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Penguin Productions
Type Film distributing company/studio
Industry Film
Genre Film industry
Founded November 2, 1987
Founder(s) Stan PengLee
Headquarters Club Penguin City
, United States of Antarctica
Area served Worlwide
Key people CEO: Stan PengLee

Penguin Productions is a very famous film distributing company and studio. They are the biggest film company as of 2011. The company was formed by Stan PengLee in 1987, and the company have been distributing films ever since. They currently have a chain of studios all over the USA, UnitedTerra and a couple of studios in other countries. The company gained it's first major breakthrough with "Night of the Living Sled" in 1995, and then it's sequel in 1998. They have created and distributed over 50 films from 2000-2010.


The company was created on November 2, 1987 by Stan PengLee. He was a rich penguin and wanted to entertain penguins, so "Penguin Productions" was formed. The first studio was a small one set up in early 1988 on Penguin Island titled "Penguin Studios". The company got it's own main article in the local newspaper, which was read by most of the island. The island was not that popular, which Stan didn't know at first. He only chose the location because it cost him less money. But the natives that lived there saw the studio and Stan offered many of them to star in films, who are quite well known actors to this date. Minor low-budget films, varying from 30 minutes-1 hour, were shot from 1989-1994 - many of them were shown in other parts of Antarctica, which is how "Penguin Productions" rose to fame instantly. The island started getting more popular too, with a dozen new penguins moving there every year. The most successful films that were shot at that time included "Mountains of Terror" in 1990, "Super Penguin" in 1992 and "Super Penguin 2" in 1994.

The company got it's first big break when Stan decided to shoot a low-budget but exciting short film, which had major success throughout Antarctica - titled "Night of the Living Sled". It focused around a mad scientist who made a sled come alive - which then went out of control and terrorized the whole island. The film's budget was 9,000 coins but it made more than 30 times that. The film lasted 1 hour and 57 minutes - which was Stan's longest film made at the time. It is now one of the best-selling films worldwide. After the success, "Night of the Living Sled 2" succeeded it in 1998. Promotion for the sequel was immense and it made even more than it's proceeder. Stan, although being a wealthy penguin, was very generous and helped the island with it's expenses. Producers rolled in from 2000 onwards, along with scriptwriters and other crew.

List of studios[edit]


Penguin Productions currently only has one logo, though many wish to update it.


  • The Bullet Train (1975) (this founded Penguin Productions)
  • Mountains of Terror (1990)
  • Super Penguin (1992)
  • Super Penguin 2 (1994)
  • Penguin Man: The Movie (2004)
  • Puffley (2005)
  • Puffley 2: Secret Service (2007)
  • How to Stop your Sled from Moving (2007)
  • Penguin Man 2: Bolts of Shadows (2007)
  • Escape From Melter Island (2007)
  • WHAT?!? (2007)
  • Penguin Man 3: Last Try (2008)
  • Reality Check (2011)
  • WHAT?!? 2 (2013)
  • Puffley 3: On The Edge (2013)
  • A Wicker Seat (2014)
  • How to Stop your Sled from Moving 2: The Revenge of the Sleds (2014)
  • The Golden Jackhammer (2014)
  • The Pink Penguin (2015)
  • WHAT?!? 3 (2015)
  • Reality Check 2 (2015)
  • Penguin Man 4: A Villain's Revenge (2016)
  • Double Shadows (2017)
  • Wingman: The Golden Circle (2017)
  • Puffley 4: Beyond The Trees (2018)

DVD Releases[edit]

  • Penguin Man: The Complete Trilogy
  • Rise of Puffley
  • How to Stop your Sled from Moving: A Movie About Sleds
  • Reality Check: The Complete Saga
  • The DVD of WHAT?!?
  • Secret Identity (a direct-to-video movie) and Debugged Secrets (another direct-to-video movie)
  • A Wicker Seat: on DVD


  • Penguin Productions also rent their studios for music videos.

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