Penguin Super Suit

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Penguin Super Suit
Penguin Super Suit.png
Feey1 in the first Super Suit.
Type Weapon of Mass Destruction
Effects Can destroy almost everything, and fly at about a 2,000 feet in the sky.
Source Yow Kingdom
Location Wars
Cost to buy 30,500 Gold Coins
Cost to sell 20,500 Gold Coins

This is the biggest, baddest weapon ever!

The Penguin Super Suit, or more commonly referred to as Super Suit is a mech suit created by the Yow Kingdom. It is extremely powerful, and can destroy entire planes. It is controlled by a single penguin inside a cockpit, and the suit is somewhat of an extension of the penguin himself.


The Super Suit was created in 2009 by Feey1 when he was bored. So he drew up blueprints for a weapon of mass destruction, and came up with something no one else had ever imagined of doing. He planned to make a weapon that was virtually indestructible, could fly, carry several weapons, and a fleet could destroy a small city. The result was the Penguin Super Suit, and Feey went to work on it right away. Feey's brown puffle, Gill, helped him design the first prototype. The first prototype was a success and functioned properly! Feey took the design right to The Yowien Castle and told King Alexander about the design. Alexander unfortunately got the wrong message about the Super Suit. He begin to think that it was indestructible, but it wasn't. But Alexander bought the Super Suit design from Feey anyways, and had factories across Yow start making them.


The entire Super Suit is controlled by a signal penguin in a cockpit, which controls the suit by pushing certain controls. But missile launches and guns are controlled by computer systems, as whereas the limbs are controlled by similar devices of a steering wheel. The penguin piloting the Super Suit must also be very good at multitasking, as the pilot will have to watch out for enemies.


The Super Suit can lift things that weigh a ton, launch missiles, fire lasers, fly right through fighter jets, and literally grab planes and throw them. It is extremely powerful, and it is powered by gasoline. So it has to refuel every 5 hours. The pilot in the cockpit can a actually communicate with fellow pilots, listen to radio frequencies, and use GPS to find their location in case they are lost. Plus instead of flippers, the mech hands have three fingers that make it easy to grab onto things. At the tip of each finger is a Keysaber outlet, or more easily put the fingers are like Keysabers on the hand.


Before 2011, the Super Suit didn't really have a weakness, but then Yow hit some economy trouble. Their debt started to rise and Alexander was forced to speed the production of the Super Suits, and this forced workers to miss certain things. The Super Suits begin to become unstable, and were becoming dangerous. Alexander had slow down the production again, but it is costing him more money to do so. In the summer of 2011 Alexander completely stopped the factories from making more, and to this day the factories have not opened again.


There are only two kinds of Super Suits in all of Antarctica, one is for penguins, and the other is for Puffles. The puffle version came out in 2010 when 900 puffles joined the Yowien army. The difference between the puffle version and the normal version are:

Penguin Super Suit Puffle Super Suit
Firm chair to sit on. Soft flat surface to sit on.
Must constantly dial buttons and pull levers. Uses telekinesis to control machine itself.
Break cockpit and jump out. Eject out and parachute.
Gets cup holder. Doesn't get cup holder.
Has small compartment to hold weapons. Stores weapons under seat.


During The Crab Wars, Yow Kingdom used the Super Suits to defeat the Barbearer Islands robots. The Super Suits were much more powerful against the dumb robots that Emperor Coldless used.


  • Many soldiers in the Yowien army are trained to control a Super Suit.
  • Enemy countries(e.g Snowzerland, Castilla, etc.) have threatened to steal the design from Yow, but none attempt of theft has been made. There are rumors though that the Snoss might be making a version of it due to Launch in 2030, but it has been denied by Swiss Ninja who stated:"We don't care for supersuits; that's why we have bazookas."
  • The Penguin Super Suit can launch two missiles.
  • This is a parody of the Heavy Mech Suit in Mech Mice.

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