Penguin Stadium

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Penguin Stadium
Penguin Stadium as seen from the Snow Forts; c. 2012
General information
Location Club Penguin Island, near the Snow Forts.
Type Multipurpose sports venue
Style Modern
Owner(s) Club Penguin government
Started early 2005
Completed August 2005
Architect Club Penguin local government, namely Gary and Rory
Status Active



The first concept for a sports stadium came from the penguins who immigrated to Club Penguin in the early 2000s. There was no question that it would be built to accommodate ice hockey, since that was all of the residents' favorite sport. Thus, the US government, Club Penguin's local government and the CP citizens all chipped in to the cost of building an ice hockey arena. The CP government and the architects however, namely Gary and Rory, one-upped the citizen's expectations. They planned out a full-out sports center, which included the arena, as well as a large nearby plot of land which could be used for snowball league fights and decorated to be the center of any large celebration on the island.

In 2013, the stadium was reconstructed to increase the seating capacity.

Super Rink[edit]

After months of construction, the "Club Penguin Sports Center" was completed in August 2005. It was dedicated and officially opened on September 12, 2005. It was opened under the name "Super Rink", but it soon came accustomed to being called the "Ice Rink".

Penguin Games multi-purposing[edit]

In 2008, Club Penguin held a local version of The Olympics, known as the Penguin Games 2008, to celebrate the 2008 Summer Olympics. Since they obviously couldn't do all of the sports in the Olympics, they planned a marathon around the island, a swimming event in the underground pool, and the citizen's two favorite sports. It turned out that the two favorite sports were Ice Hockey (naturally) and Soccer. However, the obvious problem that occurred was: there's only one Super Rink!

The CP government thought about building another stadium on land farther away from the Snow Forts to solely be used for Soccer. However, they deemed that it would be a waste of money, and decided to repurpose the Super Rink to a Soccer stadium for the event, and make a makeshift Ice Hockey rink for the time being.

So, overnight on August 21st the Super Rink was dismantled and redesigned to be a multipurpose sports arena. It was reopened and re-dedicated on August 22 under it's current name, "Penguin Stadium". Over the next few years the stadium would be re-purposed every few months to accommodate the separate Ice Hockey and Soccer seasons.

2010 Face-lift[edit]

Due to overuse and bad caretakers, by 2010 Penguin Stadium was in severe need of reconstruction. Gary and Rory, the original architects of the "Super Rink", decided that rather than waste money to fix the damaged areas of the stadium, it would be a better idea to give the stadium an entire face-lift. So, in May 2010, the face-lift to Penguin Stadium was completed almost as soon as it started. Due to the concurrent Sport Shop bombing, Gary decided it would be a great idea to add a booth at the stadium to sell sports equipment. Unfortunately, the face-lift put off construction towards the new Everyday Phoning Facility for a few weeks.

2013 School Agreement[edit]

In June 2013, the CP government was excited about the coming Club Penguin University. However, they realized that the Mine Shack grounds didn't have enough room for a sports facility, which every good university should have. When CPU was opened in July 2013, the sports equipment booth was torn down to make way for a path connecting the stadium to the school (equipment is still sold, just not at it's own booth). Since then, Penguin Stadium has been the official sports facility for CPU, although it is still open for public use as well.


Seating capacity[edit]

When the stadium first opened, available seating was prohibited. The seating capacity for the stadium was about 1,800. Now, during the reconstruction, the seating capacity increased to a whopping 18,000 seats total.


These are the events or sports held at Penguin Stadium.

Ice Hockey[edit]

Every year since the stadium opened in 2005, it has been used during the Ice Hockey season for most of the season's games. The rink itself used to be the permanent usage of the Stadium until 2008, when the Club Penguin government made the stadium a multipurpose arena. Now the stadium is used for Ice Hockey usually between December and May each year. It was home to Club Penguin IHC and is home the CPU hockey team.

Water Polo[edit]

During the 2007 and 2008 Water Parties, the Ice Rink was filled with water and used for Water Polo. It never stayed after the party because the stadium itself hadn't been repurposed yet, so there was no way to easily add a heated floor, thus the water would often freeze over. After the stadium was labeled as a multipurpose stadium, the government was going to use the stadium for Water Polo at least a few months in the summer, but they decided against it because of soccer taking up the extra time, as well as the fact that water polo doesn't have a large permanent fanbase on the island (just during parties).


Every year since 2008, the stadium has been used from summer until fall as a soccer stadium. Every time the stadium is repurposed for soccer, a heated floor has to be added so snow won't build up on the fake grass.

Wheeler Derby[edit]

The 2011 and 2012 Wheeler Derby was held at Penguin Stadium. Some of the events in each derby included "Demolition Derby" and "Bumper Wheelers".