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Penguin Style Company
Type Private
Industry Clothing
Headquarters Club Penguin, USA
Products Clothes, Colors, Backgrounds, etc
Parent EBUL
Divisions Penguin Style USA
Penguin Style UnitedTerra
Subsidiaries Snow & Sports
Big Wigs (formerly)

Penguin Style, officially the Penguin Style Company, is a company that produces the popular monthly clothing catalog of the same name in Club Penguin, the United States of Antarctica, and UnitedTerra. Penguins can purchase a year subscription for 120 Coins, or they can pick up a free catalog at the Clothes Shop. Various designers work for each version of the catalog (CP, USA, UT) to design clothes, which are then produced in factories across Antarctica, notably in East Pengolia and as a minigame on B and I Servers.

The entire company has been owned by Economic Borders Unlimited since the original small store in South Pole City was purchased by EBUL in 2005. The headquarters were moved to CP after the introduction of Servers, and Penguin Style has since become a multi-billion coin company. It later created the subsidiary companies Snow & Sports (formerly Snow and Sports) and Big Wigs, though the latter was integrated into Penguin Style in January 2009 to save money on ink and paper.


Penguin Style was founded as a small clothing store in South Pole City in the 1990s. The owners made all of their clothes by flipper, but the store never became super popular in the city.


The flag section of the Penguin Style catalog from 2009. Click to enlarge.


The main products found in Penguin Style catalogs are the clothes, of which various clothes and styles can be found monthly. In CP catalogs, since only one catalog is stocked in the Clothes Shop, it includes clothes from previous months as well that are still being sold. The CP catalog has also had a large selection of "popular" items in the back of the catalog since 2015, that penguins have access to year-round. Wigs have been included in the Penguin Style catalog since January 2009.

Non-members can choose from a slim selection of clothes in the catalog.


In the CP catalog, Player Card backgrounds are available for purchase by Members and Non-members to decorate their Player Cards.


Various colors are available for 20 coins, for Members and Non-members to change their feather or fur colors.


Flags are round-shaped decorations for Player Cards on Club Penguin, and small round pins elsewhere. Flags are available from many countries in Antarctica, and are often used in CP to display where someone has immigrated from, or to show support for a nation for a sporting match or other occasion. Non-members have been able to purchase flags since 2010.



  • Tay Tay is the head designer and organizer for the Club Penguin catalog.
  • Penguins are hired to model the most recent clothes in the Clothes Shop.
  • Since 2012, Cadence has occasionally designed clothes and swimwear for the catalog, which is known as the "Cadence Collection".