Penguin P. PPenguin

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Penguin P. PPenguin
Natural Penguin - IMPORT-9563.jpg
That's him. VERY BORING.
Title Mr. Penguin
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Normal
Health 79 of 100, so pretty healthy
Level -2
Status Acting naturally
Location Around South Pole City
Birth date January 1, 1997 (1997-01-01) (age 23)

Penguin Penguin PPenguin, also known as Mr. Penguin or Weirdo (January 1, 1997-), is the kind of penguin that is uncivilized... he doesn't talk, he just waddles around and fishes all by himself, using his beak, mind, instead of using a Hydroboat, or even a fishing rod. That's his routine EVERY DAY. He doesn't even know where he is, he just knows how to swim, catch fish, sleep and EAT. VERY BORING.


Early Life[edit]

Penguin Penguin PPenguin was born as the youngest among The P Penguins in Club Penguin, with two older brothers - Bingo McBing, aged 2, and Secret S, aged 4. Everybody noticed Penguin looked remarkably different from the rest - he had a sharp beak, and his feet were pointed, and his neck (and the back of his head) had yellowy-orange feathers, contrasting with the blackness of his other feathers. Since his brothers had began talking then, at the age of five, his parents expected him to talk, but to no avail. No matter how hard his parents tried, Penguin would refuse to speak. He continued to act like a "chick", and, extremely concerned, his parents eventually took him to their local hospital. Since the doctor there couldn't work out why Penguin was silent, they took him to the hospital in the nest village. No luck there, so the next village. Then the next. Finally, they took him to the best hospital they knew, with expert doctors. Since they didn't know either, they gave up and treated him as a chick, for a full five years.

Later Life[edit]

Five years later, when Penguin was ten in 2007, his parents had enough of taking care of a fully-grown chick in need of a respectable part-time job (the family was very diligent, until the arrival of Penguin). With the help of Bingo and Secret, the family kicked him out (literally) from the igloo, causing Penguin to speak, though in a primitive language, a single word - "squawk". At that moment, the doctors were about to give up studying the case of the mysterious, silent bird, when a novice nurse made an important discovery. After she showed her finding to the other doctors, they all realized that he is a "natural", uncivilized, cave-penguin like creature, and they were wasting most of their energy studying the case of a "natural" bird. Some kindly novice doctors and nurses, however, thought that maybe they should take Penguin in, and try to civilize him.

When they arrived at Penguin's family's igloo, however, they found that he had been expelled from the household. Unwilling to give up, they looked around the island thoroughly, and finally found him in The Forest, huddling under a tree. In order not to gain attention from anybody, they smuggled Penguin to South Pole City, as they thought it would be a better, more civilized, area to teach Penguin in. No matter how hard they tried, Penguin would only go "squawk". The doctors and nurses also found out that, after a test, that he would only fish by jumping into the water and chasing fish until he caught one with his beak, instead of using a Hydroboat, or even a fishing rod.

After five years of trying to teach him things, a small group of one nurse and two doctors, fed up, decided that Penguin was unteachable. They then proceeded to kick him out of the building, when the other medicals found out what they did, and after telling them what trouble they've caused by kicking Penguin out, they fired the nurse and doctors, and then a month later, returned to Club Penguin. Penguin, in the meantime, had been wandering around South Pole City, wondering on what to do.

Current Life[edit]

He wandered over the snowy plains in the edge of South Pole City, and found a cave. Near the cave was also a convenient pond. He settled in the cave, and since the pond had a never ending amount of fish, he decided to live there and began his Daily Planner (see below). As many penguins unknowingly pass by him, he has gained a large understanding of penguin vocabulary. He is currently an uncivilized, cave penguin. He can also see like a normal penguin, and, largely because of his isolation, can think in his own language, fishes in an out-of-date style and is capable of surviving in the wild, but can't do anything else more impressive than that! WOW. He does it so often, that it's become boring, and any penguin who knows of him thinks he is boring. VERY BORING.


His involvement in regular Antarctican society is extremely minor. He just acts "naturally", and does nothing else but that. VERY BORING. He also chases away any penguin who comes close to his pond, much to the schadenfreude of the victimised penguin's companion. That is all he does. VERY BORING.


8:00AM - Wakes up
8:30AM - Goes to the pond and washes.
9:00AM - Catches fish.
12:00PM - Eats fish.
1:00PM - Naps.
5:00PM - Wakes up, and catches fish.
9:30PM - Eats fish.
10:00PM - Sleeps.

Or, alternatively, on an unusually bad day -

9:00AM - Wakes up
9:30AM - Goes to the pond and finds fisherman.
11:30AM - Manages to chase away fisherman.
12:30PM - Catches fish, but is interrupted by tourist.
4:00PM - Chases away tourist.
5:00PM - Catches more fish, but is interrupted by passing puffle.
7:00PM - Chases away puffle.
8:00PM - Decides to eat fish, or else be interrupted.
10:00PM - Sleeps.


  • Squawk!
  • Squawk?
  • Squawk?!?
  • Squawk!?!


Penguin wakes up at 9:30AM, goes to his pond and finds a fisherman fishing at his lake.

Penguin: SQUAWK!

Fisherman: Hi there! Want to fish with me?

Penguin, furious, begins pecking at the fisherman.

Fisherman: Hey there, lad, steady on!

Forced by the powerful pecks, the fisherman finally gets up and leaves at 11:30AM.

Fisherman: I wonder why he did that?


  • Many penguins think he is VERY BORING.

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