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Penguin Mail Co.
Penguin Mail Logo.png
Their very well-known logo
Name Penguin Mail Co.
Type Post service
Location Your local Antarctic post office
Head Phil Shiverstales
Job Mailmen (or women)
Members Over 10,000
Headquarters Club Penguin National Post Office

Penguin Mail Co. is Antarctica's and Club Penguin's international Mail Company. They own all the Post Offices all over Antarctica and sometimes in remote places. They can deliver to up to 1 month, and can deliver everywhere around the world.


The Penguin Mail Company was founded and established during the HPC in 1094 as a system for royal messengers to send messages to other parts of the land. At the time, being a messenger was a highly prized job to have as it meant meeting important penguins, and to send mail two miles away took 3 months to achieve, making it dangerous at the same time. After a long period of the rich sending mail to each other, in 1655 the price to send mail dropped and it began to send letters to the average penguin. Ever since, the company has been delivering letters and packages in no time. Their loyalty has gained the trust of the average Antarctican for several centuries.

However, in 1900, at the main Penguin Mail post-office in Club Penguin, a heavy package once fell down onto a machine and nearly caused a fire, which then attracted insurance companies that tried in vain get the company insured, and this stampede of insurance companies continued for a year until they finally got the message that they wouldn't accept, and stopped. After two years of doubt about the company, the company began to gain their trust back in 1903, after they put rubber on every operating device. In 1975, the logo was redesigned to the one that is currently used today, and had gained more popularity since. Today, it still continues to deliver mail to penguins faster than before, with the use of jetpacks, the Itinerod Circuit and motorbikes. However, due to the invention of the email, the popularity of sending letters and post has decreased to over 30%, but is still in common use today.

An alternative logo of the company


As mentioned above, in ancient times delivering mail was difficult and involved many dangers. Over the years, new inventions have made the delivering process easier, and faster, and can now deliver more efficiently. Below is a list of ways a postpenguin can deliver items -

  • Itinerod Circuit - Navigating across the Trans-Antarctic Mountains is a nightmarish task for normal postal trucks, which is why the Itinerod Circuit was installed in 2004 to increase mail delivery. It is currently one of the largest information transfer systems in Antarctica, delivering around 20,000 tons of postage each month.
  • On foot - This is common mostly in Club Penguin, but is used in other areas very close to a Post Office.
  • Airplane - Originally, Penguin Mail sent their mail to Antarctic Air Cargo, but in 2010, they decided to make their own fleet of Mail Aircraft Fleet (known as Penguin Mail Freightways) specially made to deliver packages to far away locations. Penguin Mail Freightways is a loyal service, making sure mail or packages arrive properly.
  • Jetpack - Again, only used in Club Penguin. It is handy for fast delivery as there are special types of jetpacks for postmen, which use up less fuel. To have your mail delivered by jetpack is more costly though.
  • Boat - The least common type of delivery, is only used to go to remote places, such as islands.
  • Motorbike - Some postmen pick up items from post offices and deliver them to the houses, along with the postmen going on foot. This is often used in Club Penguin, but also in other parts of Antarctica.

List of Workers[edit]

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