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NOT to be confused with canonical Club Penguin University.

Penguin State University
The enlarged campus & map.
Key details
Motto "Not currently chosen!"
Established 1965
Type College
Notable figures
Principal Aunt Arctic
Headteacher Rory
Other figures Not named
Misc. details / Figures
Specialism Technology & Science
Location University Road
Sub-Antarctic Islands
PSU 542
LEA South Pole Council
Staff c. 20
Students c. 8
Gender Both
Ages 18-24 years
Houses Univery, Art Arises, Scinery
Colours Brown, red, grey

The Penguin State University is a large and prestigious college located in the USA where penguins can continue with a specialised education. Penguin University takes in most of its students from the graduates of Penguin Academy or Antarctic Academy are here.


Please don't mark your penguin as a graduate anymore, there must be some students left!


Current Students[edit]


  • Migby


The campus circa 1999.
The campus today

Penguins founded this school in 1965. The school was abandoned in 1995 after the Lenshell War. Sk8rbluscat re-founded this school in 1997. It was involved in the Melter War and ended.

How To Get There[edit]

You can get there by taking Exit 1-003 off of Highway 1. It was renamed Penguin University in November 2008. The university has gone through an expansion and renovation.


You must graduate from a Penguin Academy class to enter one of these.

Language Arts[edit]

Teacher: Aunt Arctic

This class teaches you how to be an advanced writer. To graduate from this class you must make a book that Aunt Arctic thinks is good. You will then be rewarded with a typewriter.


Teacher: Judge Xavier

This class teaches you to be either a South Pole Council delegate or Governor of any state. To pass, you must pass a bill into the South Pole Council. You are then rewarded with a Judge's Hammer.


Teacher: Aunt Arctic (Substitute: (Penstubal]])

This class teaches you the whole history of Antarctica. The teacher is really nice, respects others and also makes history fun, but is known to be very strict when someone crosses the line between good and nice. To pass, you need to take the History Final Exam and prove you know at least half of all you learned on history class. Those who get an C or under won't pass. When you pass this class, you get Aunt Arctic's History Encyclopedia and Whoot Smackler Whoot's shirt. Penstubal is the substitute teacher for the class.


Teacher: Barkjon

This class teaches to adventure. To pass, you must survive going through Skua Strait, Orca Ocean, Evil Lake, and Hackzon Valley. You are then rewarded with survival equipment.


Teacher: Club Penguin Band/Furry Flats

This class teaches you the finer and more advanced parts of music (sharps, flats, tonic, dominant, etc.). To graduate you must compose a short piece with your Penguin Academy band, then play it in the concert hall. You are then rewarded with an instrument of your choice.


Teacher: Rockhopper

Rockhopper himself takes time off his adventures to teach this class. To graduate, you must create a masterpiece boat and sail it from Club Penguin to Rockhopper Island. You are then rewarded with a map of the universe.


Teacher: Jolene Tan, Mr. Colorful

This class teaches you how to paint beautiful artwork, make sculptures and design clothing. Mr. Colorful also teaches this class when off work from PCPA. To graduate, you must make a statue of a classmate. You are then rewarded with art equipment(for painting, sculpting, and designing).

Board-Based Sports[edit]

Teacher: Cody Maverick

This class, taught by surfing legend Cody Maverick, teachers you how to be a master surfer, snowboarder, or skateboarder and how to demo at shows. To graduate, you must compete in a tournament at the local skate park, terrain park, or surf area. You are then rewarded with a surfboard, a snowboard and a skateboard.

Rumor has it that Cody's teachings lead the Penguin State Flyers to 6 surfing championships, as well as 5 snowboarding championships.


Teacher: Rory

Rory, the famous construction worker, teaches this class. It helps you to join the Penguin Miners Co. and help make some of the USA's currency. You will learn how to identify counterfeits, and how to make a true pebble. To graduate, you must create a batch of true pebbles and identify some counterfeit ones. You are then rewarded with a jackhammer and hard hat.


Teacher: Rory
Rory teaches this class as well, to help you on the way to become a master carpenter. To graduate, you must build a new design for the South Pole Council council table. The designs that pass are eventually destroyed by Explorer 767, Barkjon, and Happyface141 at South Pole Council meetings. After that, you are rewarded with carpentry equipment.


Teacher: G, Richperson

G and Richperson (as a substitute/assistant teacher) teach this class. They have learned much on this subject and were asked to teach this class on biology and chemistry. To graduate, you must pass a written test. You are then rewarded with a gadget of some kind.


Teacher: Fred 676

Fred, as everyone knows, is a math-ster. He has also made this the hardest subject in the university! To graduate, you must pass a written test. You are then rewarded with a calculator with OVER 9000 buttons.


Teacher: Fred 676

Fred also teaches this more advanced class, which covers topics from classical mechanics to thermodynamics and from astrophysics to relativity. To graduate, you must accurately predict certain aspects of a series of systems that the teacher will set up (i.e., figuring out the air friction acting on a falling ball, calculating how many cubes of ice at a certain temperature will it take to cool off a hot cup of cocoa at a another temperature, etc.). This time, you are then rewarded with another calculator- this time with OVER 16000 buttons.

Social Studies[edit]

Teacher: Mr. Tatro

Social Studies teaches you the workings of the USA's government, all the places in the USA, the society, and the history of the USA. To graduate, you must pass a written test. You can then keep your textbooks for future use.

Farming and Fishing[edit]

Teacher: Farmer Pentoe

The friendly Farmer Pentoe takes time off his Penguin Academy job and his farm to teach you this class. To graduate, you must grow and catch/hunt the necessary items for Farmer Pentoe's fruit n' fish salad. You are then rewarded with a rake.


Teacher:The Troublesome Trio

This class teaches basic and advanced tips on how to be a sucessful pranker. IT also teaches some of the old, classic pranks, newly invented pranks, and the coolest kind of prank: cyber-pranks! The teachers usually prank the Noobs that come in. To pass, you must give Mabel a really terrible day. You are then rewarded with several prank tools such as spooky costumes, whoopee cushions and such.


Teachers: Senator Kelly and Moar Krabs

We all know Senator Kelly has a hard job; watching the economy of the UPR. Sometimes, she'll step down from her job and teach in the Penguin University. Here, you learn about the currencies, the wealth of each state and free republics of the USA and how to tell if a country is capitalist or Socialist or both. To pass, you must write a written test and/or solve a mock money crisis.

Moar Krabs is the substitute teacher for this class. Surprisingly, he acts natural and sane while teaching and is one of the best professors at the university. Of course, once the bell rings, he goes crazy again.


Teacher: Cookbot 3000 and Swiss Ninja

As with Penguin Academy, this is one of the least popular subjects at the university. In addition to having to cook extremely hard-to-cook meals, The Cookbot will sometimes malfunction and start freezing random student in giant icecubes, and the other teacher Swiss Ninja would have to unfreeze the penguin with his Card-Jitsu cards. Strangely enough, every Jerk Penguin who graduated were said to enjoy this subject a lot, especially when Cookbot froze Dorkugese and Preptactualar Penguins. To pass, students must bake ten temporary Nummy Cakes. In other words, ten nummy cakes without the secret ingredient in them, making the cure of mwa mwaness temporary. You are then rewarded with cooking tools.

Care of Wildlife[edit]

Teacher: Rufus Howard

Rufus Howard was expelled from Penguin University for breeding many untamed species of wildlife in school. However, the headmaster agreed that he could teach the skills he learned. Fords seem to enjoy this because they learned how to tame Focci (What poor Howard didn't know that he caused 300 nerds to be scared of Focci). To graduate, you must get up close to a wildlife shark, and tame it (Of course, no one got eaten). You are then rewarded with an animal of your choice.

Warfare & Defense[edit]

This class teaches students the history of warfare in Antarctica. Also, it teaches students about specific weapons, and how to use them for attack and defense. Such items include Keysabers, Swords, Snowball Guns, Fruit Blasters, etc. To graduate, a student must win a tournament against the teacher. They are then rewarded with a beginner's Keysaber, a Fruit Blaster, and a Wheelbarrel.


Teacher:Isai Castro

This class teaches you about all forms of technology. From hardware such as Spy Phones, Computers, and Video game consoles, to software including Micro Hard and Soft, Peach, Penguin OS, etc. To pass, you must hack into a computer that the teacher locked (which is an odd goal... wanting students to become hackers?). You are rewarded with a laptop.

The "computers" class was merged into this class starting for the 2015-2016 school year.


Teacher:Topkek von Kek

This class teaches you how to race and be a PASCAR winner! But besides that, It also shows you how to drive, if you haven't. Many Rednecks enjoy this since they like to carsurf and like PASCAR.


18 to 24 year old penguins.


  • At one point, the university was threated with shame and disgrace thanks to the atrocious behavior of Sarah Penguin, but it recovered quickly enough when she left.

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