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Penguin Network
The Penguin Network logo.
Type TV Channel
Source Television
Location United States of Antarctica

The Penguin Network, commonly abreviated PN, corporately known as The Penguin Network Inc., is the most popular cable TV channel of Antarctica, owned by Snowball TV. It was founded on 1981 and is, currently, the most popular cable TV channel, broadcasting shows of big impact. The channel specializes in shows for kids and teenagers, being a big rival of Icey Channel. The founder of the channel and the current owner is Flip Per.


At the end of the 70's, the Cable TV conglomerate of Snowball TV had bought the Hannah-Umbrella Productions and their giant cartoon content. The Penguin Network channel was created, then, as an escape for the big number of cartoons owned by Snowball TV, and the programation consisted of, exclusively, reprises of classic cartoons.

On 1996, Snowball TV changed the direction of the Hannah-Umbrella Productions and focused the studio on the production of brand new shows, which caused the studio to produce the first original shows of Penguin Network, making the channel be the most popular around the others kids' channels.

On June 2011, the channel suffers a big reformation and starts producing new shows such as Willy and Kody to attract the adolescent public, including live-actions on its grade of programation, changing its logo for the first time and making the addition of many new programation blocks designated to other public, such as the Live Action Nights.

On October 2012, the Penguin Network expanded its programming, with a brand new series titled Club Penguin: The TV Series. It became one of the most popular shows in cable television history, and was praised for its humor and characters. Also, Penguin Network announces plans for 2013 programming, with a new show titled Pengjago: Masters of Card-Jitsu. The channel began airing a programming block titled Friday Fun Nights, which showcased new episodes of Willy and Kody and Club Penguin: The TV Series, starting at 8:00 PM.

In 2013, brand new programming was aired. Pengjago: Masters of Card-Jitsu premeired to coincide with the Spring Marathon. Legends of Pengma will premeire on October 31, and the first season of Club Penguin: The TV Series ended in November.


Penguin Network: Your World

Penguin Network: Your World is a virtual world by Penguin Network. It is found on their website. There are minigames you can play. You can create an avatar and meet characters from Penguin Network's shows. If you know the featured character from a month of Willy and Kody episodes, enter it here to recieve a free virtual gift. You can also meet bot-controlled versions of Peng Guin and Fluffy the Puffle, and receive virtual plushes of the two for meeting them. You can add friends and design your own house.

McDoodle's Kids Meals

Antarctican fast food chain McDoodle's sells small plastic toys with their Junior Meals and Mighty Meals. They have partnered with Penguin Network to make toys based on their shows.



One of the main features of the Penguin Network are their programming blocks, which are very popular. The blocks that broadcast in Penguin Network are:

  • Absolute Thespian Tuesdays - A marathon of Absolute Thespian Islet, followed by a new episode at 8:00 PM.
  • Har Har Sundays - A marathon of shows on Sunday evenings.
  • Penguin Cinema - Three movies are shown in a row every afternoon from 1 to 5 PM.
  • Top Toons - A marathon of the channel's best cartoons on Saturday mornings.
  • Live Action Nights - Broadcasting live action shows at night.
  • Friday Fun Nights - Back-to-back episodes of Willy and Kody and Club Penguin: The TV Series, followed by new episodes at 8:00 PM.
  • Irregularly Awesome Mondays - A three-hours marathon of The Amazing World of Marble, Irregular Show and Expedition Time, with new episodes of each show at 6:00 PM.


Below is a list of shows that are currently broadcasted by the Penguin Network:

Original Movies

Starting in February 2012, Penguin Network started producing original movies for their channel.

  • Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain (2012)
  • Club Penguin: Island Free (2013)
  • The Puffle Fisher (2014)
  • Club Penguin: The TV Series Movie (2015)
  • Pengjago: Rise of the Silver Ninja (2015)


  • This is a parody of the Cartoon Network.