Penguin Kart 3: Race Through Time

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Penguin Kart 3: Race Through Time
Inspiration(s) Everyone in the game
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
late 2010
Release in the UTR
late 2010
Additional info
Genre Kart Racing
Units sold 19 million
Platform Snowtendo Vii
Rating ESRB for Everyone
Penguin Kart 2 Penguin Kart Double Dash

Penguin Kart 3: Race Through Time is the third Penguin Kart game in the series. This game not only has better things from the past two games, but it now has a plot.


Several smart penguins such as Gary the Gadget Guy, Richperson and Fred 676, simply the Time Agency No. 2, creates a time machine. However, a bomb flies in(probably Explorer 767's) and gets sent into the time machine. The penguins calculate that the bomb will blow up and wipe out the past, which will wipe out the present and future as well. Many volunteers are selected, and they are to find the bomb and defuse it.


The character finally comes to the bomb in an ancient palace. He/She defuses it and saves time.


The game uses pretty much all of the gameplay of the previous games, but Snowtendo has added a couple of new features in the game.

The new features include:

  • All new(and old) characters: a total of 150 characters!
  • New(and old) missions
  • All new tracks
  • New items to bust your opponents
  • New and old upgraded Special Items to get the advantage: 150 different Specials! Can you find them all?
  • Different music for each Special Item

Add more!


  • Story Mode has the player racing through time to defuse the bomb and save time.
  • Freeplay mode has the player to choose a stage and race against fourteen random opponents.
  • Grand Prix mode has the player racing in a cup against 56(or less) other racers.
  • Time Trial has the player trying to finish a cup ASAP and set a record.
  • Battle Arena Mode has the player fighting against other players, popping their balloons, collecting coins, doing stunts, etc.
  • X-Treme Mode has the player facing off against one of the fastest racers in the game, X-Treme Penguin in 4 hard races. If you best X-Treme in all four modes in a row and then beat him in a boss fight, you unlock him as a playable character!
  • X Battle has the player race against SnoX -if his DLC in purchased- through the spooky Haunted Puffle Hotel! Win against him to unlock the 13th Floor battle arena, where you can battle Skip the miniboss. If you win, you unlock SnoX!
  • Boss Rush Mode has the player fighting every boss in story mode. Unlocked after beating story mode at least once.
  • And more!


This is a chart of how many characters are left.

  • Starter: 48/50
  • Unlockable: 41/50
  • Hidden: 44/50
Character Vehicle Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction Special Item Special Item Music Home Track Availability Description
Star Kirby12 Green Sled ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 Spirits of Light Link Time Portal Starter Classic Character Star is ready to race on!
Richperson Blue Sled ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 Snow Trekker TBD Time Agency No. 2 Base Unlockable Person usually spends time reading or studying, but he's made just enough space to race.
Questisbak Diamond Blaster ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 Dark Blaster Link Bombed Temple Entrance Unlockable Every evil character should still be let into the race. Classic villain Questisbak is unlockable!
Questixbak Blaxet Burster ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 X Smasher MLRPG3 Final Battle Ancient Nightmare's X-Virus lab Unlockable The last remaining evil X-Antibody, Questixbak will not give up to destroy the destroyers.
Roger Lopez Dragon Kart (as in last game, it IS a REAL dragon) ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 Sloppy Joe (throws his Sloppy Joe Ditto bomb, leaving all enemies to the control of Roger Lopez for 30 seconds. TBD Forest Unlockable Roger Lopez has no mercy and no sportsmanship with his enemies. Not even when racing.
Cooligan2 Hooligan Sled ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 Giga Cooligan Link Cooligan2 Igloo Unlockable This Penguin Sure Is COOLigan! When all but one unlockable character in the game is unlocked Cooligan2 is unlockable!
Penstubal Penstumobile ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 Saltshaker Unknown EPF Command Room Hidden His salt is DELICIOUS!
Slidur Rusher Engine ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 ?/10 Meteor Defense [1] Cave Unlockable He is not afraid to shoot a cannon at the racer in front.WATCH OUT!!!
Detesto Chariot of Hatred 08/10 02/10 06/10 03/10 03/10 Saint Ellen (A spooky illusion of Princess Ellen appears over the player on first place and shrieks, breaking the victim's vehicle and sends them to last place) MEGALOMANIA Avaricia Unlockable (Win the final cup 6 times, or have a copy of Live-A-Life registered.) Uh oh! The King of Demons is back, bent on destruction of the penguin race!
Propellor Cap Trio The Confetti Rocket 07/10 08/10 05/10 01/10 03/10 Trio Combo! (Fooly, Fuzzle and Folly attack in different directons in different ways.) [2] The Rainbow of Confusion Hidden Onto another adventure with your favourite foo- why did they give them the most annoying track?!
Zeno124 Camera Kart 5/10 8/10 6/10 7/10 3/10 Golden Watch (A giant golden watch, similar to Zeno's, appears above the player in first place. It then crashes on the player and their speed will be much slower for 30 seconds.) [3] Plaza Hidden (Found in the Plaza by entering the Stage and bumping into the filming camera; found by entering the Puffle Berry Mall and taking the shortcut through the cinema in the late 2015 update) (added to the game in a DLC released in 2015) Zeno is taking a break from directing to--wait... that's a camera car...
Snow SnoKart 7/10 9/10 3/10 6/10 8/10 Rapto (Snow becomes Rapto, losing his kart, and blasts hot iron onto anyone in front of him, covering their screen in red-hot iron. While as Rapto, Snow gets a large speed boost and also, if he manages to get to first, he'll burst a fireball at them.) [4] PuffleVille Loop Hidden (Found in PuffleVille Loop by bumping into a Brown Puffle in the Lab) (added to the game in a DLC released in 2015) Snow is in it to win it... he has the power to become a bat-- wait... his car's missing, he's... flying through the track?
Mr Cow2 Tiny's Tank 5/10 4/10 8/10 4/10 7/10 Cheese Cannonball [5] Boss Battle Arena 1 Unlockable (Unlocked after fighting him in story mode) Mr Cow2's about to put the petal to the- wait, this is tank, there is no petal!
X-Treme Penguin X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz 9/10 8/10 3/10 2/10 2/10 X-Treme Iceberg Tipper [6] X-Treme Track #4 Hidden "Time to take it to THE NEXT LEVEL!"
Wikipenguino45 Wikimobile 5/10 7/10 7/10 5/10 4/10 Face Paint Squirt (Squirts a line of face paint in the track behind that gets blue face paint splat over the next person to cross the line except the player themself. The person who gets hit has their speed reduced, screen covered with face-paint and get their controls reversed for about 20 seconds.) TBD Skate Park Hidden (added to the game in a DLC released in 2015) The Penguin Adventurer is here to race! Watch out for that face paint, though! And he's--Hey wait a minute, where is he?
SnoX X-Buggy 3/10 7/10 4/10 6/10 9/10 Doomsday Device (A doomsday device hovers over SnoX with a detonation time of 30 seconds. Bumping into foes causes it to move to them. When the doomsday device explodes, it leaves a pile of freezing liquid around the victim, trapping them and freezing them solid temporarily for 15 seconds. Anyone who touches the liquid also becomes frozen solid, but only for 7 seconds. This does not apply to SnoX unless the bomb detonates on him. Due to OP potential, it is activated when obtained. The liquid evaporates after a minute of sitting there.) Music (It gets faster as the bomb gets closer to detonating, however, as long as an opponent is frozen, it will keep playing.) Haunted Puffle Hotel Hidden (In the Battle arena of the Haunted Puffle Hotel, you are on the top floor with Skip as a miniboss. Defeating Skip results in SnoX being unlocked.) (added to the game in a DLC released in 2015) He's not so big-- he's most certainly bad, though. His Doomsday Device will wreck havoc on anyone-- and wait too long-- you, too, will be frozen solid! Be careful and cautious when doing evil works, kids!
Penguinpuffdude Bouncing Castle sled fit for only 2 penguins 6/10 (Surprising for a bouncy castle!) 5/10 7/10 10/10 (SO easy to handle!) ?/10 Oxipie (when the opponent gets close to the OxiPie, terrible gas will cause the player to swerve and crash for 20 seconds. Any song that matches the theme in the fairground. Boss Rush Mode Hidden (Touch any log with your sled and you unlock her!) (added to the game in a DLC released in 2015) PARTY TIME! Bounce everybody off their way and BOUNCE TO THE FINISH LINE! Make sure nobody jumps on the bouncy castle though...
Xet Moot Cruiser 7/10 7/10 4/10 9/10 3/10 S.O.S Sender [7] Planet Z Hidden (Was hidden in the game's code but nobody found him until 2016) "WHO THREW THIS PORK COW?!?"
Ryusei Tetsuwan Inuzuma Harley 7/10 4/10 2/10 8/10 1/10 Rise! Crystal King! (Summons his powerful mecha to crush anyone in his path) GO! GO! BURIKI DAIOH! Japaland Starter Japaland's psychic cutie speeds to the track!

2015 Downloadable Content Pack[edit]

To prepare for the upcoming 2016 release of Penguin Kart 4, a DLC released in March of 2015 available to buy for $6.99. It includes:

  • Four new race tracks.
    • Plaza
    • PuffleVille Loop
    • Skate Park
    • Haunted Puffle Hotel
  • Five new hidden playable characters.
    • Zeno124
    • Wikipenguino45
    • Snow
    • SnoX
    • Penguinpuffdude
  • Two new gamemodes.
    • X Battle
    • Boss Rush

The race tracks and game modes are instantly unlocked, but the characters are all hidden; before the release, this caused controversy, but after the DLC released, fans of the game found out that the ways to unlock them were relatively easy.


  • Though not a direct parody, it is a reference to the popular Nintendo game Mario Kart.
  • Snow's original power item was a Microphone. He'd play it in a rough voice, causing anyone in range to go spinning.