Penguin Micro: The Movie

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Penguin Micro: The Movie
Penguin Macro PROMO.png
The Promotional Poster for Penguin Micro: The Movie
Background information
Participants Penguin Micro, Explorer, Random Penguins
Date Released in Late 2008
Location South Pole City

Penguin Micro: The Movie, also known as Penguin Micro - The Documentary, is a family tale about a tiny penguin named Penguin Micro, deemed crazy by his peers because he thought that the end of the world was nigh. Rated a PG, it is quite popular among younger audiences, due to most penguins thinking that it's a movie about - surprise, surprise - conspiracy theories and fake news, and how gullible penguins can be.


Like Explorer, he can see the Fourth Wall, but unlike Explorer, he has his own complex theory about it, believing that it's some kind of "doomsday device" that will collapse and destroy the (parallel) universe. The film is a documentary, and the footage are actual hidden recordings.

In the film, Penguin Micro is calmly waddling in the street, when suddenly, a mysterious, shadowed object falls on his head. Getting paranoid, he goes out of his path and tells everybody that this object is actually something that comes from a parallel universe to edit ordinary penguins' lives. Whilst a few gullible, frightened penguins join him, many are not convinced, and he confronts Explorer at least thirteen times in the movie, even begging him to tell the world he is right, at one point.

Explorer refuses each time, and Micro (and his band) is exiled from his village. Dejected that almost nobody believes him, he travels to all the other local towns he finds. In the end, a very suspicious and somewhat frightening-looking hooded penguin bumps into them, and, in a very croaky voice, he says that he believes him, and will take them to his gingerbread house where cookies are served to all. Just as they cross a road, a random car whizzes past, and the hooded penguin is knocked a mile away.

Towards the very end of the movie, however, before we can see what happens to Micro and his band, a recording of G appears on-screen and denounces Micro's story as fictional, and tells the audience to Drive Safely. He explains that the PSA interviewed Penguin Micro, and he inferred that the "thing" he keeps saying hit him on the head was a walnut. G cites the fact that he was standing "near a shelf of walnuts at an outdoor fruit stand" as proof.

A walnut fell on his head when a careless chick began kicking at the stall for virtually no reason. Being very sensible and gullible, Micro never took it upon himself to find out what it was. Then, having never noticed the stand, he manages to convince other frightened, jumpy neurotics about the incident, and whilst the villagers actually liked Micro for taking an interest for the safety of others, they didn't want to exile him.

Micro and his band were only exiled because Explorer suggested that if they exiled him and his band for a while, then they may be so frightened they'd return to their senses and be less frightened. To advance this, Explorer had prepared a booby-trap (the whizzing car) and the supposedly creepy penguin, who was just a stuntman in disguise, in a matter of seconds. Thus, when it seemed like the hooded penguin was knocked off the road, the car was actually made of glossed-over cardboard and the stuntman got no injuries.

The famous "OR WAS IT?!" scene at the end of the movie, showing Penguin Micro attempting to "fight the iris", as he calls it.

However, for publicity and to keep the audience talking after the film finished, the movie closes with an "OR WAS IT?" image, that became a famous meme later on.

The event[edit]

The story was actually a true, hidden recording of Penguin Micro doing his doomsday thing. Penguin Micro and all of his events onscreen did happen.

On the day the movie premiered, he was reassured and some others were formally re-assured:

"Although Penguin Micro and this story are indeed real, there is no danger to you nor anyone about falling buttons from a magical land outside this realm."

Also at the premier (included in the deluxe edition of the DVD release), G then showed a photo of Penguin Micro to the cameramen, and commented:

"Note the numbered tag on his shirt. He was admitted to an asylum center, and deemed harmless but insane. The doctors advise not to believe what he says, but acknowledge his existence for therapy's sake."

At the same event, Penguin Micro's therapist came up on the podium and explained Penguin Micro to the crowd, telling them no more than:

"He is a good chick, but a little crazy."

Penguin Micro himself is ashamed of this movie because it shows how cowardly and stupid he was, but sometimes he attends screenings and says:

"It's true. Because of that mysterious object, I have a scar on my head."


The movie was released by an independent company named "Penguin Productions", with an unclear title.

It was a smash hit, despite the fact that it just showed up in cinemas and shops without any publicity, other than G's speech. It got its viewers through word-of-mouth. Despite it being rated a PG for the occasional slightly distressing scenes, it became a hit in the schools of Antarctica, nationwide. Teachers even began doing private screening for their students, as a lesson in Health and Safety.

In the end, somebody found where Micro lived, and he told the newspapers. Eventually, Micro was getting a nonstop flurry of fans trying to get his autograph and an interview.

Penguin Micro was not affected by the film or his newfound fame, however. He insists that he was right, that it wasn't a walnut, and that there is a "direct, though parallel universe that has buttons to edit your lives". He continues by saying that

"If someone clicks a button too many times, it will fall, enter our world, and hit you on the head."

As proof, he would always point to the scar near his left eye afterwards.


Within days of the movie release, it was a smash hit in all of South Pole City, where it took place. Then, the word was spread in printed newspapers, and despite their tiny review columns, it spread through Antarctica to Club Penguin, and beyond. It was loved by all (a little bit like a certain fantasy series), and it was almost inescapable to see promotions on media every single day. Although some were annoyed about how popular and un-special it quickly became, many didn't care. They just loved the story.

Nowadays, its extreme popularity has now withered slightly, but it is still renown nationwide as a good fun but educative tool for young chicks. Like other extremely famous media, it isn't available in any of the nation's stores, but only by special request and via online shops.


DVD Production Fiasco[edit]

A megacompany who specializes in DVD saw this as their chance to make more money, and they bought the rights from "Penguin Productions" to make their own edition, for a large sum of money. Whilst the megacompany made tons of coins due to its success, "Penguin Productions" sunk into obscurity, due to the lack of things they could sell.

All the other megacompanies, including (for some weird reason) Snowtendo, saw this as their chance too, and they began barging into each other to try buying the rights to the movie off the first company. No matter how much money they offered, however, the megacompany refused. At one point, a company discovered that the rights were printed on a sheet of paper, and their entire staff took turns to steal it (the company eventually was sued and went out of business).

In the end, Snowtendo finally received the rights to make a game, mentioned below.

In 2015, "Penguin Productions" resurfaced into public thoughts with a Deluxe Edition. This happened because the company, about to shut down for good, were having a look-through their warehouse for things they may be able to sell, and found an old recording-reel. This turned out to be the recording of the premier of "Penguin Micro: The Movie", and since it was not the exact same as the film itself (e.g. cut scenes were included), they issued the Deluxe Edition, in impeccable quality.

Wanting more money and finding it the perfect opportunity, the megacompany bought out "Penguin Productions" itself, making the Deluxe Edition the sole product of a subsidiary company. In the end, since "Penguin Productions" didn't make any more releases, it dissolved, and the megacompany ended up having the rights for the Deluxe Edition.

Penguin Micro: The Game[edit]

In 2014, Snowtendo received the rights to make a game of Penguin Micro: The Movie from the megacompany that produced the DVD. It was developed very quickly due to how excited and agitated the developers were, and when it was released, it was also a success, but not to the same degree as the original movie. It was given four out of five stars among the critics and gamers in general, and was rated "Universal", due to its fun content and lack of any scares.


  • The film was rated as PG.
  • At the 10:19 point, MicroX can be briefly seen walking the street.
  • When interviewed later on, he said that he "had absolutely no idea that the event was happening".
  • This may be another reason Micro is reluctant to watch the film.
  • Almost every single chick in the Antarctican mainland loves this movie, at some point.
  • This is a parody of the enormously popular fable: Chicken Little, with elements of Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood thrown in.

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