor Aye-Que each.)
Kwiksilver Time Traveler (a so-called "Jeep" with a warp texture) Banana Blaster (he takes out a Banana Blaster and fires it at 3 racers, which blinds them for 35 seconds.) T.B.D. The Tardis Unlockable (unlocked by winning 50 races ad The Leader.)
WitchyPenguin Broom Bike (a broomstick on wheels) Ghastly Spell (she summons a flock of ghosts to scare the other racers and stun them for 30 seconds. It may not work sometimes.) Link Wizardry Cast Castle Unlockable (unlocked by beating her.)
Smash and Pounder Giant Smaunder (a large kart that looks like a combination of the two) Tank Transformation (Pounder turns into a large tank with Smash in its cockpit, firing missles at racer which stun for 25 seconds. The effect lasts for 30 seconds.) T.B.D. Fire Trail Unlockable (unlocked by winning five races as Doctor Aye-Que.)
Xary Evil Kart 3000 (it looks like Kart 3000, but with a more villainous look) Beaker Xsplosion (he grabs some mysterious beaker and throws it. The beaker becomes a huge explosion after six seconds.) T.B.D. Construction Website Unlockable (unlocked by beating him.)
Robo-Gary Robo Kart 2.0. (looks like an Audi TT with some mechanical extensions) Multi Shot (Robo-Gary sends out 5 wispy silver lasers, 2 in the front, and 3 in the back. These lasers are quite fast, which makes them hard to dodge at, touching the laser will cause the driver to spin out and lose control.) T.B.D. Mecha Nation Unlockable (unlocked by beating him.)
Darktan II Hovers Hardcore (he turns into Hardcore and flies off, disintegrating anyone who touches him for 30 seconds. The transformation lasts for 60 seconds. Link The Darktonian Mansion Unlockable (unlocked by defeating him 6 times.)
Jitsu Ice and Frost (a white kart with lots of snow-themed decals on it) T.B.D. T.B.D. T.B.D. Unlockable (T.B.D.)
FredX Dark Academism (looks like an antique car with red and black markings on it, decorated with a long cape, covering the roof) Frost and Zap (he fires an ice beam at one racer, which freezes them. He then zaps the frozen racer, making them flip out after thawing.) T.B.D. Creepy Castle Unlockable (unlocked by beating him.)
PogoPunk X Paint Brusher (a car that looks like a paint brush) Blue Makeover (he spins that thing around, spreading blue paint all over, those who get affected will spin for 30 seconds.) T.B.D. Snowflake Road Unlockable (unlocked by beating him.)
Xplorer Yellow Aura (lookes like a Sandrail with a yellow glow coming out of it) Speedy Xchange (he switches his car engine with a rocket, thus, making the car extra fast, those who get passed by slips out.) T.B.D. Iceberg Island Unlockable (unlocked by beating him.)
Nightmare The Raxer (a large roadster with X marks on the frontside and the back is covered with a cloak.) Doom Hands (he launches 3 shadowy hands at 3 random racers, grabbing them and throwing them off the track for 30 seconds, and then picking them up and slamming them down, dazing them for 30 more seconds.) T.B.D. Nightmare Finale Unlockable (unlocked by beating him.)
Flywish Flying Knicicle (a giant Knicicle with a jet engine on it) Robot Madness (Robo-Flywish throws your car out of the track and your character has to start all over) T.B.D Flywish Island Unlockable (unlocked by crossing the finish line at the last lap before Darktan II.)
Akbaboy 100 MPH Motorcycle (a red motorcycle with shades of gray on it that is known for being very fast) Memes of Doom (he summons a certain meme on all racers that stun the victims for 15 seconds.) (video removed) Akbaboy Circuit Hidden (found by getting 1,000 wins in Battlerina Mode.)
Brown51brown Bluester (a blue kart with a small rocket booster on the bottom) Fourth Wall (he summons LOLCats to make every other racer laugh for 30 seconds, distracting them from their driving.) T.B.D. Ice Circuit Hidden (found by viewing the credits 3 times.)
Str00del Force (all of them together) W4FFL3 V4N (a van with images of Mr. Bean and waffles on it) R0U13773 0F 70RTU73 (a roulette pops up and it selects one of these things: H4CK (all racers are hacked and freeze), PUPP3T2 (all racers are turned into puppets and cannot move), SP001 (four racers get whacked with "spoons" and are dazed), and 10B410B4 (Mister Lobaloba comes and somehow makes all racers disappear). All actions last for 30 seconds.) T.B.D. Str00del's Hideout Hidden (found by cheating.)
Austin8310 Fast Fish (a kart that looks like a fish) Shotgun Blast (he takes out a gun and shoots all opponents in front of him for 10 seconds, making them flip over.) T.B.D. Khanz Memorial Hidden (found by winning 500 races as Penghis Khan.)
Sheepman PSF Humvee (a humvee full of PSF commandos. There is also a Gatling-Snowball Gun on top.) Gunner (A PSF commando fires the gatling gun at enemies from the humvee, which knocks 3 racers from the track for 45 seconds.) (video removed) Old-Time Battlefield Hidden (found by using every special attack twice.)
TurtleShroom Turtle Limo (a limo with pictures of turtles on it) Deletion Rod (he takes out his Deletion Rod and bans a random racer for 30 seconds.) T.B.D. TurtleShroom's Palace Downloadable Content
Professor Shroomsky and Melvin Turtleheimer Mush-Turtle Bike (a small motorcycle with that circular thing attached to it) Duck and Cover (Turtleheimer retreats into his shell and Shroomsky ducks as their kart throws a time-bomb on the racer in front of them, flipping that racer out after 6 seconds.) T.B.D. Council Room Downloadable Content
Fudd Prank Wagon (a wagon with pictures of cream pies and other pranks on it) Staff of Goofiness (he uses the staff, and one of 3 things happens: it backfires and blows up, stunning Fudd for 3 seconds; it makes all other racers laugh for 25 seconds, distracting them; or it turns all other racers into fried chicken for 60 seconds.) T.B.D. Waffleland Downloadable Content
Hat Pop Bunny Mobile (a kart that has a pair of bunny ears on its back) Ninja Rabbit (she puts on her ninja mask and disappears; she appears next to a random opponent and scares that opponent, dazing them for 10 seconds.) T.B.D. The Weekee Downloadable Content
WishFlyX Evil Hot-Rod (a very fancy car colored almost entirely black) X-Bite (he flies over to the opponent ahead of him and bites that opponent, stunning them for 20 seconds.) T.B.D. WishFlyX's Mansion Downloadable Content
Xorai X-Bike (a motorbike with "X" on its sides) Lava Flippers (he uses his "Lava Flippers" power on 3 random racers, burning them for 15 seconds.) T.B.D. Xorai's Base Downloadable Content
Akbaboy X 100 MPH Motorxycle (a gray motorcycle with shades of red with a black X on the front that is known for being as fast as the 100 MPH Motorcycle) Hiding Shadow (he turns into a shadow and hides and after five seconds, he comes out and scares everyone in front, causing them to be stunned for ten seconds) T.B.D Evil Hiding Spot Downloadable Content
Wings Cyclone Racer (a small yellow plane) Cyclone Tornado (he presses a button and makes a huge tornado come from the propellors, sucking up all racers in front for 15 seconds.) (video removed) Wing Fortress Downloadable Content
Kaylee Tulip Rose Oldie (an old car painted pink with Kaylee written on both sides) Kiko Kiko Mallet (she swings her mallet at all racers she passes, flattening them and slowing them down for 10 seconds.) (video removed) Carnival Night Downloadable Content
Eclipse Eclipse Rider (a kart with her icon on her mask before she was unmasked) Pulse Cannon (she presses a button and shoots lasers at 6 opponents' tires, forcing them to run for 25 seconds.) T.B.D. Midnight Cage Downloadable Content
Kerbpuff & Kerb W. Foodmobile (a motorcycle with pizza-looking wheels and a burger-looking seat, as well as a pink sidecar) Inhale (Kerb holds up Kerbpuff, who starts inhaling. The racer in front gets sucked in, and after 3 seconds is spat back out. Kerbpuff will be able to use that racer's special item the next time it pops up.) T.B.D. Candy Mountain Downloadable Content
Doctor Insano The Islander Mutant-inator (The mutant-inator pops out from the Islander, insano presses a button and it shoots a ray on the opponent). T.B.D. Mystery Island Downloadable Content
Star Kirby12 Green Sled Spirits of Light (Speeds up a lot) (video removed) EPF Command Room Starter
Richperson Blue Sled Snow Trekker(Kart turns into the Snow Trekker equipped with everything: the plow, the flags and the inflatable floaters) T.B.D. VR Room Starter
Questisbak Diamond Blaster(A kart made of diamonds) Dark Blaster(Blasts a dark beam which can hit 5 targets before dissolving) Metal Slug 5 Questisbak's Realm Starter
Questixbak Blaxet Burster(X version of Diamond Blaster) X Smasher(same as the Dark Blaster, but is slower and can hit 8 targets before dissolving) MLRPG3 Final Battle Lighthouse Starter

Vehicle Stats[edit]

Vehicle Speed Off-road Handling Acceleration Drift
Frozen Fastness 11/15 6/15 8/15 10/15 8/15
Shapes Japes 6/15 9/15 12/15 12/15 7/15
Injoface Rider 7/15 7/15 10/15 12/15 8/15
Road Surfer 7/15 11/15 7/15 7/15 13/15
Happy Buggy 10/15 5/15 7/15 10/15 11/15
The PWNing Kart of PWNing PWNage 14/15 10/15 9/15 6/15 7/15
Cloud Cart 11/15 8/15 7/15 7/15 12/15
Wheelgrator 8/15 8/15 11/15 7/15 10/15
Kart 3000 9/15 5/15 12/15 8/15 10/15
The Speedster 14/15 4/15 8/15 8/15 11/15
Paddle Cycle 10/15 8/15 9/15 7/15 12/15
Green Racer 9/15 12/15 5/15 7/15 8/15
Teh Nukez Mobile 12/15 10/15 8/15 10/15 10/15
Ghost Truck 16/15 18/15 9/15 12/15 10/15
X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz 18/15 15/15 5/15 6/15 10/15
Phazon Chopper 15/15 15/15 14/15 14/15 15/15
Party Hatter 7/15 7/15 10/15 8/15 12/15
Party Looper 9/15 9/15 8/15 10/15 12/15
Xsplosion Groove 6/15 9/15 9/15 6/15 14/15
Paper Crafter 7/15 7/15 14/15 10/15 8/15
Card Jitsu Car 11/15 8/15 7/15 9/15 9/15
Wheels O' Fire 14/15 7/15 5/15 14/15 7/15
Magma Metal 10/15 8/15 8/15 12/15 9/15
Fancy Dancy 7/15 6/15 10/15 10/15 10/15
Warpin' Weirdness 8/15 6/15 11/15 5/15 9/15
Black Cycle 10/15 7/15 9/15 5/15 12/15
Mega-Mech 12/15 5/15 7/15 9/15 10/15
Ultra-Bike 13/15 5/15 7/15 9/15 10/15
Speed Shadow 15/15 7/15 10/15 12/15 6/15
True Blue 13/15 10/15 9/15 12/15 10/15
100 MPH Motorcycle 14/15 5/15 7/15 11/15 6/15
Bluester 13/15 7/15 8/15 6/15 9/15
W4FFL3 V4N 9/15 11/15 7/15 8/15 6/15
Fast Fish 10/15 6/15 8/15 7/15 11/15
PSF Humvee 7/15 15/15 8/15 7/15 10/15
Same-Color Kart 7/15 9/15 6/15 10/15 6/15
Green Sled 19/15 7/15 8/15 10/15 9/15
Blue Sled 12/15 8/15 9/15 11/15 6/15
Diamond Blaster 12/15 14/15 20/15 14/15 8/15
Blaxet Burster 13/15 15/15 21/15 15/15 9/15
Puffle Prowler 14/15 10/15 17/15 8/15 20/15


Items are obtained from Item Flakes, and they are stronger if you get a Super Item Flake.

Fill in!

  • Amplifier
    • Makes sound waves so strong it can set karts off course!
    • Super Item Flake: 3 times stronger waves than normal Item Flake
    • Rarity: 5
  • Banana
    • Effects: Throws a banana peel in front or at the back of the racer. The racer who touches it spins out for 1 second.
    • Super Item Flake: The user gets three of them, and they spin out a racer for 3 seconds.
    • Rarity: 2
  • Binary Block
    • Effects: Shoots a code of binary at a driver, slowing them down for 3 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: It can be fired backwards.
    • Rarity: 4
  • Boom Bomb
    • Effects: Releases a bomb behind or in front of the player. If the bomb is touched, it explodes, flipping out all nearby racers for 6 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: It has a larger blast radius and flips out for 10 seconds.
    • Rarity: 5
  • Boombox
    • Effects: When thrown, it falls on a nearby opponent, and then it explodes, flipping them and anyone nearby for 7 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: When thrown, it falls on a nearby opponent, and that opponent becomes frozen for 13 seconds.
    • Rarity: 5
  • Deletion Missile
    • Effects: When fired, the targeted racer is deleted for 10 seconds when they touch it.
    • Super Item Flake: It comes with three of them, and the deletion lasts for 20 seconds.
    • Rarity: 8
  • Exploding Snowball
    • Effects: Fires an exploding snowball, and whoever touches it spins out for 10 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: It explodes after 3 seconds, and it has a larger blast radius.
    • Rarity: 3
  • Fish
    • Effects: Smacks the targeted racer with a fish, stunning them for 5 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: It turns blue, and the stunning lasts for 10 seconds.
    • Rarity: 2
  • Frozen Snowball
    • Effects: Throws a snowball at the targeted racer, freezing them for 6 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: It becomes a frozen snowball gun, freezing a racer with 12 seconds. The snowball also moves faster.
    • Rarity: 2
  • Ice Bomb
    • Effects: Releases an extra-cold bomb behind or in front of the player, if a driver runs over this item, they become frozen for 5 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: Freezes the targeted racer for 10 seconds.
    • Rarity: 4
  • Inferno Snowball
    • Effects: Throws a burning snowball at the targeted racer, which slowly burns the racer's vehicle and finally blows up, leaving the racer running for 10 seconds, after which it reappears.
    • Super Item Flake: It becomes an inferno snowball gun, burning the kart as soon as soon as it makes contact with it, and the racer has to run for 20 seconds.
    • Rarity: 7
  • Invisibility
    • Effects: The player becomes invisible, and they are invulnerable to all attacks for 10 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: It lasts for 15 seconds.
    • Rarity: 4
  • Mega Weed
    • Effects: Increases the size of the player's kart, making them invincible, lasts for 30 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: Makes the player's kart larger than before. It also lasts for 60 seconds.
    • Rarity: 7
  • Piano
    • Effects: Falls on a nearby opponent, however, it falls on you if you didn't find a target.
    • Super Item Flake: It doesn't fall on you.
    • Rarity: 7
  • Rolling Dynamite
    • Effects: Releases a rolling dynamite, it just keeps rolling until it hits something.
    • Super Item Flake: It improves it's tracking and it has a larger blast radisu.
    • Rarity: 6
  • RocketSnail
    • Effects: It shoots through the other racers.
    • Super Item Flake: A big boost is given to the player.
    • Rarity: 4
  • Speed Booster
    • Effects: When activated, the player will have constant turbo speed for a short while.
    • Super Item Flake: Lasts longer.
    • Rarity: 1
  • Speed Slowdown
    • Effects: Slows down all the other racers.
    • Super Item Flake: Lasts longer.
    • Rarity: 8
  • Time Freezer
    • Effects: Stops time, allowing a clear path for the user.
    • Super Item Flake: Lasts longer.
    • Rarity: 8
  • Thunder Bolt
    • Effects: Shrinks down the targeted racer for 10 seconds, making their kart uncontrollible.
    • Super Item Flake: Freezes the targeted racer for 15 seconds.
    • Rarity: 7
  • Transportation Helmet
    • Effects: Transports the player to 1st place.
    • Super Item Flake: Same as before, but all the other racers are transported in last place.
    • Rarity: 9
  • Twister
    • Effects: A tornado appears, and it sucks the racer in 1st place, and then sends them back into last place.
    • Super Item Flake: It sucks up all the racers in front of the player.
    • Rarity: 6
  • Wet Snowball
    • Effects: The targeted racer is blinded for 10 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: It transforms into a wet snowball gun, blinding for 20 seconds.
    • Rarity: 1
  • Tank Upgrade
    • Effect: The user of this item gets his vehicle upgraded into a Ditto Tank for 30 seconds, being able to shoot Ditto Snowballs, which drive other drivers off-course.
    • Super Item Flake: The upgrade last for a minute, and the tank can launch Ditto Missiles , that drives all drivers around the zone the missile has exploded. It takes 10 seconds to recharge a missile.
    • Rarity: 9
  • Phazon Gun
    • Effect: The user takes out a Phazon Gun and blinds the driver ahead for 30 seconds.
    • Super Item Flake: The 5 drivers ahead of the user are blinded for a minute.
    • Rarity: 10
  • Gun Bullet
    • Effect: Throws a gun bullet.
    • Super Item Flake: Has a longer range and explodes when hit.
    • Rarity:1
  • Plow
    • Effect:Throws snow at all racers, either forcing them to brake or crash into it, where a Super Gun Bullet waits. After a certain amount of time the bullets will fly off and head toward the racer in first place. NOTE that you are not effected by the attack.
    • Super Item Flake: Throws an entire line of it which no racer can avoid without braking, and there are three Super Gun Bullets and they will head for the racers in first, second and third place.
    • Rarity:6
  • Meteor Shower
    • Effect: Meteors drop from the sky.
    • Super Item Flake: Larger Meteors, longer duration and stronger hits.
    • Rarity:8
  • Magic Window
    • Effect: Teleports multiples of player to jump onto all karts.
    • Super Item Flake: Continuous attacking until player gets in front of someone.
    • Rarity:7
  • Triple Puffles
    • Effect: Allows any puffle to be chosen, and dropped along the course.
    • Super Item Flakes: Automatically chosen puffles.
    • Rarity: 9


Nitrate Grand Prix[edit]

Includes brand new race tracks.

Flake Cup

  • Club Penguin Streets (Music/Map)
  • Riverville (Music/Map)
  • West Pengolia (Music/Map)
  • AiringJet Ride (Music/Map)

Seaweed Cup

  • Snowville Shore (Music/Map)
  • AOPP's Lawn (Music/Map)
  • Guardian Island (Music/Map)
  • Lava Reef (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Link
    • Story Mode Mission: Drive N' Duel

Turbo Cup

  • Rooftop Road (Music/Map)
  • Ninja's Dungeon (Music/Map)
  • Clockwork Lane (Music/Map)
  • Stalagmite Caves (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Mabel
    • Story Mode Mission: Itempalooza!

Energy Cup

Puffle Cup

  • Puffle Launch(Music/Map)
  • Secret EPF Training Room in the Dojo(Music/Map)
  • Lighthouse(Music/Map)
  • Questisbak's Realm(Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Questisbak
    • Story Mode Mission: Does anyone know this guy?

Maximum Cup

  • Bactrian Hills (Music/Map)
  • Junkyard Gorge (Music/Map)
  • Aero Antagonist (Music/Map)
  • The Darktonian Mansion (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Darktan II
    • Story Mode Mission: To PWN or not to PWN

Epic Grand Prix[edit]

Includes moar new race tracks.

Coffee Cup

  • Gadget Room (Music/Map)
  • Happyface Coliseum (Music/Map)
  • Tri-Element Road (Music/Map)
  • Injoface Inlet (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Aye-Que
    • Story Mode Mission: !eVIRD

Pizza Cup

  • Hiding Cave (Music/Map)
  • The Tardis (Music/Map)
  • Fire Trail (Music/Map)
  • Party Hotel (Music/Map)

Strudel Cup

  • Neo Domino City (Music/Map)
  • Beetle's Tune Stream (Music/Map)
  • Foggy Drift Run (Music/Map)
  • Rockhopper's Island (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Xary
    • Story Mode Mission: Torona Cheers

Waffle Cup

  • Str00del Hideout (Music/Map)
  • Water Way (Music/Map)
  • Pet Shop (Music/Map)
  • Furry Flats Concert (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode Boss: Penghis Khan
    • Story Mode Mission: I can't unclog this thing!

Taco Cup

  • Cookie Tower (Music/Map)
  • The Stage (Music/Map)
  • Old-Time Battlefield (Music/Map)
  • Freezeland (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Klutzy
    • Story Mode Mission: Special Item Spectacular!

Puffle Cup

  • Puffleville Loop
  • Puffle Wild
  • Dance Club
  • Hidden Lake
    • Story Mode Boss: Snow
    • Story Mode Mission: Puffle Roundup for real!

Classic Grand Prix[edit]

This grand prix features all of the tracks from the prequel, plus some additional courses in each different cup. Most of the tracks have a revised map.

Fish Cup

  • Ice Circuit (Music/Map)
  • Puffle Circuit (Music/Map)
  • Cloud Crossway (Music/Map)
  • PWNtiff Power Plant (optional) (Music/Map)
  • Saint Street (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Fredsworth
    • Story Mode Mission: Time to go SUPER!

Snowball Cup

  • Mud Cud Pines (Music/Map)
  • TurtleShroom's Palace (Music/Map) (optional 1)
  • Nebula Observatory (Music/Map) (optional 2)
  • Sewer Duper (Music/Map)
  • Seal Sea (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Robo-Gary
    • Story Mode Mission:Laser Mazer

Penguin Cup

  • Bronco Caves (Music/Map)
  • Construction Website (Music/Map)
  • Wizardry Cast Castle (Music/Map)
  • Swim Slim (Music/Map)
  • Palmtree Panic (Music/Map) (optional)

Extraordinary Cup

  • Cool Canyon (Music/Map)
  • Blizzard Express (Music/Map)
  • Mines Blitz (Music/Map)
  • Classic Darktonian Mansion (Music/Map)
  • Under the Sea Road (Music/Map) (optional)
    • Story Mode boss: The Leader
    • Story Mode Mission: The BIG One

Ninja Cup

  • Snares' Hideout (Music/Map)
  • Dancing Dorm (Music/Map)
  • Sunny Spring Beach (Music/Map)
  • Black Jungle (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Snares
    • Story Mode Mission: Run, run, RUN!!!

Final Grand Prix[edit]

The hardest and the last grand prix in the game.

Elite Cup

  • EPF Command Room(Music/Map)
  • VR Room(Music/Map)
  • Snow Trekker Course(Music/Map)
  • Penguin HQ(Music/Map)
    • Story Mode Boss: Questixbak
    • Story Mode Mission: Karting Dual

Propeller Hat Cup

  • Aye-Que's Factory (Music/Map)
  • The Weekee (Music/Map)
  • Iceberg Island (Music/Map)
  • Akbaboy Circuit (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: FredX
    • Story Mode Mission: Penguin Challenge

Shiny Cup

Paintbrush Cup

  • Darktan's Dark Matter (Music/Map)
  • Skua Streets (Music/Map)
  • Lovely Lake (Music/Map)
  • New Forest (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Xplorer
    • Story Mode Mission: Deathly Race

Uni-Code Cup

  • Khanz Memorial
  • Roller Coaster Valley
  • Chomper Isle
  • Mecha Snow's body
    • Story Mode Boss: "Shadow" Mabel
    • Story Mode Mission: Nobody Here?

Wrench Cup

  • Mecha Nation (Music/Map)
  • Doom Weed Forest (Music/Map)
  • Creepy Castle (Music/Map)
  • Nightmare Finale (Music/Map)
    • Story Mode boss: Nightmare
    • Story Mode Mission: Meteor Showdown

Bonus Mission!:Lucky Teleport

Battle Arenas[edit]

  • Bowled Coliseum (Music/Map)
  • Frozen Lake (Music/Map)
  • Gary's Gadget Room (Music/Map)
  • Gamble Coast (Music/Map)
  • Main Centerway (Music/Map)
  • Iceberg (Music/Map)
  • Supercode HQ (Music/Map)
  • Snow Forts (Music/Map)
  • The Throne Room (Music/Map)
  • Airborne Arena (Music/Map)
  • Forest (Music/Map)
  • X-Treme Sled Run (Music/Map)
  • S.P.P.P. Training Course (Music/Map)
  • Train 999's Subway Station(Music/Map)
  • Cold Isle

Other Music[edit]


Mission Name Objective Description Character Track Difficulty
Coin Collector Collect all the coins. After Herbert's attack, a bank has been destroyed, spilling tons of coins. They need your help to collect the coins back before anyone else does! Anyone Club Penguin Streets Easy
Drive N' Duel Win the race against your opponent. To enter the Turbo Cup, you must prove that you can beat an opponent in dueling. Have you got the wheels, speed, and strategy? Anyone (Player & opponent) Riverville Easy
Itempalooza! Use all items in the race. Woohoo! Explorer's been juggling items. Unfortunately for him, the items fell into his gulf! He'll have to grab and use the items to get to other ones. Explorer Explorer Gulf Easy-ish
Purple, Pompous, Proud Win the race. Mabel has always been a screaming puffle. She's purple, she's pompous... and most of all, she's proud. But is she good enough to win? Mabel Injoface Inlet Easy-ish
Does Anyone Know this Guy? Use Max's Special Item once. Who is Max 1537? Does anyone know him? In that case, let's see what his special item is... Max 1537 Cool Canyon Easy-ish
To PWN or Not To PWN Slap 3 out of 6 racers with your special item. Who said that you have to be tall to be PWNsome? Penghis Khan is definitely against that. Watch out for that mullet, PK really likes to hit people with it. Penghis Khan West Pengolia Medium
!eVIRD Drive through the track... BACKWARDS! Oops, the front motor broke. You'll have to drive using the back motor, but can you use it properly? I TOLD you to practice yesterday! Anyone Snowville Shore Medium
Nerd Shmerd! Win the race AFTER using Fred's Special Item twice. Fred is a total mathematics whiz. He's extremely smart with the teacher's degree and the Math Amulet and everything. But can he win the fame that his brother has? Fred 676 Fire Trail Medium
I can't unclog this thing! Use Willy's special item once and win the race. How am I supposed to unclog this? Willy knows how to do it, but he definitely doesn't want to do it. Willy the Penguin Slippery Iceberg Medium
Special Item Spectacular! Everybody's permanently using their Special Item for this mission. Cross the finish line in 4th or higher position. Permanent special abilities galore! Get rid of your foes and win on! Anybody Any track Hard-ish
Puffle Roundup for Real! Use Snow's power item to win! Release the puffles, and give the other racers some love!(or not...) Snow Cold Isle Medium-ish
Time to go SUPER! Use Tails' Special Item once and use a Super Item Flake version of an item before crossing the finish line in 3rd or higher position. Take this, you losers! Super Tails coming through, and seriously, YOU! Yes, you in third place! Outta my way! Tails6000 Lava Reef Hard-ish
Laser Mazer Find a hidden maze (exclusive to this mission) on the track with your Special Item and then use that same Special Item to navigate and exit the maze. Gary's been calculating information of the Good Guys' territory that we don't know. And he's calculated that there's a lazer maze in the gadget room! Help him figure how to find it and exit it. Gary the Gadget Guy Gadget Room Hard
Risky Gambler Using Jacob No4's 'Lucky Guess', get every Super Item Flake item there is. If I win, I get all those Special Items. If I lose, I give away my kart. Jacob is as risky as to gamble with his kart. Or something like that. Jacob No4 Any track Hard
The BIG One Win the race against EVERY CHARACTER IN THE GAME. Time to race for the information of The Big One. Whoever wins gets it and can enter the final grand prix for FREE! It's going to be awesome, but it's a tough challenge- can you beat every other character in the game? Anyone Any track Xtreme

Downloadable Content[edit]

Penguin Kart 2 has new downloadable content out every one to two months, which is faster than the prequel.

Content Name Content Effects Content Description Date Released
Turtles and Mushrooms and Dictators, oh my! Unlocks Professor Shroomsky & Melvin Turtleheimer (together) and TurtleShroom as characters, as well as the Council Room track. Want Turtle & Shroom and/or TurtleShroom to race? Well, here they are! October 2010
Pranks plus Waffles Unlocks Fudd as a character, as well as the Waffleland track. We just got the puffle prankster himself and his hometrack for you! December 2010
Wabbit Ears Unlocks Hat Pop as a character. Are you craving bunnies, even though it's not Easter? Here's something to subside that. February 2011
X-Creatures abound! Unlocks WishFlyX, Xorai, and Akbaboy X as playable characters and Xorai's Base, WishFlyX's Mansion, and Evil Hiding Spot as tracks. The X-Virus is a very scary thing indeed. These racers are X-Creatures! April 2011
Tails a la mode Unlocks Eclipse for play, and the Midnight Cage, Carnival Night, Lost Temple, Wing Fortress, and Quest Lane as tracks, Tails and his friends are ready to race! Or as aye-que would say to them "PREPARE TO BE SCHOOLED!" June 2011
No Limits Adds extra Super Item Flakes to every track (even tracks you don't have). Dish out extra damage with some more Super Item Flakes! August 2011
Vacuum the Trax Unlocks Kerbpuff & Kerb W. (together) as playable characters. Inhale the competition with Kerbpuff and his owner! October 2011
Oh YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! Unlocks everything! Santa here! And I've got a present for all you Penguin Kart 2 fans! This key will unlock all the things you want! December 2011
New Year Fireworks Super Item Flakes will randomly fall from the sky. Hmm, yay! Fireworks! Can I blow some up too? Cool, every time a firework explodes, Super Item Flakes rain from the sky! January 2012
Group Castle 2! Unlocks Weighty Weapons Dude, Ranger, Private Eastshield, and The Doctor (penguin) as playable characters, and Rockhole and Wood Lawn as tracks War may never change, but at least it gives these guys their jobs! February 2012


A Super Item Flake.


The game was widely praised worldwide.

Specific Reviews:

Penghis Khan thinks this game shows his IMPERIAL PWNAGE!
Well, it was fun, but I don't see why I was in the game. Those incidents might have given me some publicity...
'Tis Fun to Play as Myself.
(About the Light Power downloadable content)Yep... that's happened before...


  • If you have the old Penguin Kart installed it gets combined with Penguin Kart 2, so in a way Penguin Kart 2 is more of a big expansion pack.
    • The resulting game is nicknamed "Penguin Kart 1+2".

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