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Hello world!
— Robert Penguinpuffdude Penguinsky
Robert Penguinpuffdude Penguinsky
A snapshot of him in his "annoying" mode.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health 500
Status Greeting the world
Location Anywhere
Birth date May 26, 2016 (2016-05-26) (age 3)
Place of birth Penguinpuffdude's igloo
Occupation Greeting everybody and trying to become a ninja
Interests Same as occupation
Strengths Being annoying, in a way
Fears Darkness
Friends Anybody who thinks the annoyingness is actually kind of nice, maybe his host
Enemies Anybody who thinks he is the most annoying penguin in the world
Archetype Good and Annoying

Robert Penguinpuffdude Penguinsky, more commonly known as Penguin What Dude, is Penguinpuffdude's R63 antibody. He has a tendency to be happy-go-lucky, and is constantly greeting the world. Many, if not most, penguins think he is annoying for that, and it is uncommon to find somebody who actually likes him.

His unofficial rivals are Edudffupniugnep, a clone, XenguinXuffXude, an X-Antibody and Penxuinxuffdoude, a clone of XenguinXuffXude. Fortunately, while this list of clones and antibodies are evil, Robert is actually a nice, generous, naïve and helpful penguin that has good intentions.



One day in 2016, his host Penguinpuffdude was out in the garden and caught the R63-Virus, for unknown reasons. One week later, she began coughing more frequently and failed to recognize that it was a symptom of the R63-Virus. A week or two later, she suddenly began spluttering, coughing and wheezing after lunch-time, which concerned everybody in the room very much, and then suddenly sneezed obnoxiously, causing a large blob of goo to fly out. A penguin began to form from this, and everybody realized at that moment, that Penguinpuffdude had caught the R63-virus a while back without any of them knowing it. Eventually, the new penguin began to speak.

???: Hello world!
Popcorn 3000 (who was also present): Who are you, m'learned friend?
???: I don't know, but the world is awesome!
Hakyoundong: I suggest that we propose to give this penguin the name "Robert", yes?
Penguinpuffdude: A brilliant idea, Hak! And since I'm his host, we can call him "Robert Penguinpuffdude Penguinsky". Are you fine with that?
Robert: Absolutely! Thank you! I'm going out to explore the world now - bye! :D
Popcorn 3000: Take care then, and don't you run off to the iceberg!

Hardly hearing Popcorn's word of warning, Robert rushed out the door to feel the real sunshine, and prepared to make his first friends.

Later Life[edit]

While he was roaming and exploring the different places in the island, many passers-by thought that he was Penguinpuffdude (which is odd, because nobody confuses Penxuinxuffdoude or XenguinXuffXude for her, but then again they have slightly different appearances), causing everybody who talked to him to become very confused, including himself. Whenever they asked for his name, he would reply truthfully, to which the questioner would reply to as "Penguin what dude?", as if they had heard an insult, or news of a terrible and unexpected catastrophe. These shocked replies gave Robert's nickname of "Penguin What Dude", to which he is more well known as, and he tends to sign his name as thus. In order to distinguish himself from his host, he decided to permanently dye his feathers deep blue.

After having dyed his feathers, he saw something odd - a blue-feathered penguin in a miner's hat strapped to a few jetpacks with a stupidly large jackhammer was flying over and around the Plaza, shouting mad cries of "W000000000000000000!!!!!!!!!", causing him to become somewhat distressed at the strange behavior. After having some enquiries at who this mysterious, seemingly mad penguin was, thanks to his ultra-naïveness and politeness, he quickly found out about the curious tale of XenguinXuffXude, and her clone Penxuinxuffdoude. At the same time, he also found a detailed account of the story of Edudffupniugnep, the mirrored clone of Penguinpuffdude who is in the Copier Gang, and also found out about Copier Guy too, causing him to be exposed to the badness of the world for the first time but still being hopelessly naïve.

Current Life[edit]

Penguin What Dude, for most of 2017, lived with Penguinpuffdude, but unfortunately, his annoying but nice "annoying mode" and naïveness caused everybody to become annoyed, bad-tempered and sulky. Due to him being mature/naïve/polite enough, they thought it best to give him an igloo of his own, of which he is very proud of. He is currently living in this same igloo, finding out about the world, and greeting it constantly.



Penguin What Dude's involvement in the world is very minor, being too naïve, generous and polite to actually do anything of serious consequences. He does, however, tries to assist other penguins in need (as long as they aren't villains, to whom he says "Sorry, but you are not nice so I'm not helping you."), and can probably be described, for most penguins, as a penguin who doesn't have much involvement with the serious events that are currently happening, but tries his best to help. The only thing he really does, however, is try to teach fellow penguins to be nicer, kinder and politer in his spare time, which could be said to be a good thing.

Powers & Weaknesses[edit]

His currently-known powers are -

  • Polite - Being a polite penguin can help him get a long way, and could even help uncover secrets...
  • Kind - A sort of gentleman, he always wants to be generous and, like his politeness, can be helpful to find a secret.
  • Unbearable - Sometimes, when his naïve kindness is unneeded, he can drive off penguins, which can become a good thing.
  • Disappear at Will - Curiously, he seems to be able to disappear at will, and this can help him as well.

His currently-known weaknesses are -

  • Unbearable - Unfortunately, his power can become a weapon against him, and he might be able to drive off penguins with important information, never to come back again.
  • Somewhat Slow on the Uptake - Due to his being generous and naïve, he can be slow on the uptake, and might need to have detailed explanations, especially if it's something about penguins "not being nice", as he puts it.
  • Too Generous - He might be unaware that somebody is "not nice", and might actually help them get away, or a villain's accomplice might distract him with something for him to do.
  • Disappearing at his own Will - A good penguin might need his own help (which is rare, true, but still), but as he is nowhere to be seen, nothing can be done.


Penguin What Dude has only two modes, which are -

  • Annoying Mode - Most penguins call this his most common mode (even though he only has two), and this involves him being extremely nice, polite, generous and kind, even in situations when he is not needed. This causes him to become extremely annoying and act like an extreme Goody Two-Shoes, causing penguins to give this mode the name of "Annoying Mode", replacing the original name of "Normal/Generous Mode", which he had named himself. True to his character, however, he doesn't mind the name being changed, and leaves it as thus.
  • Angry Mode - The rarest mode. In this mode, he becomes furious and extremely angry, causing him to wail like a chick and throw things everywhere, and not be in the least generous, kind, or polite: in short, the complete opposite of Annoying Mode and his usual behavior. This can be used to prove that he isn't as white as he is painted, and he does have a sense of fury and anger, unlike his normal behavior. Many penguins think that this is the best mode, even though this could be said to be more annoying than Annoying More, because of that one reason.


  • Hello world!
  • Sorry, but you are not nice so I'm not helping you.



  • Due to his annoyingness, he has a lot of enemies.